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Connie Brubeck in Springfield, Illinois

Updated 57 months ago

Cna License - 96 Replies

Is there a site, to look up your license number?

kut in Norcross, Georgia

CNA Classes

There is a great school in Norcross, Georgia. They offer day, evening, and weekend classes - even offered my friend a weekly payment plan that was...

sgb8098 in Woodstock, Georgia

Updated 57 months ago

CNA transition - 4 Replies

I just moved from colorado to california and I got my cna licence in colorado I was wondering on how to go about transferring it. Does anyone know,...

printess doughty in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 58 months ago

free certified nursing assistant class - 1 Reply

cant afford cna class looking for free classes

anem in San Leandro, California

Updated 58 months ago

Free CNA Training - 1 Reply

Does anyone know where Free CNA Training is available close to east side Indy

pabloisaac@*****.*** in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 58 months ago

how many CNA schools in MARYLAND? - 84 Replies

Can you show me how many certified nursing assistant (CNA) in MARYLAND and they just stated alredy in 3-6 month,please? I want to know because I want...


Experienced Monitor Tech/ Certified Nursing Assistant relocating to Phoenix Arizona

Relocating to phoenix, does anyone know the salary in Phoenix for Certified Cna/ Monitor tech??


Updated 59 months ago

What kind of job are you looking for? - 1 Reply

Greetings Indeed patrons. I'm thinking about advertising our job search outsourcing service on Indeed, and was hoping to do an informal poll. We...

katie in Marion, North Carolina


I have my cna 1, but did not work in the health care feild this year. So i did not work the "8" hours to keep it. So what do I need to do to keep my...

hear i come colo in Le Roy, Minnesota

where to take the cna training for cheep

Anyone know if there are any good paying jobs that you can get a NA job in ? Im no a CNA yet, needing to know where to take that test and the price...

angelbostic77 in Flint, Michigan

cna traiing in flint

hi i wld like to know were to go in flint for cna training

Regine Cadet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 59 months ago

Free CNA training with pay in Philadelphia - 3 Replies

I heard that you can work in a hospital or nursing home and get your CNA training for free all while getting paid to work. Is it true? If so how...

Overwhelmed2011 in Oregon City, Oregon

Does a CNA ALWAYS have to change adult diapers? CNA Jobs in Oregon (CNA 1, CNA 2, CMA)

Hello, Thank you for reading this! Could someone please give some insights on working as a CNA in Oregon? I currently hold a B.S. in Business and...

Lyons in Pearland, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

are there any free or low cost CNA classes in houston? - 1 Reply

i have been looking up in down. and cant find a free or an afforable cna course. i just cant afford to spend $800 right now. can someone help thanks

Alex in Perris, California


I just graduated from school like 2 months a go i took an HHA class but as im looking for my first job in the healthcare field i dont feel...

Amy in Valley, Alabama

Anyone do their training at a LTC

There is a LTC in my town that pays you minimum wage while you complete the training and then if you pass the certification they guarantee you a job...

leucreshia smith in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Transfering my CNA license to Florida from Michigan - 32 Replies

How do I transfer my CNA license from Michigan to Florida?? Does anyone know?

VSusan in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

CNA Classes - Free or Low Cost - 2 Replies

I am looking for a CNA and or GNA course given at a nursing home, located on the eatern shore of MD. I live in Kent County. Would be willing to...

Joyce in Staten Island, New York

Updated 60 months ago

Free CNA / Patient Care Tech Classes or Training in Phoenix, AZ - 4 Replies

Does anyone know of any free training or classes in the Phoenix, AZ area for CNA or Patient Care Tech? Low cost with a short program would also...

FIND CNA SCHOOL in Piscataway, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

accredited CNA school in new brunswick - 1 Reply

I would like information on a good CNA school that is recognized in nj or an agency or nursing home or hospital that i can go to that offers free...

Robin in Stuart, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Free CNA classes - 5 Replies

I want to know where i can find free cna training in my area. if you can help me it will be very appreciated. I'm interested in becoming a cna,...


Updated 61 months ago

CNA License transfer - 76 Replies

My girlfreind is moving out here to SD california, and she is now a registered CNA in virginia. If anyone could tell me how or what she needs to do...

ade ola in Boston, Massachusetts

Free CNA classes

any free/not too expensive CNA classes in boston area

Azurr Green in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 61 months ago

Free CNA course in Philly - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of a free CNA program in Philly or Bensalem PA that offers night courses?

Liv in Sacramento, California

Updated 61 months ago

getting your CNA - 1 Reply

Hi I just graduated from High school and I'm looking to get my CNA to earn money while going to school. I was told that some nursing homes and...

