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Updated 49 months ago

Cna refreshers courses in detroit, mi - 7 Replies

Are there any locations where i can go to improve my cna skills...My cna courses i have completed, the school i attended do offer refresher at no...

Vikittania in Van Nuys, California

Updated 49 months ago

Red Cross for CNA training? - 5 Replies

Has anyone gone through the red cross to get their CNA training? If so, I would greatly appreciate some answers: 1. Would you recommend them? 2....

johnsontiffany01 in Rockford, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

Looking for free CNA training course. - 391 Replies

I was a cretified nursing asst. from 2000- 2002, but i had a high risk pregnancy and had to quit. My license has long since lapsed and now 'm looking...

Raquel in West Lafayette, Indiana

Any free CNA training programs in St.louis that do not require a HS Dipolma/GED

I've been looking up nursing homes jobs. and researching state requirements for CNA, and even called the Health and Senior Services department of...

schmitthead in Nashville, Tennessee

CNA training with no experience

I've heard of people with no medical experience being able to get on-the-job training to be a CNA (instead of having to pay a bunch of money for...

Sergey in Houston, Texas

Updated 50 months ago


I like to have free CNA classes to get a job, right now I am HHA, but where ever I go they need CNA, I really appreciate if you get me CNA classes...

Dan Britt in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 50 months ago

Looking for CNA Training Classes in Atlanta - 11 Replies

Does anyone know where I can get CNA training in Atlanta? I am looking for a four to six week course preferably.

sweetdixie66 in Salem, Massachusetts

loking to get certified in hospital or nursing home

I live in lynn mass I am looking to get certified either in a hospital or nursing home I have worked as a home maker but had a year of medical leave...

schmitthead in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 51 months ago


I want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant,and I want to know about the One Day CNA Study Class for people that want to be a CNA. Does anyone...

TeamPTI in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 53 months ago

free cna training is Phoenix, AZ - 97 Replies

please email me at amalapayne@gmail.com if you know of any in phoenix, peoria or glendale AZ

TeamPTI in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 53 months ago

CNA training in Phoenix Arizona - 1 Reply

I'm looking to start my nursing career by starting out as a CNA so I can work while I go on to get my Bachelors degree. I'm having a hard time...

Needhelp in Spring, Texas

Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant"??

Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant" to prove that you at least finished school even though you did not pass? Am I in a better position to get...

Bridget in Lexington, South Carolina

Updated 54 months ago

CNA Classes in Columbia, SC - 8 Replies

I am a single mom of two. I am wanting to get into a cna class around me if anyone can help that would be great.

gabby in Lake Placid, Florida

took away my certification?!

OK so i have a question. I took the cna exam in fl about a year and a half ago. I got a job right after i passed, and quit a few months later because...

deedravilma@*****.*** in Valdosta, Georgia

Updated 55 months ago

How to renew where can I get a copy of licenseI - 93 Replies

I got my CNA license very long time ago. Now the skills I learned are needed in m resume. How do I obtain a copy of my license. Is there a website I...

shavon in Germantown, Maryland

Updated 55 months ago


Hi. Im Aileen and just moved here in Germantown, MD from other country. Anyone can help me give an idea where i can find Nursing Homes, Hospitals,...

MichaelGirl87 in Galion, Ohio

Updated 56 months ago

free cna classes in cincinnati ohio - 39 Replies

I am looking for nursing homes that provide free cna training. Does anyone know of anywhere that does that?

G in Thousand Oaks, California

Med Tech in Ca?

I could not find a specific med tech forum so thought I would ask here. I have seen some ads looking for a med tech in an assisted living center. It...

Jrockerboi in San Diego, California

Nursing Assistant Program at SDCE

I'm interested in taking the Nursing Assistant Program at SDCE's Centre City campus. I signed up and was put on the interest list from the Nursing...

lilac6124@*****.*** in Sacramento, California

Updated 57 months ago

CNA TRAINING. Where can I get free to low cost training in Sacramento, CA? - 1 Reply

Im in need of information, updated information, to free or low cost CNA training in the Sacramento area with appox. a month worth of training. I've...

bltmdbones in Cockeysville, Maryland

Athens, Nelsonville, Glouster STNA Training

I currently live in Baltimore, MD and will soon be moving to the Athens, OH area. I've tried my hardest to find STNA training, but everything I find...

mcarrillo5167 in Houston, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

Faith Health Training Institute - 1 Reply

Has anyone been to Faith Health Training Institute in Houston Tx? Please give me reviews if you have.

Michele in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 58 months ago

Free CNA programs in Sarasota County - 20 Replies

Need some infromtion on free CNA programs. In the Sarasota County area.

ali conteh in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 59 months ago

CNA renewal 2012 California - 1 Reply

I have to renew my CNA licenese by february 2013. I was reading the website from CDPH, and it talks about having to complete 12 hours of CEU's each...

dewi in Highland, New York

CNA Job in NYS with recent DWAI?

