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katy in Bradenton, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

CNA refresher course - 1 Reply

I did my CNA training class in Ft worth Tx last summer I earned my certificate and passed my skills test , i'm just needing to retake my written exam...

rosie in Libertyville, Illinois

i need help!!!

I'm looking for free cna class i could go to or little to no cost plz help....thanks

nmorales in Baldwin Park, California

i finished my training i just need to pas my state exam

can i get a job and work in a facility until i pass my exam? i need a job

forever4given77 in Englewood, Colorado

How Bad Our Your Nurses?

I am looking for CNA'S that have trouble with their nurses.

larina ross in Aurora, Illinois

CNA courses(free)

Hi im looking for free cna courses near the aurora, illinois area

krystal green in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 91 months ago

Free Listing---CNA Training Programs - 10 Replies

www.4cnas.com The Online Magazine for Certified Nursing Assistants

boristar in Amesbury, Massachusetts

CNA free classes

I am interested in becoming a Certfied Nursing Assistant(CNA) in Amesbury, MA. Does any one know where to take the course.

Evangelist White in Greenville, North Carolina

Updated 91 months ago

CNA refresher course in Asheville, N.C. - 3 Replies

I need to take a CNA refresher course for my N.C. license. Does anyone know of a one or two day course near Asheville?

Amy Burdick in Rochester, New York

Updated 91 months ago

CNA,Certificate # - 1 Reply

I lost my number to my certification and i was trying to find out if my cna certificate was renewed but the website wont search with out my number.so...

pacinet in Satellite Beach, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

CNA - 1 Reply

Im looking for a CNA Class that I can take with out going to college one is I cant pay the price of school and books. Is there anyone out there that...

Soulwulf in Flushing, New York

Updated 91 months ago

How do I renew my CNA liscence - 8 Replies

My liscence was isued January 19 2007

Paula B in Greenwood, Mississippi

free cna classes

yes i am from tutwiler ms.and i am tryin to find free cna classes.i have went to one before which lasted for a month it was with a nursing home in...

gary mc in Citrus Heights, California

free cna classes in sacramento ca.

i would love to find a free cna class in the sacramento area....

vamospatria@*****.*** in Larchmont, New York

Updated 92 months ago

free cna classes - 4 Replies

can anyone please tell me of any free cna classes please? I'm a hha but the money is not enough to meet my expenses.I would gladly appreciate it if...

cecelia in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 92 months ago

Free Listing--CNA Training Programs!!!!!!!!! - 2 Replies

www.4cnas.com The Online Magazine for Certified Nursing Assistants We will be adding more listings the week of April 13.

Mwresendes in North Andover, Massachusetts

free CNA training in the Lowell, MA or Nashua NH area

I am looking into on the job training and to obtain a CNA certification in the Lowell MA or Nashua NH area. In 1998 I took a course at Sandwich MA...

ct in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 92 months ago

Full bed bath for stroke patient - 1 Reply

How do you give a bath to a stroke patient in a hospital that is dead weight from the chest down and he/she is on your shift detail watch? This is...

NEW CNA in Cleveland, Ohio



JayC in Brooklyn, New York

CNA in Cincinnati Ohio

Hello I am relocating out of NY to Cincinati in Sept with my CNA certification . Anyone know where I can redo the class for free or low cost.

Working in Austin, Texas

Updated 93 months ago

opening job position - 1 Reply

hello i'm CNA i'm looking for a job position in any facities in Massachusetts if anybody knows one and where i can apply please let me know thank you.

Hana in Vancouver, Washington

Renew my CNA license in Vancouver,WA

i would like to know what should i do to get a new licence, because my will expire in august and i still was not able to find a job... tx

Shay in Cleveland, Ohio

Stna classes

I wanted to take up free STNA,Is there any free classes in the Cleveland area?

Ms Pierson in Ashtabula, Ohio

Looking for CNA classes near Albemarle,NC

I am reloacting to Albemarle,NC in July. I had my STNA in Ohio until February when it expired because I was working for a home health company that...

dede in Shepherdsville, Kentucky


i just moved to ky from ohio to learn that my license are not transferable. I feel like i know what i need to know and would like to just take the...

