Construction Jobs Outlook Iimproving

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Thomas Parker in Orlando, Florida

62 months ago

Florida has been a bad construction jobs market for the last several years with foreclosures and unemployment on the rise.

However it seems the construction job market is starting to level off. I've heard from local contractors both in residential and commercial construction jobs are starveling and that layoffs are down. Local realtors are telling me interest rates on homes are not going any lower and that the market is no longer declining. Even the big job board Construction Executive Online ( claims that commercial markets are not falling as expected and that the summer months might surprise everyone with positive news.

I wish I could feel it or see it but to me it seems like things are getting worse. My construction resume has been floated around with no interest or response. Does anyone have a good idea what is going on out there in the commercial and residential construction markets?

Thomas Parker in Orlando, Florida

62 months ago

I'm wondering if anyone has actually found a good job in construction lately?

Jim W. in Tacoma, Washington

61 months ago

It's been 4 months since my layoff it seems longer. I have not had any good leads or tips every job shack i go to is the same No...No...No
I signed up to go back to school get a degree and find something else. This trade has beet me up for 26 yrs. both union and non union. Haven't got rich from it,haven't had steady work either.

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