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Hunter3000 in New York, New York

Updated 26 months ago

TEST 0302 - 3 Replies

Does anyone knows when they will start calling from test# 0302 ??? please help!!!!!!!

msdaytoday in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 26 months ago

Baltimore City correction why they take so long - 2 Replies

I have completed everything as far as my correctional process goes. I was wondering why they take so long. Everything went well with my process and...

msdaytoday in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 26 months ago

at what stage in the application process to become a correctional officer are you drug tested - 1 Reply


jeter2 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

after interview

I recently had an interview 2 weeks ago at lewisburg BOP. I am playing the waiting game of if i got hired or not. I was wondering if it is normal to...

Stephanie in Richlands, Virginia

Prior conviction

In 1998, I was found guilty of Assault & Battery ( VA CODE SECTION 18.2-57.2 ) Which I did not commit!!!! I was 19 and now I am 34, My THEN husband...

YesMa'am in Tallahassee, Florida

Updated 27 months ago

Miami correctional officer - 4 Replies

Hey I recently applied for miami dade county corrections officer and was wondering if anyone else is in the process too?

Michael in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 28 months ago

question - 1 Reply

I wanna try out for an correctional officer. how do i go about the process of starting it?

MakoMike in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 28 months ago

Las Vegas Dept of Corrections - 8 Replies

I took the written video test for the Las Vegas Dept of Corrections and was placed in "Group 2". Has anybody else taken the test--this is for the...


Updated 28 months ago

Physical Agility Test - 11 Replies

Hi All I have my PAT test soon. How difficult is it? When they say very hard resistance how difficult is it really? And how many minutes are you on...

K in CT in New Britain, Connecticut

Updated 29 months ago

CDCR, I just passed my written in fresno. June academy a go - 14 Replies

I just passed my written. They told us not to listen to rumors and there will be a June 2012 academy.

Brandon in Columbia, South Carolina

Tennessee department of corrections hiring process

Does anybody know how long it takes to get the official job offer with TDOC? I have an interview tomorrow. Will they hire me right away after the...

sarah in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Updated 29 months ago

Female Corrections Officer in Ohio - 1 Reply

I've been offered a job as a corrections officer and would love to chat with any other females with experience in this field.

Heather in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 29 months ago



JoDo in Fresno, California

Updated 29 months ago

failed the psychological interview for ca. correction, has anyone ever failed it and took a second - 13 Replies

Has anyone failed the psychological interview and paid for a second one on their own.? What are my chances of passing the second one and does anyone...

262177 in Varna, Bulgaria

Updated 29 months ago

Has anyone received any info on the March 2010 academy in california? - 3471 Replies

Thought I would get a head start ... since the November 09'academy has been canceled. So .... has anyone heard anything yet?

srgt tavares in Rahway, New Jersey

Updated 29 months ago

becoming a correctional officer in nj - 2 Replies

i live in newark nj and want to train to become a c. o. does anyone have any info.

Dee in La Habra, California

Updated 30 months ago



john in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Updated 30 months ago

MI DOC pre-employment pt test questions - 1 Reply

Hello. So I have read and heard conflicting accounts regarding the pt test, particularly the step test. Most recently I was told that all three...

jjedrzej in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To Late?

Is it to late to register to take the test on feb 4th?

joshua in Charlton, Massachusetts

age requirements

How old do you have to be to take the DOC cival service test in Mass? Thank YOu

David in Hinesville, Georgia

Updated 31 months ago

probation/parol exam in GA - 1 Reply

I took the test yesterday and my test score was 80. I am afraid that this is not enough to get interview. Does anyone have any experience with this?...

hello in Sacramento, California

How long does it usually take to get in academy after passing physical tets

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how long does it usually take,to get in the acedemy, or at least hear from CDCR after you pass you physical test.

MakoMike in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 31 months ago

Deputy City Marshal // Municipal Court Marshal // {"Court Officer"}-- VIDEO BASED WRITTEN EXAM--Las Vegas Nevada - 2 Replies

I have to take 2 different "Video Based Written Exams" next week for the Deputy City Marshal and the Municipal Court Marshal. Does anybody have an...

tinnee83 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 32 months ago

NYC department of corrections - 6 Replies

I am aware that there is a forum mainly focused on New York state so I figured this could be where questions mainly with NYC doc can be asked and...

Mattymcb45 in Leominster, Massachusetts

Updated 32 months ago

Psychological oral board for the MA DOC on Dec 3rd 2011 - 1 Reply

I took the psychological oral board for the MA DOC. They told us they would let us know if we passed in 2 weeks. I took the board on Dec 03. Does...

Dominik in Reading, Pennsylvania

Do you need to take a Polygraph test for a CO job in Reading?

