Out of work construction laborer

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Eric.D in Chicago, Illinois

51 months ago

Its ridiculous that all the construction work that's going on in city of chicago,a hard working and easy to learn new challenges guy like myself cant find construction work,what's going on?

mimi1111 in Bismarck, North Dakota

44 months ago

come to North Dakota, every construction company is short on staff.

Aric in Albuquerque, New Mexico

43 months ago


Construction is one of those fields that requires travel. New job sites open up around the nation and around each state every day. I advise you to start checking near by state craigslist ad's, and read up on where government projects are being done - and finding out which companies have been contracted to do the preforming work for them - then of course, contacting and submitting a resume.



firebaugh.john@yahoo.com in Smyrna, Georgia

43 months ago

Anybody desperate enough to head to North Dakatota? No work or piddling work is killing me. I want to build something and get paid. Just a thought.

Aric in Santa Fe, New Mexico

43 months ago

Come to new mexico, there is TONS of construction work out here. I am unskilled, hired entry level as a road side construction worker - making $18 per hour. If there's no work where your at, move to where the work is, good luck!

Anon in Albuquerque, New Mexico

42 months ago

Prevailing wage should be the choice job you look for, sure, union may top it - but when your on the bottom of a union list and you've been out of work for a while , it's not bad.

I was making $19.80, turns out the county I was working for gave us federal funded projects.... The projects I work on now, are state funded - so my wage just dropped to $13.50...

I can't complain too much. I am using any opportunity I can get the next time I get laid off to join the guard as a heavy equipment operator, I'm hoping when I get back from training - my boss will give me a shot to run some basic construction equipment. I don't know how long my back will last as a laborer, and I don't want to put my health on risk just for procrasting and not trying to better myself.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say here is - if you have money in the bank, and are laid off -> Try to better your skills. Earn a CDL, Try to operate heavy equipment as a intern or without pay, look into certification programs relevant to what field of construction your in.

There are literally 20 people a week applying for my job, what guarantees job security for me - is working my ass off, doing whatever I can to help out, and trying to learn anything whenever i have down time. I do not want to be out of work again..

Heather in Baytown, Texas

35 months ago

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