Zee84 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

cna programs

looking foa cna programs in Oklahoma City

Serenova in Brooklyn, New York

Where can i be trained to become a CNA in NYC

I found some in colleges but they need you to enroll and take pre requisites. I heard some hospitals and nursing homes offer training but i can't...

Brandy McDowell in Asheboro, North Carolina

Classes In North Carolina Test In South Carolina

I know that you can test out here for like $103. I have already been a CNA one time and lost my certification due to me not working. Im currently...

Brandy in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 95 months ago

CNA II - 2 Replies

Does anyone know of a facility other than college campus(most are currently full),offering the North Carolina CNA II Classes, in Winston Salem, High...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

cna jobs entry level

Does anybody know where or who will take me IMMEDIATELY!! when i get my certification making at the minimum 10.00 as a cna before i take state my...

Jennifer Harp in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 95 months ago

how to renew my cna lic. - 2 Replies

I have tried to find the right web site, I was told I could renew online

tgrinnell64@*****.*** in Coventry, Rhode Island

free cna clases in coventry rhode island

I need a career change . I am a very caring person and have always been interested in the medical field . Please let me know of any free or on the...

phyllisgrhm@*****.*** in Cincinnati, Ohio

free classes in cincinnati

i have already been certified as a stna but i didnt keep my hours up do anyone no if i have to take the classs all over or can i get recertified...

phyllisgrhm@*****.*** in Cincinnati, Ohio

free classes in cincinnati

412 were are some of the places that offer stna classes free

Ruthie in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Updated 95 months ago

CNA Instructor - 2 Replies

How can I Find a position in TN. teaching the CNA program??? I have 7 years experience and love to teach but other than opening a new class for...

mom9999 in Woodbridge, Virginia

CNA pay range in VA

What is the average pay range for a CNA - without experience?

celia in Trenton, New Jersey

cna paid training

does anyone know were a cna program that has paid training is in newark new jersey?

LPN1025 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Relocating to Atlanta,GA

I currently live in PA, I'm a single mother with three young children. I am looking to relocate to Atlanta, GA. I have my LPN license and have over 5...

jayme rice in Mentor, Ohio

Updated 95 months ago

STNA Classes Columbus Ohio - 1 Reply

hey, we dont offer free classes but we have classes for $500. Classes start soon and we will even help you find a job once you have completed the...

Leah in Middleton, Wisconsin

Updated 96 months ago

Information on Renewals and getting your class paid to be a CNA - 5 Replies

First, I just found out this information: WI is such a pain to find out things. Anyway, if you want your training paid for in WI. If you quallify,...

shiril7@*****.*** in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 96 months ago

CNA Certification Programs During Employment in St Louis, MO - 2 Replies

I am making a change in my career and will be attending nursing school. I currently am in the Food Service Industry and wanted to look into getting...

unknown in Columbus, Ohio

STNA recertifacation

can you tell me how long do certification for STNA last. And if possible where can i go and get my STNA's up dated. If your under the poverty...

christal santana in statenisland, New York

Does anyone know where I can take free cna class in new york???


icecoffee in Providence, Rhode Island


I would kindly appreciate any info anyone may have regarding free CNA classes in RI whether it be from a nursing home or hospital. I am desperate for...

heidi depiano/ca. in Victorville, California

please help

I have an expired cert./cna out of NewMexico, i live in CA. and want to go back to work.How do i renew my cert.?how do i get it transfered to CA. ?...

Trina East in Clinton, Indiana

Transfering a CNA from Indiana to Tennesee

How is this done?

cworthy36@*****.*** in San Diego, California

Updated 97 months ago

cna classes in el cajon, california - 2 Replies

I am looking for a CNA classes offered by ROP in El Cajon. Ca you please advuse if there's a free classes availbale offered by ROP. THanks

Margarita Mccoy in Otsego, Michigan

Looking for take a cna licence michigan state

Mi cna licence is from Florida State ..and expire i 12/31/2010 i need have licence Michigan state ..I am not sure how to proceed ??

jeanwri15 in York, Pennsylvania


I was Grandma'd threw years ago and I was wondering if I had to do the program over again I have not been a cna for a long time.

bayareamommy in Oakland, California

Looking for free LVN program...

Does anyone know of any?

bayareamommy in Oakland, California

Welfare recipient wanting to become LVN....

Is there such program that CALWORKS or maybe some other type of program that pays for a single mother of minor children to become an LVN? The...

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