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Hector K

Updated 19 minutes ago

December accademy - 539 Replies

just checked the cdcr website just now, for those who are attending the dec 8th academy, there are 3 new forms on there that weren't on there before,...

Said T

Updated 2 hours ago

February 2015 academy CDCR - 5 Replies

i got cleared Nov 17 2014, got a 75 score , is there any chance i will get the Feb academy ? what do you think?


Updated 3 hours ago

CDCR JAN 2015 Academy - 273 Replies

[QUOTE who="LA_Road_Queen in Los Angeles, California"]There's a uniform store in Fresno that have package deals on uniforms and accessories. If you...


Updated 7 hours ago

NY Correctional Academy - 22929 Replies

[QUOTE who="james0208 in harrisville, New York"]Its not a 7 year wait to get north anymore is it?[/QUOTE] Only if by north you mean Watertown hub....


Updated 11 hours ago

Correction Officer in Connecticut - 3140 Replies

They are still doing interviews because i have an interview in 2 weeks


Updated 21 hours ago

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical - 4019 Replies

[QUOTE who="Me in Reedley, California"]Wow, you were almost done. I was in for 7 weeks. All the best when you get back in. What was your experience...


Updated 22 hours ago

cdcr 2014 applicants - 414 Replies

[QUOTE who="strengthguru in N., California"]Cleared my medical Today, Oral Psych first week of Dec. Im at the one year mark since first applying....


Updated 1 day ago

How long does the whole process take? - 557 Replies

Anybody have any info on what the academy and dorms are like?


Updated 1 day ago

CDCR November academy offers/dates 2014 - 830 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jose Zamarripa in anaheim, California"]Anyone that is at the academy can you help me out and help me set up my sam brown. How is it set...


Updated 1 day ago

CDCR June Acadamy 2011 - 15953 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brian in Roseville, California"]I'm 23 with a BA in criminal justice. I've had 3 jobs and two places of residence. No criminal history...


Updated 2 days ago


I chose susanville when I received the priority email fast track. Hopefully if I clear I receive the offer to susanville. Keep us informed hopefully...

Marie La Rue

Updated 3 days ago

Video Assessment for the DOC - 142 Replies

I am Scheduled for the Video Assessment Test Dec 4th. This is my second attempt any advice? Also is there a physical agility test?


Updated 4 days ago

CDCR DEC Academy - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Bronco in Bakersfield, California"]Is anyone staying at the Best Western? Anyone wanna meet up that sunday and get together and have a...


Updated 5 days ago

waiting list - 2264 Replies

[QUOTE who="chrisr in Sturgis, Michigan"]What all happens at the interview? I know the interview, pt test, exit interview? Anything else? Do they...


Updated 5 days ago

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants - 322 Replies

Declined San quintin today


Updated 6 days ago

December 8th, 2014 - ACADEMY - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Just Some Info in Sacramento, California"]Nothing in CDCR happens fast.[/QUOTE] I can tell....still waiting to be charged..


Updated 7 days ago

Have ne questions, feel free to ask. I've been CO for cdcr for three years now. - 54 Replies

[QUOTE who="Veteran 2006 in West Covina, California"]Hi there how are you? what facility do you work at right now? I am currently in the process. How...

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 8 days ago

Tomorrow I take the written exam. CDCR - 28 Replies

The test is easy just don't rush throught it , pay close attention to small details there's lots of reading and the math is easily elementary type...

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 8 days ago

Why am I having to take another POPE? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Waiting in Sacramento, California"]Hey, I had my oral psych in August and was just scheduled for another oral psych coming up in a month....

Just Some Info

Updated 8 days ago

Oct. 2014 cdcr Academy. - 90 Replies

I do not believe it is internal affairs that is talking to them, but the department is very picky about putting anything related to the department on...

E Villegas

Updated 8 days ago

CDCR Dec 8th academy (california) - 2 Replies

Anyone happen to know if the 511 tactical cargo pants are approved for the academy? I went to a uniform shop and they said the 511's are approved. I...


Updated 9 days ago

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) CDCR - 111 Replies

[QUOTE who="jo2014 in Watsonville, California"]I have mine tomorrow 11-17-14 at 12:30 in fresno. Does anyone know how hard its going to...


Updated 10 days ago

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE) - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="Waiting_11 in Salida, California"]AMG1822, can you tell me where you found someone? I've been having a hard time finding...


