Is it hard to get a CNA job in a hospital

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tb in Columbus, Ohio

55 months ago

Are they checking credit? Medical history? I've been trying for years to work at a hospital but no luck. Any thoughts?

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dhayes70 in North Aurora, Illinois

43 months ago

I am finding it very difficult to get hired at a hospital. I have been a CNA for 5 years and have worked every area from nursing homes to hospice care. The only thing I haven't worked is accute care. I have graduated from a phlebotomy program with a 3.2 gpa and will be taking EKG classes in the fall. Many of my colleagues have applied for phlebotomy jobs with no luck. If you dont have experience you cannot get a job. Oh belive me nursing homes are a dime a dozen. You can walk into 10 homes and walk out with 10 jobs. Why, because its slave labour for $8.00 per hour. A hospital is a whole different ballgame. Its actually a professional, respected job.

I have been reverting back to CNA work thinking with my experience I can get hired and transfer to another department within the facility. NO LUCK. Im from Chicagoland and from what I have seen and heard its all who you know. The hospitals in my area are fantastic. Awesome, awesome benefits and great pay. Believe me I have 3 children and its hard to survive on $11.25 per hour working in a nursing home. What scares me is the talk of medicare and medicaid going belly up in 8-10 years. If thats the case goodbye nursing homes. Then what will happen to all those CNA's - where will they go without hospital experience. Another career change? So getting into a hospital has been my ultimate goal. I even tried hospital temp agencies and they said I need 2 years of hospital experience. Well how do you get the experience if no one will hire you to get experience.

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D in Littleton, Colorado

43 months ago

Perhaps you need to move? Here in CO I was hired by a staffing agency after being a CNA for one to two years as a home aide. The pay is good, the hospitals have offered me jobs but I get benefits through my husbands job so I have stayed with the staffing agency due to the flexibility of the days I work and I can work a job as a home health provider for 20 hours a week @ $20 hour through the state. You may want to check out some job availability online in other locations. I love my job! Best wishes!

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icelily20 in North Brunswick, New Jersey

42 months ago

become a EMT. They will probably hire you.

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