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Updated 5 hours ago

You guys are crazy staying in California - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who="sususpring in San Jose, California"]Why are you guys even arguing? Why do you care about others' living expense? I totally agree with...


Updated 2 days ago

Sharing CLS Application Experience - 64 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLS applicant in Long Beach, California"]Hi! So when you applied, you didn't have a pending trainee license? I was under the impression...


Updated 14 days ago

CLS Applicants SPRING 2018 - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="FirstTimeCLSApplicant in Hayward, California"]Hi everyone, Sususpring - I have also been invited to the lab tour at UCSF tomorrow. I...


How much emphasis is placed on lab experience to get into a CLS program?

I have one year left until I graduate with a bachelors degree in med tech and I would like to apply to a CLS program when I finish, I have a 3.6 GPA...


Updated 26 days ago

California CLS Fall 2017 applicants - 156 Replies

[QUOTE who="AspiringCLS in Davis, California"]Does the address(of where you live) on the application affect your chances of getting into the CLS...


Updated 1 month ago

Fresh Clinical Laboratory Science Graduate seeking employment - 1 Reply

I got my first job through referals from classmates but maybe you could call and ask to speak to the lab manager. Call first thing in the morning....


Updated 1 month ago

CLS Applicants Fall 2018 (primarily CA) - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="MLT2CLS in San Diego, California"]I definitely understand the frustration. I've been at this for ~3 years now and I'm finally applying to...

jolo alonzo

Updated 1 month ago

CLS Loma linda university - 53 Replies

[QUOTE who="rob9011 in Monterey Park, California"]Hi joloalonzo, I had a question, do I have a less chance of getting in if I'm transferring my...


Updated 1 month ago

CLS program (SJSU & SFSU) - Spring 2017 - 78 Replies

[QUOTE who="Grit_is_key in California"]Accepted into SFSU.. email just came[/QUOTE] Hi Grit, Congratulations for your acceptance into SFSU CLS...


Updated 1 month ago

Does anyone have any questions to ask a recent CSULA CLS graduate? - 108 Replies

[QUOTE who="Vadim in Tujunga, California"]Could someone please clarify, Does it take two years in order to actually receive the CLS license or...


Updated 1 month ago

Worried About My Chances - 3 Replies

California has some of th emost strict prereqs to getting the license. I've read that a lot of states only require 6 months in the lab as opposed to...


Updated 1 month ago

CA license- physics requirement - 1 Reply

Its usually just introductory physics at whatever school you go to. Unfortunately, the light and electricity unit is generally in at least the...


Updated 2 months ago

LLU CLS Summer 2017 Cohort - 51 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLShopeful in Alhambra, California"]Anyone get their award letter yet?[/QUOTE] nope, I emailed them a few days ago, they are still...


Updated 2 months ago

CLS training program admissions - 3 Replies

Since CLS is so compettiive, should I switch to an engineering major(currently microbio) in case I can't get into CLS? I don't want to be stuck with...


Updated 2 months ago

Is it hard to find CLS employment in California - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="jbradsen in San Diego, California"]I'm a complainer. Travel positions are easy to get, I suppose. Recruiters keep emailing & calling but...


How much does GPA matter?

I am two years away from being done with my bachelor's in Microbiology. My CC transfer GPA was 3.5 and I am going to work extremely hard to get a 4.0...


Updated 3 months ago

Help with getting experience?? - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="bjas28 in sacramento, California"]I know it's not an option for everyone, but I got my phlebotomy certification while doing my undergrad....


Stats for Those Attending/Attended CSULA?

Hi for those who got into the CSULA CLS program, I was wondering what kind of stats do you have? I mean like GPA, work experience, research...


Updated 4 months ago

Thoughts about DeVry CLS Program? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="DEvryornot 123 in Sacramento, California"]I know they have the program on hold, thats all I know of. How did you find out about their...


Updated 4 months ago

Can I still become a CLS? Need advice. - 8 Replies

I have pretty much the same situation as you, but I'm graduating the end of this year. Super low GPA from when I was in community college, for the...


Updated 5 months ago

California cls license - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="flygrrrrl in Lagrange, Georgia"]I'm not sure if Indeed allows links but you should be able to find it if you Google "ASCP work...


Updated 5 months ago

CLS Training - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="ForeignGradCLS in San Mateo, California"]Hi I am a foreign CLS graduate. I have fulfilled all the requirements except for one. I only...


SJSU CLS 2017 Questions

Hi everyone. Does anyone know which SJSU courses suffices the path micro course for SJSU CLS program? I'm getting mix answers, some people (That are...


Should I complete pre-req for CLS programs?

Hi, I recently graduated with a Psychobiology B.S from UCLA. I was looking at the programs that offer in CA. I found out that most schools require...


Updated 5 months ago

CLS physics requirement - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLSgrad2016 in Montebello, California"]Well, if you don't believe me then try applying without physics lab and see if they grant you the...


Updated 5 months ago

CSUDH CLS - 1 Reply

Update for those who need the same information. The postgrad requirements are only based off of GPA. After your application clears then it is sent to...