Do you need to take a Polygraph test for a job at the Berks county Jail in Reading, PA?

capedda in Denver, Colorado

Updated 32 months ago

Jobs for felons - 1 Reply

Does anybody know of any companies or businesses in the Denver Metro area that will hire a felon? My drug conviction was over 5 years ago and I can...

magerdesigns in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Does the State of Ohio hire felons?

I have been released 10 years ago and my crime was committed back in 1992. I wanted to know if the State of Ohio hires felons as Correctional...

tiffany martins in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 33 months ago

how to apply - 4 Replies

how do we apply on line for corrections officer

Curiosity in Altoona, Pennsylvania


If you are scheduled for a physical, etc.... and you were told that you were selected for the position, is this pretty much a done deal as long you...

curious.... in San Bernardino, California

medical exam

im going soon to go for my medical exam..when they draw blood what is it they test for?

MakoMike in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 34 months ago

CDCR 26K layoff notices - 1 Reply

Well this sucks. I'm in the background stage now, and I guess I will not be getting a job with the CDCR anytime soon with the pending layoffs.

MobileME in Sacramento, California

Updated 34 months ago

Female Corrections Officer - 1 Reply

I'm getting ready to go to my second interview at a prison. I was wondering if there are other female co's on here and would love any comments or...

Michelle in Fresno, California

Updated 35 months ago

ca. correction entry exam - 2 Replies

What has everyone heard about the changes on the written entry exam? Is it still 100 questions? I heard there is no grammar or voc.

petey619 in Los Angeles, California

CDCR Salinas Valley MTA--any info?

Hi! I just wanted to get any info on the MTA position for SVSP. What's it like? Do you like it? Do you like living in the Salinas area. How long did...

Sprite23 in Northern California

Updated 35 months ago

CDCR PHS - 1 Reply

So I already turned my PHS in after my PAT, and I guess I was nervous when I filled it out and forgot to put a citation I received a few years ago....

one in San Jose, California

Updated 35 months ago

Has anyone received any information on the October 2010 academy in California? - 834 Replies

New Forum for October CADETS!

Alphamann in Upstate, New York

Updated 36 months ago

corrections is recruiting in Maryland? - 3 Replies

Maryland is recruiting right now for Correction Officers. i have taken the online test, and i will be going for the office test tomorrow. any advice?...

naya in Hemlock, Michigan

Updated 36 months ago

Michigan Department of Corrections. - 17 Replies

Physical Fitness - Do females have the same physical requirements as men? (17 pushups in 60 sec, 13 situps in 30 sec, 6 min step-test)

wondering in Belleville, Ontario

Updated 36 months ago

Correctional Officer Drug history - 3 Replies

If you haven't taken drugs in the past 6 months, should you still admit to doing illegal substances or would it be safer to just say you never have...

carrie storey in Rome, New York

Updated 37 months ago

Awaiting My Processing - 2 Replies

I took the civil service exam for Correction Officer Trainees in October 2007. The State froze funding and hiring for some time, but I've heard the...

DaUsedMCR in San Bernardino, California

CDCR application process - Oral Interview before BGI

i am scheduled for an interview on Friday, and i was wondering if anyone could answer some questions or give me advice? first is, how long does the...

Tomi in Fresno, California

appeals board

has anyone completed the appeals process after a dq on physic? or have any info on quesitons asked?

Justquestions in Sacramento, California

Correctional Officer Drug history CA

If you haven't taken drugs in the past 6 months, should you still admit to doing illegal substances or would it be safer to just say you never have...

LD in New Canaan, Connecticut

Updated 37 months ago

Connecticut Corrections Officer Academy - 5 Replies

Hey does anyone when when the next Connecticut CO Academy Class starts? My oral board is on May 14th.

CO Long Beach in Long Beach, California

Updated 37 months ago

Corrections Officer Interview Questions - 1 Reply

For those looking for interview questions, I've included some below. However if you want a list of common questions with best answers download an...

js24 in Hacienda Heights, California

Anyone have an idea when the next CDCR academy starts

Like the topic say's anyone have a clue or info when the next CDCR academy will start other then what's been posted here already? Thanks.

Kev G in New york, New York

Updated 38 months ago

Georgia Corrections... Salaries - 1 Reply

I have been a CO for the past 4 years and have yet to see any pay increase. Now the state is on a pay raise freeze for 3 years... I switched to...

Lisa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The process - the very beginning

I applied to a CO position through my state's website and it was a very simple/basic application. About a week later I received an email telling me...

Smitty in Marysville, Washington

Updated 38 months ago

Hours for newly hired "on-call" Corrections Officers in Washington State??...... - 2 Replies

i just got offered the job.....and the next step is the 6-week Corrections Worker CORE training academy.... but i'm really interested to know how...

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