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Just say no in Wayne, New Jersey

54 months ago

Hi all,

When I started at Progressive Insurance in 1997 they paid about 38000 a year and it was easy to move up. Fast forward to today and it looks like the pay hasnt changed nearly 16 years later. Lets say I joined the Air Force in 1997, then I would be looking to retire in 4 years with benefits and making a lot more cash then what is being paid at these companies.

Another good example. In 2003, a field claims adjuster could expect 50-60k as the starting salary at most any of these companies. The companies would then give you a company car, a computer, cell phone etc. which you could use for personal use. On top of that, they would let you clock a little bit of overtime every now and then. Fast forward to today and now they pay 50k for an experienced field adjuster and you can just about forget it if you are starting out..something like 35k. That company car now has advertising stickers all over it, the computer is heavily monitored and forget about putting in overtime.

Quite honestly, I guess if your only other option is homelessness then taking an adjuster job might be a good idea. Of course, there are successful people in the business I know of who seemed to glide up to management fast and now making six figures, but those people are few and far between.

My advice to anyone who is considering an adjusting job is to look elsewhere. It doesnt pay to be an adjuster. Its like one step up from collecting unemployment. There are other options for the desperate who need work now like moving to Texas and working for an oil outfit. Hehe, and like I said, even joining the Air Force is probably a better career path then adjusting.

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