jumping into the insurance industry

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TMah21 in Wallingford, Connecticut

73 months ago

I have been going to college off and on for the past 5 years. For that time I have worked at a car dealership first as a receptionist. When our dealership opened up a collision center I was promoted to administrative assistant for the body shop. I have learned a GREAT deal about the auto insurance industry. However there is no upwards mobility at my work. I would like to know how to get into the claims department at one of the many insurance companies.

What are the steps to take in getting a licence in CT?
Would you recommend obtaining a Texas licence?
I have researched many pre licencing courses, which ones do you recommend?

I am 24 years old and I need an actual lifetime career. Insurance is a new and exciting field and I feel that I am already headed in the right direction.

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Dont Do it in Wayne, New Jersey

73 months ago

I have been in the adjusting business since 1997 and I am 38 years old. I have been in management, I have worked at shops and as an independent adjuster. My advice to you is not to go any further in this field.

Lets say you do decide to move further then I would suggest getting to know the All-State adjuster who comes into your shop. All-State will give you several months of training and many people stay on with them for many years finally retiring with good benefits. The only way into All-State is by recommendation. Do not get involved with the Geicos, the Progressives, etc.

My strong suggestion to you would be to move somewhere like Texas and get into the oil industry. As an entry-level adjuster at an insurance company you might make 45000, if that, where as many entry-level oil jobs pay at least 60 or more.

Whatever you do, adjusting is not the answer. Ask any insurance company adjuster who walks through the door of that shop. If they say they like it, watch their facial expression;)

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