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23 months ago

Hello there I'm very sorry to hear that hard times by your family or children have gone through I really understand them. I'm going to include my email address just so maybe we could talk and maybe I can offer a little bit of help. I am 29 year old female with a felony on my record. to say I have my problems with the law is a little understatement I had a lot of problems with the law I pretty much lost everything my husband my family my house my card job everything. I guess most people call that hitting your bottom I'm very much so did hit my bottom and I went to rehab and I got help for first my drug addiction which that will always be something that I'm working on but once I got a clear mind and a clear idea of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go I put into action and as a convicted felon I was able to get a wonderful job in the Union I am I'm a carpenter from local 22 Carpenters Union from San Francisco California I started as an apprentice but now has been in five years and in a couple months I will be coming to your name in carpenter. I do have two children of my own and eventually yes I did get custody of my children back after a couple years I stayed clean and sober and keep my my job even when i wanted to to quit my job and I had to keep this routine I COULD NEVER GIVE UP OR I KNEW IF I DID WHERE IT WOULD END Up. I have came so far. if I could do it anyone can do it. I got everything back I have three retirement accounts I have my card back my house back my children everything so can anybody else that wants it bad enough and don't give up. kristagramps@yahoo.com or Facebook me please..

annonymous in Punta Gorda, Florida

20 months ago

1881livia in Wood Dale, Illinois said: Oh lord, is this what waits for me, too? Years and years of nothing but trying? I have a class 4 felony drug conviction and just as a side note this is my only ever arrest. Just this week I had two companies (YWCA, Sam's Club/WALmart Stores) turn me down due to my conviction that is two years old.

Don't believe that. Wal-Mart doesn't even hire real workers anymore. They hire temps and when the temps contract is up, rather than keep a knowledgeable employee they get rid of them and get new ones. They are replacing cashiers (pretty much everyone's 1st job) with self-service check outs. I watched them send home 3 cashiers during back to school sales with the lines extending down the aisle and the managers took over the registers. They weren't sent home because they were supposed to get off work, they were sent home so corporate could get started on replacing them with the automated systems.

annonymous in Punta Gorda, Florida

20 months ago

Four years ago I took a menial job $4.10 per hour as an attendant at a social club just so I would NOT be one of those people on unemployment during the recession. The club had "Social Club and Poker Lounge" on their door for YEARS before I worked there. My job was to stock the snacks, the water and soda coolers, check people out on their wins for the video slot machines (real popular here in FL) and get snacks for people playing poker. I worked there 6 months and suddenly they get raided. Not during an actual poker game, but when it was dead, maybe two or three customers playing slot machines. Nevertheless, we were all arrested as agents and employees of an illegal gambling establishment.
I took a plea agreement for pre-trial diversion which made me eligible for record expungement (having never been arrested before this was a completely new experience for me). I did community service, paid my fines, and STILL have not been able to find employment. It doesn't help that we had JUST moved here so we really don't know anyone in the area to network with. I'd been told that my resume was perfect and the temp agency would LOVE to hire me, except for the arrest record. It doesn't matter that it wasn't for theft, murder or anything of the like. I was told point blank that employers can afford to be picky and they want a clean record. Now because I've been unemployed for so long, I have that counting against me on the job hunt, my credit is in the toilet and we've had to move twice because we could not afford the rent anymore. All these things add up to looking bad when you apply for jobs. I thought when a record was expunged that I would be free and clear but I now know differently. All it means is the police remove your mug shot from their site and the record is sealed but your arrest will always show up in AFIS and your mug shot will always show up on the internet thanks to some less than legit companies that make money off them for entertainment purposes.

HelpingOthers HelpThemselves in San Jose, California

20 months ago



Can an employment application ask about things that should not be reported?

The FCRA does not prohibit an employer from asking questions in an employment application. See FTC letters to Nadell and Sum:


For example, an employment application might ask if you have "ever" been arrested. The FCRA says a consumer reporting agency cannot report an arrest that from date of entry was more than seven years ago. It does not say the employer cannot ask the question.

