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Updated 3 days ago

What are typical crane operator salaries? - 586 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ed in Green Lane, Pennsylvania"]I don't work for Maxim all of the time sometimes I work for Amquip, All Crane, and there are some smaller...

Stare into the abyss and the abyss stare

Updated 8 days ago

What Avenue should I try, BS in Physics to MS in Electrical Engineering-- Trouble finding work - 3 Replies

(cont) I personally struggle with this. I know how to network and can do it but it does not come easily. I have to watch what I say sometimes because...

Mr Oliver

Updated 9 days ago

crane schools - 197 Replies

Hello everyone, My name is Mr Oliver and i am talking as the happiest person in the whole wide world today and i told my self that any lender that...


Updated 19 days ago

How is the NCCCO scored? - 46 Replies

have been certified for 15 years. now having a problem with reser on the car test. failed twice in 2 weeks don't know if NCCCO is messing with me...


Updated 1 month ago

Considering Crane school need help - 1 Reply

Todd check out Phoenix Tower Crane School. Don't be fooled by the name they train in all crane types.

David Schrock

Updated 2 months ago

Any tips to getting my foot into a Union - 2 Replies

It’s aways really important to check all of the tips which you can find because it has a substantial impact on your home’s safety. I've got great...


Updated 3 months ago

Union VS. Non-Union - 92 Replies

[QUOTE who="crane guy in East Meadow, New York"]if the union was so great and had so much work why are they out with the rat when they should be...


Updated 4 months ago

Fluor recruiters - 22 Replies

Under Consideration Craft casings my status for the application but also writes that we have to contact a recruiter when I do not have to address


Becoming an operator

I have 7 years experience as a labourer.zoom boom ticket,and class 3 there anything else I can do to get my self set up to become a crane...


Updated 6 months ago

Working in Iraq - 43 Replies

I am trying to get back over too Been crane operator along time cents 1985 time r bad


Updated 6 months ago

crane operator job - 1 Reply

im crane operator from indonesia

Cosme Perez in Lake Jackson, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

How many degrees are in 1 percent - 34 Replies

Everyone says to stay within one percent of level. Well the crane I'm operating has a boom indicator in degrees not percent. Is it 360 divided by 100...

Christian in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 10 months ago

NCCO /NCCER Just plastic - 200 Replies

I have been operating equipment since the early 90s. Last November I decided to get my crane cert. I attended the Georgia School of Construction to...

kennysparrow in Milan, Italy

Updated 13 months ago

NCCCO grandfather clause ??? - 123 Replies

This NCCCO thing is a joke. I've been an operator for almost 30 years and there's not many types or sizes of cranes I haven't been on. Needless to...

Overture2112 in Severna Park, Maryland

Updated 14 months ago

Midasco LLC Elkridge Maryland - 9 Replies

Do not work for Midasco in Elkridge Maryland for any reason my brother operators. They do not care about their field employess and take advantage of...

Prince CJ in United Kingdom

Crane Operator Training

Please I need your help. I want to go to the oil and gas industry in my country Nigeria. I want to get trained on crane operation,rigging/signal...

Meangene in Oceanside, California

Updated 18 months ago

Are unsafe operators flooding the maket because of NCCCO? - 165 Replies

I'm just curious what people think. I personally think that the CCO certs are about worthless now days. I think that it is because companies are...


Updated 21 months ago

i am considering crane school - 52 Replies

what does everyone think about going to crane school? i just turned 24 years old and am currently an erosion control foreman, which is kind of a... in Apopka, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

Opinions on ATS - 2 Replies

Hey guys, I wanted to get opionions on ATS ( Associated Training School) Im wanting to go for everything ( Or considering it ). That'd be all the...

lady22 in Melbourne, Florida

Updated 24 months ago

NCCCO Crane operator In FLORIDA looking for work anywhere in Florida - 29 Replies

Hi my name is Jake I live in florida and I'm looking for work. If anyone knows of any leads I would really appreciate it.

boom2high in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 25 months ago

ANSI B30.5 Study Material - 2 Replies

Does anyone know where I can get study material for the ANSI B30.5 portion of the NCCCO Written test?

pitbreedr in Bismarck, North Dakota

Updated 25 months ago

Are unions really evil? - 42 Replies

Are unions really evil? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The median weekly earnings for...

Pepper in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 26 months ago

Overseas work... - 20 Replies

So the more i look on the internet for info on getting a job, the more scared i get. I've decided try and look outside the U.S. for work. I'd ideally...


Updated 29 months ago

What is happening to the construction industry and our country? - 4 Replies

From the late 1890's thru 1960's this country did just that. We UNIONIZED this great land and doing so created a middle class. A land where the...

misstaken77 in Denham Springs, Louisiana

Updated 29 months ago

Female Crane Operators/ Riggers? Are there any out there? - 71 Replies

Am curious to know if driving cranes is a career choice women make in the U.S. There is only a few of us in Australia. I'd like to talk with my...

