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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming claims adjuster interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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Dawn Brinson in Holiday, Florida

129 months ago

Host said: Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming claims adjuster interview?
Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?
Depending on who you are interviewing with whether it is an HR rep or the actual manager/supervisor the position is going to be reporting to is going to dictate the questions that you are going to receive, but the most important attribute to a potential new adjuster is their organizational/time management skills, and how well they deal with stress. Come up with solid examples of how you stay organized, how you keep on top of appointments and don't miss deadlines - if you have an example of when you missed a deadline and what you learned from the experience so that it doesn't happen again is good - remember that no one is perfect. Real life examples of how you deal with stressful situations - both a positive outcome and maybe once when you didn't deal so well.

I've been a Claims Manager for three years and have probably conducted a few hundred interviews - these are the two areas that I am most interested in the answers regardless of whether it is a seasoned adjuster applying, or a trainee.

Good Luck!

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Linda in Choctaw, Oklahoma

123 months ago

I would like to respond to the question of dealing with stress.

I was a Supervisor for 7 years at a call center for Insurance. This is a very busy and fast pasted industry where you can and may be pulled in 10 different directions within the hour. The key is organization. Everyone has deadlines. Everyone is going to miss a deadline at some given point. If you miss a deadline I would have a very, very good explanation to why you missed it and what you could have done differently. Your Team Lead or Manager doesn't want to know why you missed your dead line without an explanation. They want to know how your going to prevent it from happening again. Don't wait for them to ask you. Be sure of yourself when you explain both why and the prevention.

Ask yourself a few questions like:
Did I prioritize everything I could have?
Where and what did I waste time on?
Interruptions? How to prevent them.
Who will suffer (Customer)?
In stressful situations people have a tendency of not thinking clearly. Take a minute and a couple of deep breaths to calm yourself. Nine out of 10 times it works and you can meet that deadline or at least come closer. Your Manager is going to be more understanding if you were on the last 10 minutes of having your deadline then if you were on the last half.
Just remember it will happen, however try to prevent it by:
Step Back
I hope this is helpful in your career.

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lindalake21@*****.*** in Dallas, Texas

109 months ago

I found this review very helpful especially tips on how to interview for a job also new key words found.

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jrwoods51 in Wichita, Kansas

90 months ago

Stress is a natural think in management. You need to learn how to stay ahead of the daily or hourly occurances, so when things happen you are prepared. When things go crazy you need to take it in stride. You need to stay calm and do things by the book. You cover all the details and make sure things are done right the first time, so you don't have to put a team together to fix the problems that were not solved. I am just now getting into property adjusting, but two years ago I retired from Law enforcement after 31 years. I spent the first part of my days taking a deep breath and preparing myself to what was going to happen that day. My last position was a major in charge of the detention facility managing 315 employees, 1500 inmates and dealing with all the elected officials in the county, and included contracts with food,medical providers and law suits against us by inmates.

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