Questions about Dental Assisting from someone whose looking to change careers.

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Krystal in Los Angeles, California

73 months ago

Hi Guys. Well I have been working in Reality TV For about the past 6 years, and I have just been laid off from yet another post production company for the one billionth time. So now, at 29, I am thinking about changing careers. I am sort of a creative type, and one of my dreams is to be a writer, but I need a steady day job in order to support myself lol.

And the problem is, I don't have tons of money to spend on long periods of schooling, nor do I want to go through something that takes a super long time to complete. Has anyone here ever heard of the 10 week Dental Assisting program in Valencia California called "The Santa Clarita School of Dental Assisting?"

I have read some reviews online, and they are all very good. Hopefully they aren't forged lol. The program is 4,500 dollars. Which is actually WAY more affordable to me than most of the other vocational schools I have looked at. Some of the cheapest career schools I have found were 10 grand, still pretty steep. I can at least breath easy, knowing a 4,500 dollar debt isn't THAT large.

Also, I have been researching this career and there seems to be so much discouraging negativity on these forums. But from what I am getting at is some people in this job don't feel appreciated or they feel their doctors treat them like crap. I know I would NEVER allow that to happen to me. I have too much pride and would walk away, even if I was broke at the time. I don't care how broke I am, I would never put up with someone's abuse, so I am not too worried about that part.

I have already dealt with jerks in every business I've worked in, so that part isn't surprising. I am worried about the pay though. I am used to making 20 dollars an hour, or 800 a week right now which isn't SUPER high but it's a decent wage. So I don't want to pay for training just to start out at 10 dollars an hour, unless there was potential to move up the pay scale rather quickly. Thanks for any advice!

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