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celia in Trenton, New Jersey

cna paid training

does anyone know were a cna program that has paid training is in newark new jersey?

LPN1025 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Relocating to Atlanta,GA

I currently live in PA, I'm a single mother with three young children. I am looking to relocate to Atlanta, GA. I have my LPN license and have over 5...

jayme rice in Mentor, Ohio

Updated 53 months ago

STNA Classes Columbus Ohio - 1 Reply

hey, we dont offer free classes but we have classes for $500. Classes start soon and we will even help you find a job once you have completed the...

Leah in Middleton, Wisconsin

Updated 53 months ago

Information on Renewals and getting your class paid to be a CNA - 5 Replies

First, I just found out this information: WI is such a pain to find out things. Anyway, if you want your training paid for in WI. If you quallify,...

shiril7@aol.com in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 53 months ago

CNA Certification Programs During Employment in St Louis, MO - 2 Replies

I am making a change in my career and will be attending nursing school. I currently am in the Food Service Industry and wanted to look into getting...

unknown in Columbus, Ohio

STNA recertifacation

can you tell me how long do certification for STNA last. And if possible where can i go and get my STNA's up dated. If your under the poverty...

Acapulco7@live.com in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 54 months ago

evening free cna classes near Mesa, AZ - 6 Replies

I work a f/t job and am looking for a part time job as a cna but I took a drastic pay cut and cant afford to pay for the class. I would like to do...

christal santana in statenisland, New York

Does anyone know where I can take free cna class in new york???


icecoffee in Providence, Rhode Island


I would kindly appreciate any info anyone may have regarding free CNA classes in RI whether it be from a nursing home or hospital. I am desperate for...

heidi depiano/ca. in Victorville, California

please help

I have an expired cert./cna out of NewMexico, i live in CA. and want to go back to work.How do i renew my cert.?how do i get it transfered to CA. ?...

Trina East in Clinton, Indiana

Transfering a CNA from Indiana to Tennesee

How is this done?

cworthy36@yahoo.com in San Diego, California

Updated 54 months ago

cna classes in el cajon, california - 2 Replies

I am looking for a CNA classes offered by ROP in El Cajon. Ca you please advuse if there's a free classes availbale offered by ROP. THanks

Margarita Mccoy in Otsego, Michigan

Looking for take a cna licence michigan state

Mi cna licence is from Florida State ..and expire i 12/31/2010 i need have licence Michigan state ..I am not sure how to proceed ??

jeanwri15 in York, Pennsylvania


I was Grandma'd threw years ago and I was wondering if I had to do the program over again I have not been a cna for a long time.

bayareamommy in Oakland, California

Looking for free LVN program...

Does anyone know of any?

bayareamommy in Oakland, California

Welfare recipient wanting to become LVN....

Is there such program that CALWORKS or maybe some other type of program that pays for a single mother of minor children to become an LVN? The...

Retesting in Garland, Texas

I am trying to just take the certification test in dallas i need help

i am already certified as a CNA in texas i stupidly let it lapse and now need to recertify for my license so i can work.

muffi3 in North Port, Florida

Updated 54 months ago

cna hand on test - 1 Reply

Please I need help ...I studing cna course on line .I understood that I need to take HAND ON test but how do I do that ? WHO should I contact ...

ginny manley in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 54 months ago

CNA/GNA: MD to GA - 2 Replies

I am currently a cna/gna in md at an ltc nursing home. and am considering relocating at the end of the year to augusta,ga. im trying to find...

ginny manley in Richmond, Virginia


how do i become a state licensed cna in another state without transferring the one i currently hold, which is in good standing? i want to relocate to...

bayareamommy in Oakland, California

Working for a healthcare registry

Hi there... Does anyone know about how much is the starting pay for CNA who is employed by a registry (for example, Maxim or MGA) in San...

mom820 in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

renewal - 3 Replies

I got my CNA licnese 1/24/04. It expired 1/23/06. What do i have to do to renew my license?

george in Missouri City, Texas

Updated 55 months ago

Free Cna Class In Houston tx - 2 Replies

Hi, If anyone knows where to find a free cna classes that I could take. Houston, Tx.

Vasr in Willingboro, New Jersey

Free CNA Training In South Jersey

I have been searching to begin training. I already have a book from Florida, and my mom has been a nurse for many years, but I need to get the...

Keysha Johnson in Washington, District of Columbia

Free CNA training in Maryland

I have been working for nursing home for the past 3yrs and now looking to get my CNA certification.

