$200,000 a year and more? Real or is this something very shady?

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PanhandleJack in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

103 months ago

An acquaintance of mine has been talking for months that a small company in Charlotte is trying to lure him -- he's already interviewed with them. He says they are quoting him a base salary of $135,000 but no benefits. However, he says that the annual bonus can be anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 and so who really needs benefits...

Okay, here's the thing...I'm a little suspicious. I know what this guy does currently -- we work for the same large company, but in different divisions. He works in the credit/collections area. He's kind of in the slimy end of the business, to put it mildly. Based on what I know, he's making 50K annually, at most. He's been doing that kind of work for seven or eight years but otherwise has no special qualifications and not even a college degree. But he's saying that he will immediately triple to quadruple his salary if he takes the new job in Charlotte. But when he talks about it, he sounds kind of nervous.

From what I understand (he's vague), the job involves being the supervisor of a bunch of what sounds like adjusters who go all over the state and region, writing reports and trying to get people to take less money on disaster claims, house fires, and other losses. It sounds like insurance adjusting to me. He says they (and he) will have to work very long days and fly all over in a small plane. However, he claims that they're telling him he'll make $200K "easy" with bonus and possibly much more. One of the people trying to lure him, he says, plans to retire at 40 in a few years by doing this work....

When I try to pin him down on the specifics, it seems hard to get a handle on what he would be doing and more importantly, how all this money is being made. He said that the big bonuses are because he would get $25 for "every report" that these actuaries churn out, in addition to his salary. He said it was kind of a "shady" world. I jokingly asked if it was legal and he said, "I don't think they're doing anything illegal, but

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