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Liz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 14 months ago

free cna classes - 285 Replies

i moved back to texas in november,is there any free cna classes here in houston,in the nursing homes anymore?if so where can i go.i got certified...

angel in Clarksburg, Indiana

CNA with criminal history...please help?

I am a CNA and since becoming an Aide I have had issues with an ex - spouse and have invasion of privacy charges...I also have a domestic battery...

karen pratt

Updated 18 months ago

free or affordable cna classes - 42 Replies

i do know miss karen pratt she a sweet ladie that has lot of experience with elderly. She has work an family of my in pass she one of the great...

heidi sherry in Wooster, Ohio

Updated 18 months ago

free stna classes - 310 Replies

im looking for stna classes had my stna for about 8 years and didnt work in the field for awhile so lost it , so if anyone has any info would be...

rsl09 in Grovetown, Georgia

Brand New to this CNA Thing

Okay, not really. Just brand new to the certified part of it. Took my CNA exam yesterday and passed and I have a few questions. 1. How long...


Updated 19 months ago

evening free cna classes near Mesa, AZ - 7 Replies

I work a f/t job and am looking for a part time job as a cna but I took a drastic pay cut and cant afford to pay for the class. I would like to do...

bridges in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

Free or low cost CNA classes - 33 Replies

I wanted to know where can i go to start a CNA class and be able to finish the course within 3-6 weeks for free or low cost

-- in Hempstead, New York

Do I have to take the classes over to get a license now?

I have (or maybe had?) one more chance to take the skills portion on my state test. I passed the written portion, but since then I've been taken off...

missjoelturner@*****.*** in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 22 months ago

free stna classes in toledo ohio - 8 Replies

i am looking to change jobs. my sister is a stna and i would like to try it out. i need a better job than i have now. i hav two little kids and i...

John Hill in Sacramento, California

Mandated reporting issues in California

Hi, I work for state government in California and am interested in hearing from CNAs in California about issues related to mandated reporting -...

Paula Ellis in Akron, Ohio

Updated 22 months ago

Free S.T.N.A Classes - 12 Replies

Mm name is Iris and i'm searching for free stna classes in Cleveland,ohio. can any one give me some information. thank you.

bridges in Lehigh Acres, Florida



kat in Chickasha, Oklahoma

Updated 23 months ago

Nursing assistant in Orlando Fla - 1 Reply

I'm moving to Orlando fla from baltimore md and I'm looking for a Cna training that will help me get a job

mariekla23@gmail , in Buffalo, New York

Updated 24 months ago

how do I renew my NY CNA certificate - 59 Replies

How do I renew my NY CNA certificate. We just recently moved and the box with my certificate came up missing. But I know it expires in Apri; is there...

aspiringRn in Richmond Hill, New York

New Grad CNA, agency work? NY

Recently receuved my certification as a CNA. I was wondering which agencies pay the best in New York in the tri state area. Or does anyone recommend...

Mike in Erie, Pennsylvania

Updated 24 months ago

Salary - 1 Reply

Is this salary correct on the right hand side of the screen for work as a CNA? It seems a bit high. Could anyone provide a more realistic figure?...

fedupwithcna in Middle River, Maryland

Updated 25 months ago

Recession hurting CNA jobs - 2 Replies

Ok. I've been a certified nursing assistant for over ten years; fourteen years to be exact and now I'm having a really, extremely hard time getting...

Yelina in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 25 months ago

STNA training Cleveland, Ohio - 186 Replies

Hello. I live near Cleveland, Ohio. Due to lack of funds, I don't own a car and use public transportation. I'm very interested in being a nursing...

Jessica franklin in williston, South Carolina

Updated 27 months ago

cna help for classes,or grants - 55 Replies


I in Long Beach, California

CNA class

Has anyone been to Trident school of nursing in Long Beach? I'm not sure if I want to pay $1600 for a Cna class, this cost more than the Red Cross...

Goin to work in Lander, Wyoming

Updated 28 months ago

Nurse - 2 Replies

I am thinking about becoming a nurse. Am i making the right decision? What should i be worried about? Is nursing a good career to look into?

nurse101 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 29 months ago

Free CNA training in Fort Myers? - 1 Reply

Being a CNA is one of my dreams and was wondering if anyone knows of a hospital or nursing home that trains for free?

Liz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 29 months ago

Free nursing assistant classes - 54 Replies

I have been looking everywhere for information on free nursing assistant classes, but apparently, unless you are on welfare, you won't find anywhere...

Michael in Lutz, Florida

Updated 29 months ago

looking for free training in arlington, tx to become a CNA. - 16 Replies

i am looking for free training or paid training in the area of arlington, tx to become a CNA. Can anybody help me out? please send your email to...

fsingh in Lansing, Illinois

Updated 30 months ago

free/paid cna training - 180 Replies

i am looking for free training or paid training in the milwaukee wi are to become a cna. can anyone help me out?

