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experienced clerk in York, Pennsylvania

133 months ago

Working for a difficult boss-is not easy...
when on the interview ask this question...
why have there been so many employees
in under this supervisor? (((they should retitle the ad....another opening in the revolving door)))

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Rebecca in Redondo Beach, California

89 months ago


5. Entire office is quiet. No laughter, no socializing UNLESS the boss is gone.

4. Your are the new person and trying to figure out the office environment. The first week 2 people leave and you ask one co-worker whom you've become friendly with "Why did ___leave?" and he responds "The stress of this place and rolls his eyes, points to the corner office" you say "really? It seems so peaceful" He just smiles and says "you'll find out".

3. You start to notice how when you make a mistake no matter how trival your boss goes overboard with pointing it out to you regardless of the short time you have worked this office.

2. Plays favorites. Tells other employees how "great" how "smart" the trainee is while critizing the experienced staff.

AND #1---everyone is less than 2 years on the job but the office has been there for 10 years. NO long term employees...hummmmmmm

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