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hrnursing in Bahrain

Updated 76 months ago

CNA training programe in Ceder Park Texas - 2 Replies

Hi, does anyone know where I can get a cna training in Cedar park Texas and how much it costs?

Samantha in Canton, Ohio

Updated 76 months ago


Iam looking for a free stna classes in toledo ohio can you please help me

NA Courtney in Lawton, Oklahoma

Updated 76 months ago

What career direction can I go from CNA ? - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently a CNA, but would like to explore other career directions. Can the wonderful members here please give me advice and...

amelia in Palm Coast, Florida

Updated 76 months ago

You've been warned. - 7 Replies

If you enjoy... ...dealing with miserable, middle-aged, jealous, life-hating coworkers who complain all the time... ...working weird hours,...

Tyeisha in Cleveland, Ohio

Working as an NA after completing STNA training?

Hi, I was curious as to if anyone has ever or knows a LTCF that allows you to work as a nursing assistant after completing the STNA training program,...


Updated 77 months ago

Free or cheap CNA classes in Chicago IL - 4 Replies

I wanted to know if there were any free or cheap CNA classes in Chicago?

merleen in Kent, Washington


HI im trying to find free classes for cna thank you

gail in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

employer didnt send in renewal for cna

my ex employer fired me,for personal resons.I had to go to them to renew my cna...not only did I take the forms in to them,I took extra..I was told...

karlaah.i in San Diego, California

Updated 77 months ago

info for free cna classes - 5 Replies

i recently finished my cna training in january, i loved it and most of love the fact that i didn't have to pay a penny! 1 semester long and the test...

Mike in San Jose, California

CNA in Santa Clara, CA

Does any one know any good please to take CNA class in Santa Clara? What the Tuition?

ama west in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 78 months ago

I am looking for a hospital or nursing home in Northern New Jersey willing to train Nursing Assistants - 1 Reply

I am a previous NJ CNA certificate holder lasped while on maternity leave.Looking for facility in Jersey City,Newark,Hoboken area!Thank You for any...

Dsa in Far Rockaway, New York

Looking for FREE or VERY low cost CNA training in Brooklyn or manhattan(NOT Bronx)

Topic says it all, any information is very much appreciated. Looking for any free training near or on Flatbush ave(and extension) or Manhattan that's...

shermanv1958 in Ely, Minnesota

i took my cna classes in Ill, can i test out in Minnesota?

i went to classes in Lena,Ill. and i moved back to ely, minn. and i want to take my test and was wondering if i cantake just the test or do i have to...

shawntel in Arlington, Texas

Updated 78 months ago

Free CNA training. - 37 Replies

I wanted to know if there were any free cna training classes in Augusta,GA or anywhere near Augusta.

miladereck in Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Updated 79 months ago

free cna classes - 2 Replies

i am wanting to find free cna classes in spartanburg sc

annoitedbyjesus@*****.*** in Orange, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

CNA Class - 1 Reply

Where of who do I contact to find out about the free CNA class that you get paid for taking and will have a job after wards in Beaumont, Texas

Actiontalks in San Diego, California

Updated 79 months ago

Free CNA class - 6 Replies

I would like to know where I could go for free cna class in -- mechanicsburg pennsylvania

rheejo in Houston, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

CNA Class Free In Houston - 3 Replies

Hi my name is Debbie I am looking for a free CNA Class in the Houston area that is free.

rocksand in Seattle, Washington

free CNA classes for Jax. Florida area

I have had no luck finding a class. I have been a private care giver for 20 years, I am a widow and need to work but can not afford to pay out allot...

natoo22 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CNA class cheap

there is nobody who can help me find a free CNA class or a class of low prices in philadelphia please? if you have an idea feel free to help me,...

bean in Madison, Indiana

CNA Conversion Class

I heard some places offer a Conversion class of a CNA to a HHA. Is that true? www.HHAHelp.com

Prissy B. in Bedford, Texas

CNA in Fort Worth

Hi, did anyone get their cna license at nurse aid academy on brentwood stair. I do not see any ratings are reviews about this school and I just wanna...

Belinda Allen in Hopewell, Virginia

I allowed my License to expire

I would like to know how I can get my License again ,I am ready to do CNA work again'

Jared in Xenia, Ohio

Updated 80 months ago

STNA/CNA Classes Start soon! - 5 Replies

Start a rewarding career in the medical healthcare field. Alia Health Career Services offers Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training classes for...

