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selfaware74 in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

85 months ago

I am currently a part time graduate student enrolled in a masters clinical psychology program. I sustained a tbi in 1991 at the age of 16 and had to relearn how to walk and talk. I was a straight A student before my injury, but following it my short term memory wasn't very good and I was a lot slower. I have worked on improving myself-academically and socially, since i was 19 when i began seeing a clinical psychologist. It took me 10 years to earn my Bachelor's Degree, and I am very happy. My GPA at graduation was a 3.4. I am a very detailed and thorough student. I enjoy APA style very much. I know that a doctoral program would be too much for me, but I can't seem to find a good fit in a masters' program that recognizes research ability and quality writing. Maybe that's how they all are. I don't know. I just started, so I haven't had any counseling experience. I love learning about family systems and remember so much of what i read. Other students in my grad classes don't seem to be as excited about learning psychology as I am. My grad school doesn't offer any family systems' classes to my disappointment. A professor i had during the fall semester of 2009 for Ethics and Spring 2010 for Human Development says that she has a background in Attachment theory and Family Systems. She knows that that is a major interest of mine, but doesn't seem to care to discuss it with me. I wrote an Integration paper concerning attachment theory, social(cognitive) learning theory, social information processing theory with respect to reducing childhood aggression. i put a lot into the paper. I had 8 pages of references! Did not try it, but I'm so thorough in my research. She didn't give me any compliments on my paper. I mentioned once to her in the fall when I was going through legal issues with my previous landlords about maybe studying law. One time when i met with her in march to discuss an assignment, she says to me how she couldn't handle counseling full ti

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