Are computer technician job opportunities growing or declining?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most computer technician opportunities?

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mikey.patterson in Muskegon, Michigan

99 months ago

What would be a good place to look for jobs in the IT field? I am 1 class away from graduating with my computer engineering degree with classes in Cisco (CCNA), Security+, Linux+, LAN intro and ADVANCED, Novell Intro / Advanced, I am already a+ certified through CompTIA, and I am CNA (certified network admin) through Novell. I haven't taken my CCNA, Linux+, or Security+ yet. I live in michigan, and I have interviewed for numerous tech jobs, but to no avail. Always endup "runner up" after CEO interviews and what not. I am unsure where I am going wrong, if im underqualified/overqualified (last job was a simple LAN admin with a data entry on th side) and I didn't get it. I just dont get it I am smart as heck willing to learn, willing to help others learn, but yet unable to get a job. Michigan is bad enough, but if I lose my house to this econ. collapse then what am I supposed to do? Working at a restaurant isn't helping me any either, just to get by. Makes me wonder why I even have to take a stupid cook job as I am experienced but no one will give me a chance, and after so many years of trying im to the point of giving up.

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Toddd in Madison Heights, Michigan

80 months ago

I'm in Detroit and the job market is horrible. I have a masters in Computer Engineering and I can't get call backs.

Consider yourself lucky that you have a cook's job, even those are hard to get.

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