Working for a horrible, mean dentist

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Smileysuzie in redwing, Minnesota

72 months ago

Libby1025 in Rhode Island said: I have been an assistant for 2 years now and have just changed jobs. I have been working for this dentist for about 6 months now. I have never felt so horrible working with this dentist. She is very mean to me, undermines me in front of patients. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She tells me to do things, I do, and then she tells me it is all wrong. I am literally scared to death of her. I just kept quiet and do what she tell me too. I use to love my job, now I dread it because I know I will be screamed at for "not doing something fast enough" for her. I am currently in college trying to get into dental hygiene school. I am a poor college student who needs the money, so I can't just quit. My self esteem is just so low because of her.... Anyone have a mean boss?

Well, I have had some good dentists. However, the current dds can be nice but sometimes mean too. He had bi-polar I think.In addition to that he hits on me constantly!!Its so gross.I am stressed and some days cant handle him. He tries to manipulate me and calls me at home to harass me too.I am looking for a new job but cant seem to find one and I am limited in the time I have to interview and do these working interviews. You see I work with DrCreepy most of the time. He yells at me and we fight about stuff. I want to run away and disapear from sight.

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I in Chatswood, Australia

51 months ago


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Dental assistant in Chatswood, Australia

51 months ago

I COMPLETLY understand Libby. Ive changed work places because I couldn't stand working with
Mean dentists. Some were so degrading and I felt I was never good enough. And I'm not racist truly I'm
Not, but in all honesty the dentists ive quit jobs for ate all Asians, except one. He was an old grumpy man who would put me down in front of patients. So I quit after 1 week. It's
Degrading & very unessessery! I love my
Job too but when I do one thing wrong by mistake, it's like the end of the world & they become so mean & disrespectful! It makes me very angry! I would suggest to pray about it but in my experience, there's always one terrible person in a workplace!

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Smartgirl in Canberra, Australia

21 months ago

boy oh boy can i relate to this, leaving dental end of January 2015. Long story to come in next post!!

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