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Yankee Poodle

Updated 9 days ago

What is the difference between a Registered Medical Assistant and a Certified Medical Assistant? - 289 Replies

[QUOTE who="caoeggy44@yahoo.com in Chicopee, Massachusetts"]I was certified as a medical assistant and have been trying to everybody myself through...


Updated 4 months ago

Certified Medical Assistant Position - 1 Reply

Barbara39, I am considering a CMA Assoc Degree. Curious about your luck in finding employment, salary, and if you would recommend this path. I...


Certified Medical Assistant vs LPN

Hi I just would like some opinions on being a Certified Medical Assistant vs being a LPN. I currently have 15 years as a Registered Medical...

Nicholas Ogunye

Updated 5 months ago

Gender Discrimination for male Med. Asst. - 43 Replies

I am a cerified male medical assistant and felt discriminated against in an initial hiring interview in Washington DC. The interviewer asked me what...


Updated 6 months ago

medical assistant - 131 Replies

[QUOTE who="taracreel"]I feel the same way. I went to Vatterott in Oklahoma back in 2012 and I now live in Missouri and I can't find a job period. I...

PieHead in Pennsylvania

Pay increase after becoming certified clinical medical assistant

I have been working as a clinical medical assistant at an orthopedic office for 1.5 years. I do have a bachelors degree in Bio. Work recently...

gemelan@yahoo.com in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Is medical assisting a good career choice? Going to an accredited school where I will become a certified medical assistant...... - 4 Replies

Do you like you job? Do you get benefits (health insurnace)? Is it easy to find a job right after you graduate? Any other advice and Pros and Cons...

Emmy in Miami, Florida

If you are in the Miami area there is mass hiring for CMA's and Entry Level HealthCare Administration at MSMC!

If you are in the Miami area there is mass hiring for CMA's and Entry Level HealthCare Administration/Customer Service at MSMC (Mt Sinai Medical...

tea ali in New Jersey

Updated 29 months ago

Different jobs a CMA can have besides "medical assistant" - 1 Reply

Hi! I am considering an MA program because my family relocates every few years and I want to be flexible and able to find a job. I want to have a...

main1020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CMA looking for a job in Philadelphia PA Please help everywhere needs experience.

I'm a recent graduate and also am a certified medical assistant. Currently seeking for a position. However it seems harder then I thought it would...

tea ali in New Jersey

Updated 30 months ago

Starting out... - 9 Replies

How did you get your start doing certified medical assistant work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

cma in Norcross, Georgia

certied medical assistant pay and benefits

whats the average starting pay and benefit for a certified medical assistants with no experience in Atlanta GA.

msj1970 in Missouri City, Texas

Updated 32 months ago

Male Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

Do you think a male MA could find a job? Will the gender bias wipe out all a male's chance of success? Do you feel a male is just wasting his time...

dfifih@yahoo.com in Park Forest, Illinois

Updated 33 months ago

medical assisting: my profession - 1 Reply

what is the future outlook for medical assisting jobs?

wandatorres in Schertz, Texas

Updated 34 months ago

Show me the money... - 3 Replies

What are typical certified medical assistant salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make...

michelle in Hicksville, New York

Salary question

Hi everyone, I'm in school now for MA and will be sitting for the CMA test in June...I was wondering if there is anyone here that works as a...

kaithee.gilmer in Austin, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

Certified Medical Assistant - 1 Reply

I am considering going into this field. Could anyone tell me if it is rewarding and a general idea of the payscale for Texas. Do you enjoy what you...

Grace Lee in West Milford, New Jersey

Updated 36 months ago


I dont understand i have two years experience i fill out all of these applications and then the job e-mails me back saying job has been taken, then...

J lo in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 40 months ago

Can I work as a Medical Assistant in Ilinois if I'm not certified? - 1 Reply

I have my MA diploma but I haven't taken the certification test. Is it possible for me to get a job as a MA, although I'm not certified?? Someone...

wilnie moricette in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 42 months ago



Tired in Albany, Georgia

Updated 45 months ago

Medical assisting - 1 Reply

I am about to graduate with a diploma for medical assisting. I know what we do I just want to know what medical assistants make an hour, where do...

Cristal in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Updated 48 months ago

certified ma and no work - 7 Replies

how can i get the year experience if no one wants to give me a chance. i would hve went to school for something else if i knew i would never find a...

shanisha in Varnville, South Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

Looking for CMA opening in busy physicians office for front or back office - 5 Replies

I have worked in a pediatricians office for almost 3 years now. I am looking for a different work environment. I love my pedicatric patients. contact...

NewDT in Elgin, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

Experienced Vs. Certified - 1 Reply

I've worked as a medical assistant for 10 years and recently became unemployed. In looking for a job they all want minimum 2-3 years experience...