Gary K. in Bakersfield, California

Updated 30 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your crane operator career? - 34 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a crane operator? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...


Updated 30 months ago

Crane operators - 2 Replies

I hope the reason this forum stopped is cause everyone is working their tails off

vic in Oakland, California

Updated 31 months ago

Crane Work in Australia - "mines" - 3 Replies

Does anyone know how I can get info on working as an operator in the mining industry in Australia?

Nathan Willmore in Denver, Colorado

Updated 32 months ago

Canada - 7 Replies

I understand that hundreds of Union Ironworkers were recruited early this year to work in Canada. So if they need Ironworkers there must be crane...

Ron Walton in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 33 months ago

looking for mobile crane work in Hawaii state - 32 Replies

Have held Journeyman status For heavy boom truck for over 10yrs,Have Arctic as well as off road (bush) experience. Class 1 licenced Certified...

local in Duncanville, Texas

apprentiship program

to all who want to be a crane operator, please dont make the same mistake i did by joining this union as an apprentice. It will take you at least 5...

mohdhussainahmed in Kuwait, Kuwait

Updated 34 months ago



dreamer of being good crane mechanic.. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 34 months ago

crane mechanic - 31 Replies

I am currently a crane mechanic at Grove in Pennsylvania. I make decent money, but there is always room for improvement. I know how to operate...

jaime I´m living in Valencia, Spain

Updated 34 months ago

Crane jobs Canada - 2 Replies

I am planning to move to the toronto area later this year, i have just gained my crane licences and im able to work crawler, tower crane(saddle &...

Stephen in Little Rock, Arkansas

2012 - Whats the job market like for entry level people?

While there seem to be several training/experience/apprenticeship paths that affect this question significantly, what is the job market like if you...

Stephen in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 35 months ago

Anyone else thinking about changing careers - 1 Reply

I've been a union operator for 15 years and was non union for 10 years before that. Was a decent living till 08.Last year was better than the...

Brent Brewer in Encinitas, California

Updated 35 months ago

Top crane operator skills needed to get the job. - 52 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every crane operator must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your crane operator...

Charles Alvis in Houston, Texas

Updated 36 months ago

need a job - 5 Replies

does anyone know of any company that is willing to break out a new crane operator? I have certs for small and large and twic card but minimal...

Jeff Gerber in Staten Island, New York

Updated 37 months ago

"Megabucks" Bloomberg and his rich developer pals in N.Y.C. are trying to bust I.U.O.E. Local 14 - 2 Replies

The ridiculous plan to weaken NYC crane licensing standards by allowing the introduction of inexperienced, out of state, non-union crane operators...

LS7812 in San Antonio, Texas

Crane Operator Work San Antonio

Looking for work in San Antonio any companies that are hiring? Also, what is the pay range for down in this area?

Thomas in Brussels, Belgium

Comparison of Different crawler crane brands

Can anyone tell me difference of crawler cranes under brands of Liebherr,Demag,Kobelco,Itachi,Sennebogen and SANY?(Such as advantages and...

Mike in Brookville, Ohio

Updated 38 months ago


Does anyone know of any crane outfits hiring in Ohio? I have my NCCCO for 4 cranes. I am in the Union so Union companies hiring if you know of any.

Mike in Camp Dennison, Ohio

Updated 38 months ago

Crane Work in Columbus Ohio - 4 Replies

Just wondering how things are going up in Ohio, specificly Columbus. Is it all Union up there? I called around to a couple of Union outfits like, ALL...

Jerry Spearn in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 38 months ago

Looking for Crane Job in Az. - 8 Replies

After a 6 Month unwanted vacation due to a serious injury, I am ready to go back to work. I have 20 plus years experiance as a crane operator. I have...

Tony C

crane saftey in nd

Stay away from Journey in ND also. Same deal your license me nodda to them. Safety is lacking in the name of OIL FIELD $$. Key it out and lie to the...

stehen wedlock in Dunedin, New Zealand

Updated 39 months ago

I please need contact information on people already working on straddle carriers and cranes. - 1 Reply

Hi, I desperately need contact information of people already working as operators, I would like to compare our work (the working hours, training...

Marcio Brandão Araujo in Rio Das Ostras, Brazil

Updated 39 months ago

Are crane operator job opportunities growing or declining? - 2 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most crane operator...

operatornetwork in Powell, Ohio

Updated 39 months ago

NCCCO - 4 Replies

I read this site once an while and I get a kick out of the nccco conversations. I have been a crane operator for 24 yrs. perhaps all you operators...

Ritesh kumar in Satellite Provider

Updated 39 months ago

New OSHA ruling for crane signal people and riggers - 2 Replies

Where is everyone getting their training for the new OSHA ruling that was issued in August for signal people and riggers?


Updated 40 months ago

jobs overseas - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="Reidar Skarsem in Trondheim, Norway"]It's many female crane operators in Norway ;) You need a training corse (about a week) and after...

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