I have a BS in biology and would like to explore healthcare as a field of employment. Stupidly, (I know, really, really stupidly) I drove after...

naiya patel in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 61 months ago



LaNecia J. in Los Angeles, California

If my certification number says unemployable.

Today after all this time waiting for my Live Scan to come back and they never answered me. I looked up my Certification number and it said that I...



I took a CNA course in 2008 and passed. They gave me a certification paper, but I never received an actual license. How do I go about getting a...

Taylor made in White Plains, New York

Can a CNA also become a Home Health Aide?

I saw a video that says they can and the HHA class would be Free. Is That true? http://youtu.be/emb8xzTpc38 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JG8ar...

ms erika in Springfield, Ohio

Updated 64 months ago

how to transfer stna license from ohio to texas - 1 Reply

how can i transfer my stna license from ohio to texas ????

Thomas in Garland, Texas


Do you know about this school in Garland called BAH CAREER TRAINING. I understand they have CNA classes for $399.00

ejprincelewis0111 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Certified Nursing Assistant

I am inquiring about becoming a CNA.Please if anyone knows if a hospital or nursing home orovides free CNA training in in St. Louis, Mo Please send...

info@*****.*** in Taylorsville, North Carolina

Updated 64 months ago

NC Fast Track CNA Programs - 2 Replies

Becareful if you take a fast track program for your Nurse Aide training in North Carolina and you want to go to nursing school for your RN! Colleges...

shanetta robinson in Bogalusa, Louisiana

Updated 65 months ago

lost CNA card (dont know number) and need to transfer CNA from GA to SC - 34 Replies

So my CNA expired in December of 2007 and I need to renew it. I lost my CNA card while I was moving from GA to SC. So I need to find a way that I can...

hot totti in Denver, Colorado

Updated 65 months ago

Tips for certified nursing assistant interviews. - 20 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming certified nursing assistant interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again...

kia25 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

free cna training in new york city - 4 Replies

Hello, I am currently looking for a can training program that is free and short in new york city. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

G6 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Sutter Heath???? - 1 Reply

I just got my certified on Feb 27th and I can't seem to get a job. I really want to work for Sutter Health but they aren't hiring me. I don't have...

Sistahudson in Dallas, Georgia

Updated 65 months ago

CNA Classes in Cartersville Georgia or near by - 308 Replies

I'm looking to become a CNA , I was wondering if there was any classes or schools for it in or around Cartersville Georgia ? I have searched all over...

Christine Krumm in Poughkeepsie, New York

Updated 65 months ago

CNA Registery - 4 Replies

I am looking for the sight where i can find my regisery and up date my info,,such as address and phone number for the sate of Illinois,,also needing...

N1111 in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 65 months ago

STNA classes in Columbus Ohio - 1 Reply

Looking to start a career in the growing healthcare industry? STNA classes are starting soon for the Columbus area. Seats are limited so register...

xcutxupxlovex24 in Montross, Virginia

Updated 65 months ago

pay in salisbury and delmar maryland area - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they pay is in that area, I am planning to make a move...and I am trying to learn as much about it to be...

chaikarosemary@*****.*** in Harrisburg, North Carolina

Updated 65 months ago

Need my cna license renewed.Anyone know where to take the test? - 2 Replies

I received my cna license in 1989 and stopped working as a cna in 1992. Do I need to take the course again or just the test and where? I have no idea...


Updated 66 months ago

Free CNA Classes in or around Toccoa, Ga - 2 Replies

I am looking for free cna classes in Toccoa Ga or around that area or online classes if possible

missA in Westland, Michigan

anyone want to do a reveiw of the place they tested?

Im sure a lot of people are curious how strict,comfortable and understanding a testing site is going to be before they pay their money so if you...

Mike in Corry, Pennsylvania

General Information Regarding Certified Nurse Assistant

Could you describe a general day? What skills needed? What to expect? What do you like about it? What do you not like? What does one have to do if...

tay in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 67 months ago

Free or cheap CNA training in Metro Atlanta? - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of some nursing homes that will train you for free, or some programs that are cheap enough? Am looking to get my CNA certification...

noelle barnes in tampa, Florida

cna classes

does anyone know where i can take a free cna class in tampa, fl

toni_askew@*****.*** in Albany, Georgia

Updated 67 months ago

CNA recertification - 39 Replies

Its been a long time (more than 5yrs) since I was active as a CNA/home health aide. Can anyone shed some light as what the process to get...

tbethel in Homestead, Florida

Updated 67 months ago

Free CNA Course - 266 Replies

Are there any free CNA courses in MA or any CNA Courses that can be taken online? Please respond.

B4real37 in Tampa, Florida

Updated 67 months ago

how to start own business - 9 Replies

i am a cna and i would like to know the steps of getting my own patients

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