Christie Wrighter in dallas, Texas

cna classes

Does anyone know of any either free or affordable CNA classes in the dallas area...including grand prairie, arlington, duncanville, cedar hill,...

Sarah in Fort Worth, Texas

Paid Cna Training

IS there any palces where i can apply for a job that train you to be a cna while getting paid in fort worth,tx

tina forsythe in Colorado Springs, Colorado


need to transfer my licesence from missouri to colorado

lexcy in byhalia, Mississippi

Free CNA Classes

I am looking for free cna classes in the memphis area. Does anyone know of any near by? if so can you please tell me where they are?

sheliah knight in Dallas, Georgia

Updated 81 months ago

about cna license - 2 Replies

if i have felonies that are non violent can i still renew my license and worka as a cna

sandywink in waupun, Wisconsin

Cant find a job

I have never had such a rough time finding a job!I worked in a assisted living for 3 years then went to school for cosmetology.The economy is so bad...

Billie Rain in Waterbury, Connecticut

returining to CNA

I was certified as a CNA 12 years ago,but in today's economy the medical field is one of the few areas that have job openings. Will my certification...

NicNodak in Fargo, North Dakota

What's your take on this?

Most of you have been through an interview or two. Only to discover that once you went to work for the company/facility they are nothing like they...

cece in Buffalo, New York

Updated 82 months ago

Relocating to Atlanta, GA - 34 Replies

I currently live in Detroit,MI and I really want to move to Atlanta but I dont know where to start ,I have pulled up a couple of appartments in...

MsPerry5 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 82 months ago

CNA training in the little rock area - 2 Replies

Is there any cna training sites available in or near Little Rock

Toni Palen in Canon City, Colorado


I already have my CNA certificate from colorado but haven't taken the state board test yet. Should i wait and do it in Kansas? Just didn't want to...

sara in San Angelo, Texas

CNA classes in San Angelo

Does anyone know where I could attend short, free CNA classes in San ANgelo, tx? I've heard of some but don't know where to find them.

MsLIB in Ravenel, South Carolina

Are there any free training to become a cna

Bored in the country

Mystic67 in Grove City, Ohio

STNA training Columbus, Ohio

Hi I am looking for any classes that offer free training for STNA's in the Columbus Area. Also if anyone has eny experience with paid programs that...

greengrass in Mokena, Illinois

Share your time saving tips for the CNA

It is important to mange your time well and implement methods to save time on the job considering that the average CNA is assigned 10 to 15 residents...

mthruiz in Rockford, Illinois

need info on cna testing

can anyone help me I took my cna test for the state a week ago and I was wondering how long will it take to get results if anyone remembers or what...

ntd in Miami, Florida

Updated 84 months ago

transferring Certified Nursing Assistant Cerificate from Maine to Alabama - 1 Reply

I am seriously thinking about relocating from the state of Maine to the Central Alabama region sometime this year and would like to know how I would...

john in Miami, Florida

Transfer Florida to New Jersey

I would like know the process that i have to do for transfer my license of CNA from florida to New York AND New Jersey...or its the same license good...

lorena in Glen Rose, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

CNA Training Online - 1 Reply

Does anyone know any particulars about online CNA training? Has anyone done it? I am from Gulfport, MS., and can't seem to find out much.

Teresa50 in Long Beach, Mississippi

CNA Training Online

Does anyone know any particulars about online CNA training? Has anyone done it? I am from Gulfport, MS., and can't seem to find out much.

Teresa in Biloxi, Mississippi

CNA Training in Mississippi

Does anyone know where to get CNA training in Gulfport, Mississippi?

katy in Bradenton, Florida

Updated 84 months ago

CNA refresher course - 1 Reply

I did my CNA training class in Ft worth Tx last summer I earned my certificate and passed my skills test , i'm just needing to retake my written exam...

rosie in Libertyville, Illinois

i need help!!!

I'm looking for free cna class i could go to or little to no cost plz help....thanks

nmorales in Baldwin Park, California

i finished my training i just need to pas my state exam

can i get a job and work in a facility until i pass my exam? i need a job

forever4given77 in Englewood, Colorado

How Bad Our Your Nurses?

I am looking for CNA'S that have trouble with their nurses.

larina ross in Aurora, Illinois

CNA courses(free)

Hi im looking for free cna courses near the aurora, illinois area

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