Bartending Job

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ronda in Louisville, Kentucky

91 months ago

I need a Bartending Job, Please Help!!!! Ronda

wendy in Atlanta, Georgia

91 months ago

i am looking for a bartender for a private party at a hall on dec 24,2007 in miami fl,if interesting a am doing interviews starting next week if interesting email me at my name is wendy and the hours is 11 pm to 6am

Frank in Trenton, New Jersey

87 months ago

ronda in Louisville, Kentucky said: I need a Bartending Job, Please Help!!!! Ronda


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Hermy in New York

77 months ago

Moving to New York in febr. (from Hungary)and want to get a Job.I'm head barista,bargirl.I'm friendly,good team worker and fit..Any help would be greatly appreciated.(I have green card.)

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