I'm a Counselor. Can I meet clients in my home-office?...

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beachbum in Kissimmee, Florida

47 months ago

I have a small office close to my home, but unable to afford it anymore. I cannot find anything else cheaper, so thinking of having clients come to my home office. It's in a nice subdivision, convenient location, decorated professioanly for my line of work as a counselor. I have no children and no pets. My husband will remain on the opposite side of the house while I have a client. I'm not concerned about safety as all my clients are female. If you were my client, would YOU feel OK with meeting me at my home? Thank you so much for your reply.

lcarter12@bellsouth.net in Tupelo, Mississippi

45 months ago

I wqould lnot recommend it. As you are undoubtedly aware, although your practice is limited to females, these females are troubled. If they have issues such as Borderline, BiPolar, and relationship problems it is a set-up for high drama outside your home, or, 'visitors' in the deep hours of the night. It would be very difficult to maintain firm boundaries with patients. Don't think that merely telling patients the 'rules' will have any effect when these individuals experience a crisis. Most of the time, an individual's needs are so overwhelming that they walk all over the needs of others in order to fill their own.

Freshly Minted Counselor in Lansing, Michigan

43 months ago

I had a therapist once who worked out of his home and I loved the homey feel of it. I thought about doing the same, but my supervisor warned against it out of fear for my own security.

Here's an idea - go out to churches and community centers and say that if they agree to let you use a room for counseling, you will give them a percentage of your proceeds, say 10 percent. And give them 20 percent if the client is a member of the church/neighborhood who they refer to you.

beachbum in Kissimmee, Florida

43 months ago

That's a great idea, thank you!

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