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Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 5 days ago

Are cytotechnologist job opportunities growing or declining? - 156 Replies

There is nothing wrong with going to a cytotechnology school that offers histology training. You WILL be able to find work if you have both skills....

Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 1 month ago

Cytology is not a smart career path - 82 Replies

Articles in new CAP today about cytology Automated slide limits to high. Wow, just state the obvious...11 years AFTER the devices have been in...

Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 1 month ago

Cytotechnology is a dying field. Clinical Lab Science is where it's at. - 359 Replies

You calling techs fat and other nasty comments probably chased a few away. Going back to school to become a math teacher. lol. You dont have the...

Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 5 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your cytotechnologist career? - 107 Replies

[QUOTE who="Winds of Change in Columbus, Ohio"]Ohio has lost about half its cytology . I think what is keeping us afloat is the molecular testing ....


Updated 5 months ago

Looking for Cytology in Florida - 182 Replies

[QUOTE who="Winds of Change in Columbus, Ohio"]not a chance , the guy next to me was 55 when they hired him[/QUOTE] Thanks, CW!

Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 6 months ago

I hate the Imager - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Amphib in Columbus, Ohio"]hello , We have had the imager since 2004 and i see it as nothing but trouble . It misses abnormal cells...

Sam Kaiserblade

Updated 6 months ago

Cytology Jobs - 2549 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dont choose cytology in Westborough, Massachusetts"]I did get a teachers license. In 2010. Before I even had the degree, which I am still...

run away in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 6 months ago

Cytology becoming a miserable, dying field... - 195 Replies

Anyone wishing to start a career in Cytology should consider other paths. I've been one almost 14 years and in my experience, the field is witout a...

run away in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 6 months ago

Cytology job in USA - 2 Replies

I am seeking a work opportunity in USA as a cytologist/Histotech. I have 10 years experiences totally and 7 years in Europe (UK and Germany ). As I...

smallwood in Elba, New York

Updated 15 months ago

Canadian-trained & licensed cytotechnologist finding work in USA? - 1 Reply

I'm currently working as a cytotechnologist for almost 2 years now. Canadian born and raised. Registered and licensed here in Canada. Would it be...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Need help! New to cytotechnologist job. - 11 Replies

Hi seniors, Firstly, i'm new to the job and have a few doubts and queries and would like to seek help from you seniors. 1.) How would you...

Watchful in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 16 months ago

re-entering the Cytology workforce... - 12 Replies

My wife was a Cytologist in Birmingham and left the workforce to raise our children 18 years ago. Birmingham hasn't had Cytology openings for many...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 17 months ago

Florida Cytotech License - 2 Replies

Can you start a job in FL as a cytotech and get your license while you are working or does it have to be even before applying?

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 17 months ago

What are typical cytotechnologist salaries? - 12 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 19 months ago

I would like to make contact with cytotechnologists... - 6 Replies

who have not become jaded or dissatisfied with the field of cytology. LOL, I say that beacuse I have read so many posts in the cytotechnology forum...

John Snow in NC, North Carolina

Updated 21 months ago

Any experience working for Bio-reference lab, Genpath as cytotech? - 21 Replies

Is Genpath, a division of Bio-reference lab, considered a private lab? Does anyone have an opinion about what it is like to work as a cytotech for...

Sam in New York, New York

Updated 24 months ago

I'd like an update now that it's 2013 on Cytotech path - 4 Replies

Hi all! I'm applying to Memorial Sloan Kettering's Cytotech program for next year. I already work at MSK and figured I stood a good shot at...

Daniel Hunt in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 27 months ago

Cytotechnologist Job in Ohio - 44 Replies

I am looking for a cytotechnologist position in Ohio at a hospital, but I have not even received a call about any of the jobs I applied to. I...

lyn in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 30 months ago

Does anyone know that Canadians could work as a cytotechnologist in USA? - 9 Replies

I just graduated from diagnostic cytology program in Canada. I am looking for a job now. Does anyone know if Canadians could work in USA as a...

Neele1966 in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 34 months ago

finding a cytotechnologist job - 111 Replies

I will graduate from cytotech school in Aug. of this year. I am wondering how to look for a cytotechnologist job and what salaries I could get?

Abused in Charlottesville, Virginia

Updated 34 months ago

Junior CT duties - 4 Replies

Are junior techs (those of us with less than 3 years at the bench) allowed to perform rescreening on new hires? We just hired a new technologist, she...

Annee Marie Kjelruud in San Francisco, California

Updated 35 months ago

Future Trends for Cytotechs ? - 4 Replies

They say that there might be work for Cytotechs doing FISH ? can someone tell me about that ? There was also talk about a prostatic lavage ....

Cytogal in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 36 months ago

Cytology jobs - 4 Replies

I have 12 years experience and am currently looking for a job in Louisville, KY. I am willing to commute as well as far as Lexington, Ky southern...

clay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 37 months ago

new grad - 10 Replies

I was thinking maybe there are other new grads out there that might want to share their job hunting experiences.