Liz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 30 months ago

Online CNA classes - 4 Replies

Does anyone know how i can do free cna classes online in oregon city or. I would like to get them done in as little time as possible so I can start...

Gloria Acevedo Aviles in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Renue my CNA license

I am trying to renuw my CNA license.

Terahmrtnz in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Nursing Assistant course at Miller-Motte

Has anyone took the CNA course at Miller-Motte? I keep reading very bad reviews and I'm getting ready to reserve my spot for the January class....

tina.leistra@*****.*** in Hopewell, Virginia


does anyone know where i can get help on refreshing my cna. Without taking the class again.

Helpful in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 33 months ago

Are thier C.N.A. training programs, at any local nursing homes, in Colorado Spgs. Colorado? - 67 Replies

My brother is interested in becoming a cna, but does not have the money for a class. There used to be some local Nursing Homes that would hire...

Kscott in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 34 months ago


Does anyone know where to find free or paid cna classes in fort wayne please provide me with a phone number and or address please.

Latrina Franklin in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 34 months ago

Looking for Free CNA Training in Indianapolis, Indiana - 33 Replies

Looking for free CNA Training in Indianapolis, Indiana. My daughter is attending college studying to become a nurse. This would be a great...

CNA Study Guide in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 34 months ago

CNA Career - 2 Replies

I am wondering if becoming a CNA might open other Healthcare doors. I don't think I could do the CNA thing very long. Thanks Chris-Indy

srubye@*****.*** in Washington, District of Columbia

free CNA classes

Looking for free CNA classes in the Saginaw Mi or Bay City area.


Updated 35 months ago

Cna refreshers courses in detroit, mi - 7 Replies

Are there any locations where i can go to improve my cna skills...My cna courses i have completed, the school i attended do offer refresher at no...

hendersoncnc in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 35 months ago

Free Cna classes in Baltimore City - 215 Replies

Where do I find free or at least reasonably priced Cna classes in Baltimore. The American Red Cross is extremely expensive.

Vikittania in Van Nuys, California

Updated 36 months ago

Red Cross for CNA training? - 5 Replies

Has anyone gone through the red cross to get their CNA training? If so, I would greatly appreciate some answers: 1. Would you recommend them? 2....

johnsontiffany01 in Rockford, Illinois

Updated 36 months ago

Looking for free CNA training course. - 391 Replies

I was a cretified nursing asst. from 2000- 2002, but i had a high risk pregnancy and had to quit. My license has long since lapsed and now 'm looking...

Raquel in West Lafayette, Indiana

Any free CNA training programs in St.louis that do not require a HS Dipolma/GED

I've been looking up nursing homes jobs. and researching state requirements for CNA, and even called the Health and Senior Services department of...

schmitthead in Nashville, Tennessee

CNA training with no experience

I've heard of people with no medical experience being able to get on-the-job training to be a CNA (instead of having to pay a bunch of money for...

Sergey in Houston, Texas

Updated 36 months ago


I like to have free CNA classes to get a job, right now I am HHA, but where ever I go they need CNA, I really appreciate if you get me CNA classes...

Dan Britt in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 37 months ago

Looking for CNA Training Classes in Atlanta - 11 Replies

Does anyone know where I can get CNA training in Atlanta? I am looking for a four to six week course preferably.

sweetdixie66 in Salem, Massachusetts

loking to get certified in hospital or nursing home

I live in lynn mass I am looking to get certified either in a hospital or nursing home I have worked as a home maker but had a year of medical leave...

schmitthead in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 37 months ago


I want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant,and I want to know about the One Day CNA Study Class for people that want to be a CNA. Does anyone...

TeamPTI in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 39 months ago

free cna training is Phoenix, AZ - 97 Replies

please email me at amalapayne@gmail.com if you know of any in phoenix, peoria or glendale AZ

TeamPTI in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 39 months ago

CNA training in Phoenix Arizona - 1 Reply

I'm looking to start my nursing career by starting out as a CNA so I can work while I go on to get my Bachelors degree. I'm having a hard time...

Needhelp in Spring, Texas

Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant"??

Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant" to prove that you at least finished school even though you did not pass? Am I in a better position to get...

Bridget in Lexington, South Carolina

Updated 40 months ago

CNA Classes in Columbia, SC - 8 Replies

I am a single mom of two. I am wanting to get into a cna class around me if anyone can help that would be great.

gabby in Lake Placid, Florida

took away my certification?!

OK so i have a question. I took the cna exam in fl about a year and a half ago. I got a job right after i passed, and quit a few months later because...

deedravilma@*****.*** in Valdosta, Georgia

Updated 41 months ago

How to renew where can I get a copy of licenseI - 93 Replies

I got my CNA license very long time ago. Now the skills I learned are needed in m resume. How do I obtain a copy of my license. Is there a website I...

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