ProspectiveCLSApplicant in Davis, California

Updated 6 months ago

CA CLS applicant wondering about experience vs GPA - 7 Replies

Hi there, I've browsed this forum a bit so I apologize if I have overlooked where this is already answered, but I am curious if anyone can give me...

12345 in Davis, California

Updated 6 months ago

SJSU Fall 2017 Applicants - 40 Replies

For people who applied SJSU Fall 17 CLS program

Faustina in California

Updated 6 months ago

California CLS Fall 2016 applicants - 196 Replies

Just want to start a thread for us California fall 2016 applicants to share information :) I am applying to four Southern California programs:...

CLShopeful in Temple City, California

Updated 7 months ago

Question about online hematology course - 6 Replies

Hi everyone, I saw this question posted by someone here but I am having a really difficult time finding it. The question is, do CLS programs...

Applicant in Davis, California

Updated 7 months ago

UC Davis UCD CLS applicants Fall 2015 - 22 Replies

This is a thread for people applying to the UC Davis CLS program starting Fall 2015 and anyone else interested. Please let us know if you have any...

Nyc ASCP Hopefuly in New York, New York

Fields of MLS

Hi everyone I was hoping someone could give me some input on choosing MLS as a career? There is a lot of automation Taking over my job now and...

mashenkaaa in Waterford, Michigan

How hard to get a position as a laboratory scientist?

My husband has his master's degree in Neuroscience from a decent university in Western Europe. However, he's had a tough time finding jobs in the...

CACLS in Santa Clara, California

Updated 7 months ago

Job Outlook For CLS - 21 Replies

Hello, I am planning to apply in becoming a CLS. I am sort of worried, and let me explain my situation. Currently, I visited several directors and...


Updated 7 months ago

B.S in Biology... what next to become a CLS - 7 Replies

So I have a B.S. in biology and I have been out of school since 2015 (had a hard time finding jobs) and my goal is to be a CLS..... is phlebotomy...

SWC MLT in La Jolla, California

Updated 7 months ago

Get all Pre Req courses through Southwestern Community College - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I was recently informed that Southwestern Community College might be offering CLS track courses to help those already with BS degrees....

ajb6294 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

Clinical laboratory clinical program at CSUDH - 7 Replies

Hi all, I applied for Fall 15 and got accepted at CSUDH. I was trying to contact the CLS department to get more information, but i have no luck get...

Marissa Hobson in Concord, California

Updated 8 months ago

Clinical Laboratory Scientist Needed for Easy Bay Laboratory - 2 Replies

Clinical Laboratory Scientist-Microbiologist-New Grads Welcome! Livermore, CA MGA Healthcare Benefits Offered Vision, Medical, Life, Dental,...

innerpeace in California

Updated 8 months ago

Too late? Jan 1st, Jan 15th deadlines. - 3 Replies

Hi, I realize that the application opens in Oct, but the hard deadlines are approximately Jan 1st to Jan 15th. Are the CLS applications based on...

Applicant in Davis, California

2017 Applications

There are so many threads for other application years so I wanted to make a place to chat about applications for spring and fall of 2017. Did...

Anna in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 12 months ago

Re-entering the CLS workforce - 2 Replies

Hi! I am a licensed CLS with over 5 years working experience as CLS. I however I opted to be a stay-at-home parent for my young children for almost 6...

Kelly in San Jose, California

Updated 12 months ago

SJSU CLS Spring 2016 - 6 Replies

I notice there is not thread for CLS SJSU Spring 2016 applications, so just starting one. Good luck everyone.

1stTimeApplicant in San Diego, California

Updated 12 months ago

California CLS Program Pre-reqs - 6 Replies

Hello everyone, A little background information about myself. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Physiology, and I am...

Tmax in San Diego, California

Starting a Clinical Lab

Hey everyone! I am currently applying to CLS programs in CA and also other states. I love lab work and plan to work as CLS for a while. But my...

CLSTrainee in Los Angeles, California

Updated 13 months ago

LFS Hematology Requirement - 1 Reply

Hi, on the LFS requirements for California, it says I need to have taken hematology for my BS degree. I am currently in a CLS program that didn't...

Grit_is_key in California

Updated 13 months ago

CLS Fall 2015 Interview for SFUS, SJSU - 63 Replies

Starting a new thread for people who have applied for the the Fall 2015 cycle. I got a faculty interview invitation from SFSU for this week and...

AAP in Buena Park, California

Updated 13 months ago

Loma Linda University Fall 2016 - 30 Replies

Long time lurker dropping in. May I inquire who has been accepted to LLU's CLS program for Fall 2016?

Yang Hong in San Diego, California

CLS application

How to get CLS certification for a 50 years old science guy? :(

Betty in Oceanside, California

Updated 14 months ago

People who got into CLS programs, what kind of employer did you use as a reference? Are those with Lab experience prioritized? - 8 Replies

Even with a high enough GPA, it is almost impossible to get a lab technician, lab assistant or QA/QC job for me. I may just end up working as a...

Antmart in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 15 months ago

Regret OT - Going to CLS - 2 Replies

I have been a COTA for 9 months now and abhor it. I had doubts going in, while in school, during fieldwork (didn't enjoy it), and while working. I...

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