How to handle such questions on an employment application is of real concern to many people, especially those concerned with a youthful mistake from the distant past.

State employment laws may limit the questions an employer includes on a job application. For example, in California an application may ask "job related questions about convictions except those that have been sealed, or expunged, or statutorily eradicated," but applications cannot ask "general questions regarding an arrest." www.dfeh.ca.gov/res/docs/publications/DFEH-161.pdf

To learn about employment laws in your state, search the Internet for “employment inquiries” followed by the name of your state. State and local equal employment opportunity agencies, along with federal EEO field offices, may also be located through the US Equal Opportunity Commission Web site. www.eeoc.gov/field/index.cfm.

HelpingOthers HelpThemselves in San Jose, California

20 months ago

Hey all:

I want to make sure a few things are clear to help those that have a criminal record. I have helped allot of people that have been in your situation. Expunged/Vacated helps more than you will know. Unfortunately if you were lucky enough to have that done, it doesn't stop there, because your information is unfortunately in other databases, but that is where you have to get to work and clear your name from those databases.

Do know most companies like HireRight, allow you to request a FREE copy of your background check so you can dispute something.

Also Check with your local State laws. In most states there is limitations on the number of years that it can be reported, so if they are reporting something that they shouldn't even if it was a conviction and not vacated or expunged, you first need to request they remove it and or take them to court. Its not hard to go to court, especially small claims, you will be surprised at how many companies don't show up for damages caused.

IN WA state after 10 years you don't have to report a conviction arrest, and it doesn't show up on your record. You need to figure out for the state you live in, where you are applying for a job what is the legal number of years that companies are able to go back and check. If you were arrested 11 years ago, and the legal time frame is 7 years ago, your fine.

HelpingOthers HelpThemselves in San Jose, California

20 months ago


One of the first things you do is contact your local state police and ask for a copy of your criminal history if you have one. The state police updates there information with the FBI. Do know you can go to your local superior court and ask for information that did not lead to any conviction to be removed from their system. Go to various websites like Spokeo, and checkmate and you can request that your information be removed from their database.

I can't stress this enough, find out for your state what the reporting laws are for the number of years for reporting a arrest/or conviction. Again, if you offer up this information, it will be on record, and that information is shared with other companies. So if you apply at say ATT, and you put down you were convicted, but legally you did not have to, and it doesn't show up in your profile, the background check company that ATT uses, will not put that in your file, so the next similar company that you apply for will know that you were convicted.

First thing first, know the laws of your state, then get a copy of your credit report, background check report, and have them removed anything that is legally not correct. Get your State police report also, to verify nothing is there as proof. The more you know the better it becomes.

cecelia in Denver Colorado

15 months ago

capedda in Golden, Colorado said: Been applying for jobs for over 2 1/2 years now with no luck. I too have had managers want to hire me but HR says no. So tired of it all already.

You can try goodwill Industries doing lots of hiring.

erbodyhatezcris in Virgin Islands, U.S.

15 months ago

I'm currently trying to get on at a hotel chain in the St. Croix as a bartender. My felony was around 7 years ago. I think October will make it exactly 7 years. A few weeks after I initially got arrested and charged I applied for a job and failed a background check in the same state I was living. However, I have gotten arrested in another state for driving with a license and nothing came up, and I wasn't supposed to be out of the state at the time. Now I live in a US territory. The application asked if I had been convicted of a felony in the past five years. Of course I answered no, but everywhere I'm seeing that my conviction is going to show up regardless of if they search from yesterday to fifty years ago. They use AISS screening services for their background checks. I really want the job and my references that they called said they said good things about me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but the worrying has caused my shingles to flare up : / I'm just worried, anyone ever filled out the "five year answer" and still got denied? My crime wasn't violent but it was theft and I paid the money back.

