Steps on to becoming a Superintendent

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gwallace82 in Houston, Texas

70 months ago

I have goals of becoming a superintendent. I am twenty eight about to turn twenty nine. I have my degree in construction management as of last may and I have been working as a helper for a drywall sub for little over a year now.

I feel like I am on the sidelines placing one screw at a time. When I see field engineers or superintendents I stare at them as if I hate them but truly just envying them. I think to myself what am I missing or doing wrong. I’ve had a passion to build since playing in sand boxes and I already have a reputation for making sure things are done right. I just don’t know what else I can offer to sale myself to an employer.

If anyone has any helpful advise, recommendations, etc. as to my situation it would be greatly appreciated.

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youngpup29 in Houston, Texas

70 months ago

I fear that you and I maybe on oppisite ends of the problem here. You have the degree and I have the actual on the job training as a superintendent and both of us right at the same age. Although I can not offer you much advice I can say that it took me 4 or 5 times writing and re-writing my resume until I found one that has generated 3 to 4 interviews every other week. There are some professional resume writers here in the Houston area, some that even offer some type of guarantee. On the one that has given me the most results in this area has been very strong on technical, and experince. But without the degree all I am getting is interviews.

Anyways the best of luck to you, maybe we could join forces and split a salary some where lol.

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