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Burns636 in Clarksville, Tennessee

67 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I have a BS in Nursing. I have been unhappy with Nursing sense I found my first Job in 2004 after graduation. I am completely fed
up. I discovered very quickly that Nursing was competitive in a
bad way. I have been told by those that I thought were my friends,
by managers who have multiple degrees on the wall that I just can't
be a nurse.

I am now a Masters in Information Systems Management student with a focus in Database Administration at Keller Graduate School of Devry University online. I work full time and there is no possibility of quitting my job to go to regular college classes. I have been told by many of the other students who already work in the field and a couple of professors that I am making a big mistake. They tell me that I won't be able to do anything with my degree when I graduate. I am told that these courses teach theory but not practical skills. And, that the employers will not be willing to train. They will expect that I already know the position. And, that they prefer at least 2-3 years prior experience.

I am frustrated and very upset. I have a 4.0 GPA in Graduate school and I am really enjoying the technical courses. I think I have caught on to the basics of database. I stay on the computer a lot. I am familier with Microsoft office, Visio, and Project. I learn new programs quickly. But, their words echo in my head.

Student services is no help. I have searched online for hours trying to find an internship in IT but I have found nothing. No matter, I cannot quit my current job for a temporary internship, some of which are unpaid. I have bills and people who depend (doesn't everyone?) on me.

Can anyone here help me out with advice? How do I get an entry level position in my major? What skills will they expect me to know? I am tired of negativity and I would like some positive thoughts and constructive advice.

Thank you,

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Chris in Jacksonville, Florida

67 months ago

Hey Debbie,

I wouldn't say you won't be able to find a job...but it will be difficult to get a DBA job with no experience. Typically, DBA's have 5+ years of experience. The only way that I know of to get "practical experience" without actually having a previous position is to go through some certification programs.

If you can master a DBA certification program, you will definitely find someone who will hire you. The program with this track is you'll have to pick an RDBMS and stick with it (which you pretty much have to do anyway since they're all so different). Oracle tends to pay the most, but requires the largest time/money investment (mainly used by larger companies). SQL Server would be good if you plan on only working in a Microsoft based development shop (lots of medium -sized companies who use .NET for primary development). There's also IBM's DB2 which is still in use, and of course MySQL, ProgreSQL and so forth (which im sure all have a certification program).

I would say if you want to ensure you can get a job -- pick a RDBMS and get certified. I would also try to learn as much as possible about SQL and the programming language the RDBMS packages (Oracle - PL/SQL, SQL Server -- T-SQL). It's important as a DBA that you know a lot about ALL aspects of the database, including programming on it.

Software Architect
Department of Defense

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Burns636 in Clarksville, Tennessee

67 months ago


My problem is that I have searched for online training leading to RDBMS and I am coming up completely empty. I have spent hours trying
to find something designed for those who don't have experience. What I find is that most say they require several years on the job already. And, after you pay the $200 or more, all you get is a series of videos, a book, and told to watch the videos, read the book and take a test. Now? If I wanted to learn on my own like that? I'd just go get books on SQL, Oracle, Java and whatever other programming, or skills required, teach myself.

I cannot find anything on this subject. I am tired of spending hours searching. I am taking full time classes, I should be studying, not googling or binging all day for what does not seem
to exist.

So, if this is an impossible area to get into? Then what should I do? I hate health care. I want no part of it. So, for those who say that it cannot be done then I want to know what my other options are. I have student loans I would have to pay back if I dropped out and I don't make a great deal right now in nursing. Nor do I consider it to be reliable for me.


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claudiahawkins in Stevenson Ranch, California

64 months ago

Try getting into product management for healthcare technology companies or companies like Oracle that have healthcare product divisions. You may find that you don't hate healthcare as much as you say if you can marry the two.

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Sam in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

37 months ago

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