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Comments (9) in Round Rock, Texas

77 months ago

This JobFox is like a lot of others out there that are using a 'Bait & Switch' tactic, where they list to get you in to apply and then want money to upgrade to "Premium" status to view and apply for the position. The Ladders, Hound, iHire, and so many more are feeding off other people's misery and desperations to find work. They are not making good on their promises guys, they just want your money. Same goes for companies like Bullock in San Antonio, Energy, Aerotek, and the others who won't you to up grade and list with them.

Don't fall for them saying they will critique your resume and cover letter, either. Just another scam that gives you back minimum results for a whole lotta of money.

I sent one resume I paid a company $400 to write, to another resume company, who replied it was basically crap, that they could do better. They are Meat Markets in respect to them luring you in, and then playing the scam.

Any comments from you guys?


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gregsbabe1 in Denver, Colorado

77 months ago

My husband is having the same issue. How exactly are we suppose to pa there outrageous fees to find work, if they don't have work!!! Employers should be paying the fees!!!! My husband has been in this business 25 years, tons of exp. in most fields. We are moving out of Denver, it is beyond dead here!! Luckily he is also Journeyman Union carpenter. We will try that for awhile. Good luck everyone.

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Bob from Maine in Standish, Maine

77 months ago

Hey folks, I also had mine resume "professionally" written and sent it to another for a "critique" they said the same thing, they could do better, yeah right!!! They all suck and so do these agencies that are supposed to be helping us find work.

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Casey in Brooklyn, New York

75 months ago

I will not spend money to "upgrade" to a premium service without doing a google search on the product to see if it's legit. The Job Fox resume critique has no good reviews so I won't pay for it. I think the web site Job Fox also sends alot of spam 'cuz I see complaining about that too and no jobs.

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Matt in Katy, Texas

74 months ago

I think Job Fox is a scam. Same a bunch of these BS sites that post jobs and then want you to "pay for upgrades of resume". I have seen the same jobs posted from Job Fox for 2 months. I did apply for the first one I saw then realized it must be a scam when I got the upgrade message and then was not able to apply for others. Also, it seems like they just pull positions from other legitimate sites to lure people in. I think it is pathetic that they are preying on the unemployed. I hope there is a special place in hell for them.

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jd in Modesto, California

74 months ago

jobfox is a complete scam. Every listing is extremely old.

They have disabled their support site.

Indeed must eliminate them from thier database.

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LF in Chicago, Illinois

74 months ago

Block jobfox! Ignore them - this is the answer for jobfox cheap and agressive service!

Block option is below the ad!

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60 months ago


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SM in Fremont, California

58 months ago

I essentially had the same experience. What appeared to be another company accepted a cut&paste resume, and did not allow me to view or edit it (the pasted resume), but offered a free evaluation, and then went down a one-way street where I could quit or pay them money to continue. The "free" resume evaluation came from Jobfox, and it was insulting, then asked for $499 for an improvement. There was no apparent choice other than to exit the browser, which I did.

I just checked with the BBB, and found Jobfox is Virginia based, incorporated in DE, and currently has an 'F' rating.

It appears that Jobfox may be using some sort of reputation defender service on the internet, for if you Google search for something of the nature of "jobfox scam", you get all kinds of hits on what would superficially appear to be sites created by overjoyed people who wish to put all their energy into defending Jobfox.

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