Sarah in Burnaby, British Columbia

Updated 61 months ago

cna licensens - 12 Replies

I need to renew my license and don,t knoow how to go about doing that can anyone help!!!

moniquebussey71 in South Ozone Park, New York

Updated 61 months ago

Cna license renewal - 1 Reply

Hi, my NC CNA license expired in 2006, i now live in NY, is there a way i can renew it here without having to go back to NC to do it? please help

TONY REED in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 61 months ago



mynhii in Oakland, California

Does CNA program in Contra Costa College train in acute care?

I want to help elderly people, so I'm quite sure any CNA program will have me trained in long term care or skill nursing facility. I plan to take CNA...

mary in Tampa, Florida

Updated 61 months ago

looking for free cna training in Bradenton, Florida - 2 Replies

Will someone let me know where to go in Bradenton for free cna training for a chance to be state certified?

char in Riverdale, Georgia

Updated 62 months ago

free online cna classes - 38 Replies

i want to find free cna classes online

sharon stewart

Updated 62 months ago

CNA License in Michigan - Detroit - 2 Replies

How do i get free CNA License in Detroit

Virginia McCombs in Springdale, Arkansas

Free CNA Classes or Sponsors in Northwest Arkansas?

I am looking to become a CNA but I do not have the money to put myself through school. My grandmother passed away a couple years ago and I took care...

Price in Bishopville, South Carolina

Updated 62 months ago

Certified nursing assistant classes - 1 Reply

My certified nursing assistant license expired in 2002. Due to the fact that it was not DHEC certified and no school code could be located for the...

3lilbirds in Lancaster, California

CNA program in Lancaster/Plamdale CA area?

hi I'm looking for CNA or Homehealth aide classes near lancaster or palmdale area?

melinda claypool in Frankfort, Kentucky

Updated 62 months ago

Night and/or Weekend CNA Classes - 4 Replies

I am looking for CNA classes that are offered at nights and/or on weekends in Georgia. Maybe in the Athens, Atlanta, or Gainesville area.

Teresa Dunn MOORE in Eatonton, Georgia

Updated 63 months ago

renew cna licence - 22 Replies

I've lost my card and need to renew my licence. My licence came out of Little Rock Ar. Who do I contact??

hrnursing in Bahrain

Updated 63 months ago

CNA training programe in Ceder Park Texas - 2 Replies

Hi, does anyone know where I can get a cna training in Cedar park Texas and how much it costs?

Samantha in Canton, Ohio

Updated 63 months ago


Iam looking for a free stna classes in toledo ohio can you please help me

NA Courtney in Lawton, Oklahoma

Updated 63 months ago

What career direction can I go from CNA ? - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently a CNA, but would like to explore other career directions. Can the wonderful members here please give me advice and...

amelia in Palm Coast, Florida

Updated 63 months ago

You've been warned. - 7 Replies

If you enjoy... ...dealing with miserable, middle-aged, jealous, life-hating coworkers who complain all the time... ...working weird hours,...

Tyeisha in Cleveland, Ohio

Working as an NA after completing STNA training?

Hi, I was curious as to if anyone has ever or knows a LTCF that allows you to work as a nursing assistant after completing the STNA training program,...


Updated 64 months ago

Free or cheap CNA classes in Chicago IL - 4 Replies

I wanted to know if there were any free or cheap CNA classes in Chicago?

merleen in Kent, Washington


HI im trying to find free classes for cna thank you

gail in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

employer didnt send in renewal for cna

my ex employer fired me,for personal resons.I had to go to them to renew my cna...not only did I take the forms in to them,I took extra..I was told...

karlaah.i in San Diego, California

Updated 64 months ago

info for free cna classes - 5 Replies

i recently finished my cna training in january, i loved it and most of love the fact that i didn't have to pay a penny! 1 semester long and the test...

Mike in San Jose, California

CNA in Santa Clara, CA

Does any one know any good please to take CNA class in Santa Clara? What the Tuition?

ama west in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

I am looking for a hospital or nursing home in Northern New Jersey willing to train Nursing Assistants - 1 Reply

I am a previous NJ CNA certificate holder lasped while on maternity leave.Looking for facility in Jersey City,Newark,Hoboken area!Thank You for any...

Dsa in Far Rockaway, New York

Looking for FREE or VERY low cost CNA training in Brooklyn or manhattan(NOT Bronx)

Topic says it all, any information is very much appreciated. Looking for any free training near or on Flatbush ave(and extension) or Manhattan that's...

shermanv1958 in Ely, Minnesota

i took my cna classes in Ill, can i test out in Minnesota?

i went to classes in Lena,Ill. and i moved back to ely, minn. and i want to take my test and was wondering if i cantake just the test or do i have to...

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