December 2014 - Academy Uniform

So where I'm from (Paso Robles) the lady at the uniform shop said that 5.11 pants were approved for the uniform. Information per Sacramento. Anyone...

jake norstrom

Corrections officer washington basic questions

On October 23rd i attended a hiring event. We took a video test witch i passed then after i did 2 interviews. It has been a little over 2 weeks now...


Baltimore Corrections

Anybody have any updates as far as academy dates or etc


Updated 26 days ago

CDCR Selection Process/ Priority Process 2014/ QUESTIONS - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who="Delano1991 in Sacramento, California"]Hello I accept susanville and I had a house for rent already but last min the lady canceled my...

hai phong

YCC Infor

Any Youth Correctional Counselors out there? I just finished the application process (waiting on results from my Oral Psych and PEM). The...


Updated 29 days ago

December 2014 Academy - offers?? - 15 Replies

good luck everybody.Only 3 weeks into my BI.

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 29 days ago

How important is having good credit in the application process? - 3 Replies

^ yup your score doesnt have to be perfect theyre mostly looking for honest hard working sane people don't ever lie even if it's something small and...


December 8th Academy

Going in December Academy. Anyone going to Wasco State Prison? List your Prisons below.

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 1 month ago

injured right before Psych Oral. - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="JAM32 in Fontana, California"]How did your oral psych go? When you were scheduled for it was it an email or did someone call...


correction officer

has anybody gotten a call yet?


Updated 1 month ago

2014 Academy - 8 Replies

I have tested before and didn't score well at all. I didn't study for the test at all, I thought I could take it and pass, but boy was I wrong. So...


Academy dates

I know November academy is full, wondering what days previous academy's started? So they skip some months ? Has anyone been offered December yet?...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR DRUG TEST - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="kingbawl in Fresno, California"]This is a forum for all. If you don't like any particular question feel free to not comment.[/QUOTE] Ha...


1 on 1

Hey I have a question by BI just called and told me he's all done and everything is good. My 1 on 1 was in August how long until I hear from them...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR MAY ACADEMY 2013 - 93 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sac in Sacramento, California"]Im confused maybe you guys could help. Im waiting on my PHS to clear what is the step after that ? some...

Liani Coetzer

Credence Independent Corporate Advisors: About Us

Why Us? Progressive change is the need of the hour for perpetual growth & development. It has now been an inherent feature for all the businesses...

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 1 month ago

Hiring process question.. - 1 Reply

Wait what ? If you did your psych already then your background should have been done a while back .

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 1 month ago


It's gonna take a couple months just be patient .


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Women - 87 Replies

[QUOTE who="Fuentes23 in Hesperia, California"]So can anyone layout a typical day at the academy? I'm headed for the Nov 3rd academy and I'm really...

Jared Clift

Updated 1 month ago

Tips for corrections officer interviews. - 242 Replies

Hi there everyone I am looking to get in to become an Corrections officer and I would like to get information on it and talk to people who were are...


Updated 1 month ago

felony friendly - 197 Replies

[QUOTE who="ONECECE in Port Townsend, Washington"]Goodwill hires people with felonies? I have never heard of that since they do a background and drug...

Fernando Betancourt

Updated 1 month ago

Oral Interview - 231 Replies

[QUOTE who="Y-not707 in Vacaville, California"]I am almost at the end of the hiring process. I have done the background check, the written, the...


Updated 1 month ago

Cdcr cadet uniform and gear for sale brand new - 3 Replies

If I get an offer for December I'll contact you.... Size in shirt I'm a medium, pants I usually wear 32


Updated 1 month ago

Curious on how to study for employment exam? - 26 Replies

So I'm going to go take my test soon for Baltimore city and all I know is I'm trying to get a really nice score and hired asap, duh , anyways is...


Updated 1 month ago

November academy offers 2014 - 4 Replies

Anyone get Lancaster and want to switch for Delano...kvsp


what brand/type of boots for the academy?

What brand of boots are you guys buying? I cant seem to decide im stuck between bates,magnum and 511 tactical.. Not sure if to get water proof or not.


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Oct 6 2014 Academy - 217 Replies

[QUOTE who="issac805 in Paso Robles, California"]For those in the academy... How many pairs of PT gear did you buy? How many class B uniforms?...

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