Cyto97 in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 38 months ago

Cytotechnologist Job Search in Hampton Roads, VA - 1 Reply

Are there any jobs available for a Cytotechnologist with one year of experience as a Cytotech? I use an Imager and manual scope for conventional,...

Light rain in Westborough, Massachusetts

Updated 38 months ago

How to get a NYC, CA, or FL licensure in cytology? - 26 Replies

Hello! My name is Sara and I will be graduating in Aug 2008. Currently, I am looking for a cytotech job. I would like to find a job around the coasts...

Welajfa in Campbellton, Florida

Updated 39 months ago

imager training - 25 Replies

Where can I get trained on the imager independent of the company I work for. They only pick certain people to train on the imager and I feel that I... in Apex, North Carolina

Updated 41 months ago

Cytology in NYC - 22 Replies

I'm moving to NYC soon and would love to work in the area or close by Anyone with any leads?

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 41 months ago

Job Search - 5 Replies

I have been out of cytology for almost two years and but am now looking for employment. I am willing to relocate anywhere. I am currently ASCP...


Updated 43 months ago

Does International Cancer Screening Laboratory exist or change their name because..... - 1 Reply

they are in a work history and I'm trying to get an accurate name. Thanks for the info.


Updated 43 months ago

Anyone know anything about Quest in St. Louis, MO? - 4 Replies

I'm just curious.

ultimate in Westborough, Massachusetts

Updated 44 months ago

Cytotechnologist Licensure - 7 Replies

I have been looking into obtaining a license as a cytotechnologist. I completed my Bachelors in Biology recently and from what I've gathered I would...

cytohelpme! in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Updated 44 months ago

Cytology Boards - 10 Replies

Hi all, I am currently in cytology school. I am terrified of taking the boards. How am I supposed to remember all of this information? ANybody have...

Ahmad in Burlington, Ontario

Updated 45 months ago

Flow Cytometry positions - 3 Replies

I have few years experience in Flow cytomtery with various instruments including LSRII, calibur, scan, Aria, FC500 and EPICs. where can i find...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Yet another point of care device that threatens pap testing in Shelby, North Carolina

California Cytology License!!

What a joke!!! I started my career in Ca in 1973 and worked there with just a certificate and an A.S. degree until 1982. I moved away and now want...

Josh Holmstrom in seattle, Washington

Cytology jobs in seattle, WA

i am a recent grad trained in new york, looking for a job in seattle area...anyone know about possible openings and where to look for cytology jobs...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 47 months ago

Everyone considering Cytotechnology Should read this article - 4 Replies Nice look at the cytotech job market in recent years

JGrace2 in Longview, Texas

When you get a job is cucial

I have been caught unemployed in a recession before. I have twenty years of experience mostly at a decent pay, but enough years at low pay. I do not...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Does anyone write a more worthless cytology article than Nelson B in Advance? No discussion of how outreach works. No discussion of all the...

S in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 49 months ago

private labs - 8 Replies

i was wondering if working at any private lab is as stressful as many people say or is it just quest and labcorp as these are the ones mentioned most...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Cytotechnologist jobs in Wisconsin - 115 Replies

I have 30 years experience in cytology. I have been in Oregon for the past 10 years and would like to return to Wisconson. I'm a graduate of...

benchscreener in Texas

Updated 49 months ago

lets get rid of the imager - 12 Replies

The imager has ruined my life. It misses and misses. Isn't there a way to let people or the FDA know about how safe it isn't. Plus all of these...

New York Flyer in Westborough, Massachusetts

Updated 50 months ago

how to apply the cytotechnologist license from New York State - 1 Reply

I am a certifed as a cytotechnologist by ASCP and have had been as a cytotechnologist in a cytology lab of New Jersey for four years. Now, I want to...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

The FTC FINALLY makes a good decision As much as I dont like Westcliff labs, they shouldnt have been taken over by Labcorp and Quest. Those...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 55 months ago

Looking for Cytotechnologist Job - 4 Replies

Hi, I am looking for a Cytotechnologist job. Relocation is not an issue.

KC in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Updated 56 months ago

I Want To Come Home - 1 Reply

I will be a cytotech grad in about 2 months and have scheduled my exam for Aug 20. I'm currently studying in Pittsfield, MA but would love to come...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

cytologist - 4 Replies

I have been in a cytologist for 15 years. I was in a hospital setting for almost 10 years. The hospital setting is what cytology is all about. The...

jennifer campbell in Omaha, Nebraska


My boyfriend is a prosthetist and is headed to Ecuador for 2 weeks to make arms and legs. I would love to go with him and was wondering if anyone...

Reading Eagle in Reading, Pennsylvania

Market your skills

It is the critical thinking and logic skills that make cytotechnologists very good analysts. Being a good analyst is very marketable people....

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