Camille in Omaha, Nebraska

15 months ago

brittney in Fort Myers, Florida said: The government complains about people commiting crimes It complains about welfare and other subsidized programs. It complains about drug dealers selling drugs. But.........the reason for the majority of illegal activity or welfare is because it is very very difficult for anyone to get a job with a felony conviction.God forbide, if you have a family to support. Your kids will grow up watching you have hard times. Hmmmmmm....How can we afford to send our kids to college ? Our resources are limited. Results, the cycle repeats itself. Therefore, what are the options out there.

The funny thing is, people that have bad credit can't get a decent job to pay off their debt, lol make up your mind silly government, if you want us to pay off our debt, then stop doing credit checks for us to be able to get a decent job. My boyfriend has a felony and I have bad credit. Together that spells ....broke The bad credit people have to pay for the people that have felony's, who are you trying to make pay? The government want the people that barely break even pay for the debt of the felonists!!!

yomiles787 in San Bernardino, California

10 months ago

May I ask how serious the nature of your crime was because severity does seem to matter as well. I don't mean to be rude but I'm a business major snd I'm definitely trying to overcome the stigma of being a felon but my case was pretty bad. I was 18, served 8 years, and now I'm 27 and have been unable to get to where you are in life, so I was just wondering how severe your case was, how long ago, and what you did to support yourself before you got a degree? I would appreciate any information and tips that you could give me.


suquan in Meriden, Connecticut

10 months ago

I have a 3rd degree felony conviction for drug possession, now don't get me wrong I have gainful employment. But I have been running into dead ends finding a second job. Now I had received an interview from a custodian job at a school after hours ( long story short) I got the job based on my qualifications but once I disclosed I was a ex-offender I was told I can't take position. And I explained that my conviction is from 2009 but my arrest is from 2007 and I haven't been arrested since then I only received a traffic ticket.

Positive in Passaic, New Jersey

9 months ago

david bennett in Houston, Texas said: my felony was 36 years ago and im disabled now and cant work, but i cant find anyone that will help me get my conviction expunged. i was given 10 yrs probation and the conviction was set aside. i served 3.5 years of the probation and discharged the sentense. but like i said no one will help me here in texas. 1 place offered to get my record expunged for $3000.00, but i think that is excessive. all the rest told me i counld not get it expunged and i would have to carry it to the grave with me. i was told in texas it doesnt matter how long i've been good, i cannot get my record expunged at all ever.[/

I was told by the courts you really don't need a lawyer for an expungement. Especially since its been 36 years. Good luck

ursulapw in LAKE ELSINORE, California

8 months ago

SD0712 in San Diego, California said: Hi everyone....

I have a felony on my record that is over 14 years old. I have gone to college (got a business degree with a major emphasis in accounting from San Diego State) got my CPA (The board approved me after my appeal). I went back to the courts and I was able to get my conviction expunged. Expungment only means that your guilty conviction was set aside because you served your time. (I served six months in jail/halfway house) I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world. When asked on my application I put "no" to have I ever been convicted of a felony because I was advised of that from my lawyer. I am really sick of hearing people post things here complaining that they can't get a job. I have worked my ass off and I make a six figure income because I never gave up. My felony was related to a marriage I was in and I caught my wife cheating on me but that doesn't matter. A felony is a felony....If you are looking for work never give up!!!! There is always someone out there who will hire you. By the way...California only goes back 7 years on background checks so if you are working for a company who is not doing government contracts than you will be fine. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!! I didn't and I accomplised my goals!!! I hope this helps those of you who are down on themselves.

Are you sure about this? I did my own background check on myself, I was convicted in 2005, it comes up. I thought about just saying no because it was over 7 years ago, but then I saw it comes up when I did a check.

john in Bloomingdale, Michigan

7 months ago

ONECECE in Port Townsend, Washington said: Goodwill hires people with felonies? I have never heard of that since they do a background and drug test

goodwill will hire anybody with a felony there is just no room for advancement if hired you will remain at the bottom

jim in Tarpon Springs, Florida

4 months ago

roshone in San Bernardino, California said: In California if you served time in prison then you cant get your felony expunged.And your right they can only go back 7 yrs but what about theose whos felony is 2 yrs there only hope is temp agencies.