JaRon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 55 months ago

Free CNA Classes - 1 Reply

I am looking to become a CNA but need to attend free classes in the Tri-City area I am not sure how to proceed. Does anyone out there have some...



Hi my name is Sara and I am having such a hard time as a housekeeping all I want is feel proud of myself... Can anybody tell me a free school in NYC...

mightymac in Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Updated 55 months ago

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) - Opening in Saudi - 1 Reply

Leading Hospital in Saudi requires Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) in the Department of Anesthesia. Excellent Salary with following...

Rana in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

Where in philadelphia do i receive free cna training? - 20 Replies

i need to know where in philly do i receive free cna training, because i don't have the funds for the program!

diana in Columbus, Ohio

free STNA in columbus ohio

I have heard of free STNA classes in Columbus Ohio, but cannot remember where they are. Anybody know anything?

mjflounder in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 55 months ago

cna recertification - 4 Replies

My certification expired about a yr. ago and I'm trying to get recertified so I can get back into the field. I went to different web sites but they...

lluvrob6@aol.com in Chicago, Illinois

Certified Nursing Assistant training

I am interested in taken a free CNA course in Chicago area. How can, I get into a free program without paying for the course because I am not able to...

apn57 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Any in-house CNA training in Milwaukee?

I have 5+ years in a hospital and Long-term-care environment, but my certification has expired. Seeking a facility to re-certify and work. ANY...

Rosa McCollough in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 55 months ago

I kno where you can get your CNA in Columbia ,SC - 2 Replies

In the Midlands area there is this place call Excelsior Medical Training Center (803-708-4708) @ 5122 B Two Notch Road. I got my CNA from them passed...

Shan15 in Granada Hills, California

Evening CNA classes in SoCal?

Hi i was wondering if there are any CNA programs/classes offered in the evenings? I was going to do the Redcross CNA program but its only from...

want to get my welding certs back in El Segundo, California

Updated 55 months ago

cna classes for free - 1 Reply

i would like to know how to get infromation about taking cna classes for free. Also would like to know what is on cna tests to study for is their...

lmcth in Beltsville, Maryland

nurse aid classes

I just moved to Laurel Maryland and I am trying to find some courses please help

miss p in New Castle, Indiana

transfering my ky certification of 20 years as cna

can i transfer my certification to ind. without having to start all over again.

del gonzo in portage, Indiana

Updated 56 months ago

Free certified nurse's aide classes - 4 Replies

I'M looking for free training for cena. My job was downsized in 2006.I have not been able to find a job. I have almost thirty yrs. as a care giver. I...

tara lennon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 56 months ago

CNA training - 1 Reply

I wanted to kno if there where any free cna classes in philadelphia

matu2b in Osseo, Minnesota

Updated 56 months ago

Free CNA classes in Minneapolis - 2 Replies

My name is Oliver and I live in Edina,Minnesota.I'm interested in working with the elderly people.I've got informal experience but I need formal...

tosciab in Jackson, Michigan

Updated 56 months ago

CENA - 1 Reply

I have done CENA work for over 18+ years. I am looking for a job anywhere in Texas. Any suggestions ? please send and ideas to dgt1955@hotmail.com

sharon hyman in Riverdale, Georgia

cna recertification in georgia

Are there any free recertification classes in Georgia

burrsandy@yahoo.com in Mio, Michigan



whitaker in Santee, California

Updated 56 months ago

really cute CNA stuff - 3 Replies

Hello friends, I am a CNA by day and a graphic artist by night. I came up with these cute ideas for mugs if you have any ideas you are welcome to...

kayden in Shelby, Alabama

Where can i find a place in birmingham, al

That i can get certified for cna at little or no cost?

TERRI HERBERT in Minden, Louisiana

Updated 57 months ago

CNA Lisence Transfer to Florida - 2 Replies

We are moving to Florida and need to find the forms to transfer my wifes CNA lisence to get one in Florida

Andreanjg in Media, Pennsylvania

CNA jobs

Does anyone know of any CNA jobs in the Philadelphia area with a starting salary of at least $12 a hour?

nora b in maple shade, New Jersey

looking for a cna training school

im looking for a cna training school or institute or free cna classes.i live in maple shade,nj but i dnt mind if there are available in other...

Mink88 in Spring, Texas

CNA Certification

Has anyone obtained a CNA certification from Kingwood College (Lone Star College)? If so, are you able to find jobs since the school does not offer...

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