Tender loving Care in Wadsworth, Ohio

Medical With Phlebotomy

I'm a M.A W/Phlebotomy. And I just started looking for a job in the field. So far no bits yet. But I have faith in God that some thing will come...

Id rather not say in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Updated 51 months ago

Travel Nurse - 1 Reply

TRAVEL & LOCAL NURSES IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Openings in the following: **Med Surg ** OR ** Telemetry ** PCU Step-Down ** ICU etc… Range: $30-$40...

abi000 in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Updated 52 months ago

Medical Assistant - 1 Reply

Looking for a CMA job in Georgia Is there any Doctor's office out there that needs me.

Mimij in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 53 months ago

Medical Assistant - 1 Reply

There are so many CMA's and MA's out there now it is so hard to find a job.

kim in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 55 months ago

medical assistant - 4 Replies

Many years ago I became a medical assistant. It was a certificate program. I didnt have an option to be certified then. Does anyone know how I can...

Tammy.Smith in Rapid City, South Dakota

Does a CMA from KCMO work if I move to Florida?

Do I have to take another test or what?

cristianmari hernandez in Passaic, New Jersey

Updated 59 months ago

High Demand Medical Careers - 2 Replies

I live in Central Florida and I finally made a decision to go back to school. I want to work in the medical field but I'm not sure which career to go...

Jennfrisky in Portland, Oregon

I am a CMA, now what can I do?

I am almost done with my degree and plan to become certified. Although I plan to work in the field to get some experience, what are the next steps on...

Monica Atlanta GA in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 60 months ago

Diploma or Associates in MA ( need some advice) - 6 Replies

Hey everyone, I am currently going to school to become a CMA. I am planning to get my associates in science. My question is is it worth doing an...

Lovely Irene Garcia in Davao, Philippines

Updated 63 months ago

I am actively looking for a CMA postion - 2 Replies

I am a CMA(certified medical assistant) and have been done with school since May.Everyday I am online searching for employment,I have submitted...

Dra Langford in Eustis, Florida

Updated 63 months ago

medical assistant - 1 Reply

how much does a medical assistant make and what do they do

pcadet2 in Pikesville, Maryland

Updated 63 months ago

Looking for work as CMA - 4 Replies

I am doing my clinicals in Lugoff and I have 3 weeks before I'm finished.I really like the hands on with the patients. I am excited and ready to go...

amy in Portland, Oregon

Updated 63 months ago

Online classes for Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

I am looking into classes to be a medical assistant and have spoken with a few different schools that offer the course. I would prefer to take the...

Bob Burrow

Updated 65 months ago

I'm currently attending college to become a Medical Assistant. Is it better to work at private office/clinic/hospital are VA - 1 Reply

I wanted to know which offers the most money.


Updated 65 months ago

need to get certified but dont no where to go - 1 Reply

i am a medical assistant not cert. and need to no were to go to obtain certification. because i can't find a job no where.

kevysafford@bellsouth.net in Pensacola, Florida

looking for cma work


khalilah01 in Montgomery, Alabama

Certified Medical Assistant

I'm been certified as a medical assistant since January 2006 I've worked one job at a Family Practice facility. I got laid off because of the economy...

krpplsmnth in Severn, Maryland

looking for a job as a certified medical assistant

i have been looking for a job. i am a CMA or certified medical assistant any ideas on where i can find a job at greatly appreciated sandy debow

mwilson in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 69 months ago

Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

I am a CMA with experience in Surgery, OB-GYN,and Family Practice, looking for a position in the Chicago and surrounding suburbs. I can be contacted...

MARY MOCTEZUMA in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 69 months ago

CMA Employment - 5 Replies

Hello, I am looking to employ a CMA that is willing to work Part Time (20+hrs per wk) in Calabash, NC. This is a Longterm job, that pays $11.00 per...

tlp in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 70 months ago

Wages - 2 Replies

Could anyone tell me what the hourly wages are for CMA in Ill and arizona

Kathy in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 70 months ago

Having a diploma in medical assisting, would that be considered certification? - 1 Reply


Valerie in Manchester, New Hampshire

I need help from a CMA

I'm currently taking a CMA Associates course and have an assignment due. I need to interview a current CMA. Is there anyone out there willing to help...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 71 months ago

I'm about to get certified as a medical assistant and i was wondering whats the best way to get started. - 1 Reply

Hello I'm a 23 male who speaks 3 languages and im about to take the national exam to become certified and I'm most likely going to be specialized in...

Omni Bowman in Millville, New Jersey

I really need to find a job!

I'm a Certified Medical Assistant looking for a position in the Millville and surrounding area. I'm very reliable,dependable,and have the ability to...

Kisha in Penfield, New York

Updated 74 months ago

Seeking employment - 1 Reply

I am new to the columbus area and i am finding it terribly hard to find a job. It's becoming to be very stressful and disappointing. I've been here a...

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