That is nonsense, let me tell you something, I have been doing background checks since 1990 before the internet posted your record. I can tell you exactly what you were arrested for, when, no matter how long it was. You do not know what you are talking about. It is there for life.

Girl Interuppted in Hackensack, New Jersey

4 months ago

Christine in East Bernard, Texas said: I would like to find real help at this point in my life. I have a felony from 1988. First time I ever broke the law but I confessed and was given 3 years. Did 6 months in the County Jail. Back then I thought that if I fessed up and did my pay back to society I could go on with my life.... mistake made and sorry I did it. I have been working since but recently my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I had to quit my current job to care for him while on chemo. Now that he is in remission (thank you Jesus) I have not been able to find a job. With the recession currently impeding my job search all of a sudden 'Polite Society' has decided that I am unemployable. It seems that the ones making decisions nowadays has decided that anyone with a criminal background not be considered for employment. More and more I see the statement 'Due to the nature of the business anyone with a felony background will not be considered'. Really!!!!! Twenty some years ago - what the heck! I am now 59 years old (another stepping stone) and I all of a sudden am a threat to society! We live on my husbands disability but if and when he passes what am I to do? Maybe I will be one of those people living on the streets that POLITE SOCIETY says to me 'get a job'!!! I want to work and have the excellent skills but you, polite society, have decided that since I was an idiot some 20 years ago I am not able to fit into your plan. I cry every night and I try every day, but I am so scared that I will end up with nothing after a lifetime of working and giving. There really is no help from the government for us 'Felons Wish I knew where to really find places that will give us a chance to prove that we really aren't bad people just made some stupid mistake

wow that sux! I agree, when does it end? My son was aquitted from a disorderly persons offense recently and while he was suspeneded awaiting the trial he put in 50 apps and nothing

KWilliams71551@gmail.com in Cincinnati, Ohio

1 month ago

my feloney is 7yrs old i looking for warehouse thats hire let me know!??

Girl Interuppted in Hackensack, New Jersey

1 month ago

Jill in Germantown, Wisconsin said: I have a son that lives in West Allis, WI. Has felonies from his past. Has been having a real hard time finding a job, any job. It seems like we have exhausted all the options. Doesn't seem like anyone wants to help. Any information you could possibly give, or try to point us in the right direction would be great.

Thank, a concerned mom.

BAN the BOX needs to be a federal law! enough with this nonsense, even having an arrest with no convictions keeps you form working and that is not right! BAN THE BOX, NO asking anythong until an in person interview!

bey in Bronx, New York

1 month ago

cLove8520 in Indianapolis, Indiana said: That is so true my boyfriend and I are having the same problem. We can't find a job just to make ends meet. I'm trying to get into college and trying to find the right career path for me. Medical...they say i can't do Law ...not sure if they'll except me there My felony is going on 6 years, I haven't been in trouble since...when are we ever going to be considered rehibilitated!!!!!!!!!!
bey in nyc. The reason for the exposure of our info is to keep the jails full because we all should know that prison is a business. When we call our credit card providers, we do talk to inmates working for the company. They make the furniture we buy. It's so scary to know all your personal info is being handled by inmates

bey in Bronx, New York

1 month ago

Camille in Omaha, Nebraska said:

That's the idea. To keep us filling their prisons and working for the prisons.

Tock in Saint Petersburg, Florida

1 month ago

Hey Larry I am now just starting up the real estate classes. I was worried about being able to find a job. Hopefully your story will help. It has been some time since my last crime - worthless check, driving without a motorcycle license and driving with suspended license. But all is behind me and I have been a good member of society. Your situation will help me a lot. If I am called for a review or if my application is denied, may I used your case as a reference when I file a hearing? Thanks in advance. BTW it has been over 10 years.

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