I don't get it, is all positions in dentistry full of it? (minus the dentist).

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Confused in Houston, Texas

52 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently 24.

I'm almost done with just an a/s degree in bio. I have 3 classes left which I wanted to take over the next year.

My long term goal has always been to be a dentist. However, it's been very difficult to just focus on school due to work so I've taken time off for working, etc - and time passed me too quick for me to notice - so I'm at where I'm at.

I have not given up but it's going to take a lot of time.

If I could do it back again, I'd live off Ramen and just hit up school hardcore.

I want an actual career that I can try to do while working through school at this point.

I thought about going for dental hygiene, however the market is really saturated.

I know the DA's on the forum feel that the DH's are glorified, making bank, etc - however if you visit their side of the forum it's obvious it's a sinking ship.

I've seen forums, talked to RDH associations in my state, everyone has mixed opinions.

And I don't want to invest 2 years on obv something that's a fail. One of the heads from one of the hygiene associations in TX told me that laws might soon be passed that allow DA's to do the DH's job.

Another thing, these women seem to be severely abused by their offices, some of the stories I've read are horrendous. I never knew the amount of animosity that goes on in these dental offices between staff and the dentist.

It disgusts me that someone can treat another human in the manners that I've read.

So as another alternative...

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Confused in Houston, Texas

52 months ago

I thought about why not DA, I read in only 12 weeks I can start, etc.

I find out those aren't ADA accredited schools, etc.

I read people from these fast programs have a harder time finding jobs.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

Anyone in the Houston area, let me know how hard is it to find DA jobs?

What length was your DA schooling?

I live in TX and I DON'T speak Spanish. I also read that this also hinders my chances at a job, almost every ad in Houston says, "bilingual a plus."

I live in a small town so I would have to drive 60-90 mins, 1 way, for these DA jobs.

By looking at my scenario is this even advisable, should I tough it out an just work full time on my bachelors so I can then apply to grad schools, I just don't know anymore.

None of my family has ever had any type of college, so they don't know how to advise on these things.

I just feel old and feel I've accomplished nothing at this point in life. My past jobs paid great, which made me relax with school, but the economy hit my other industry hard and I no longer have a job.

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cdmccrea in Saint Louis, Missouri

52 months ago


it's difficult getting a dental assisting job period.

We have 2 women working as dental assistants:
*one young woman is from Mexico and was a dentist and is waiting to take a few classes to become a United States Dentist, in the meantime, she is staying focused and keeping fresh by being a dental assistant, (seeing how it is on the opposite side).

*another young woman, was in dental school and got burnt out, so in the meantime to refresh her mindset and goals, she is working as a dental assistant.

Neither one completed a dental assistant program and yet they work as Dental Assistants...one didn't even get all the way through her first year as a dentist!!

The draw back of a short term school, to become a Certified Dental Assistant, you have to have graduated from an accredited program (which is usually a year or more)...and who really wants to spend that type of money when you are not guaranteed to make more money!

BTW--- Familia Dental is hiring!!! They have offices in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico and will continue to open up more locations...the pay is low but you get raises quickly and you learn while on the job!

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cdmccrea in Saint Louis, Missouri

52 months ago


Dental Assistants, nurses, etc. ANYONE without a D.M.D or D.D.S. or any type of doctor behind their name is the scum of the universe!

That has been going on for years.

Some doctors are really wonderful and then you have those that are power hungry and want to abuse their power! I've just recently found out (and I've been doing my dental assisting for a short time)...some of the owners of the companies are just as bad, especially with the chain dental offices....quantity or quality.

Just interview them as well and more than they interview you....choose the BEST place for you!

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Confused in Houston, Texas

52 months ago

Thanks so much for the comments.

I decided to just focus on continuing education.

I've spent a few months researching a lot of the "tech" programs for a lot of different things, dental assistant, dental hygiene, xray tech, phlebotomist, medical assistant, medical office assistant, etc.

Job market isn't good for any of them, unless looking into nursing programs which deal with way too much patient contact than I'd personally like.

On DA though, I read a lot, apparently if you can do the office assistant/dental assistant certification combos - the more you can do for the practice, much better chances for landing good jobs, but since I don't plan on making a long-term career out of that I don't see a point in pursuing and investing the time and money.

The days of "technical programs," seem to be on the way out as far as being good jobs. I think too many people have lost jobs in the last decade and got into these programs and it's saturated.

I have read that chains are the worst. As a lot of others have stated, if basically no exp but have a sucky job, get whatever experience you can from there, and kill'em with sugar, so you can get a good recommendation when you feel you have enough exp to move on to better jobs.

Anytime I go in to my dentist, I never look at him, the DA's, or the DH's in the same light. It's like now I know why we always have new DH's in there or the difficulties the DA's deal with - the average client just has NO IDEA.

DH and DA need to be more unionized, the DH assoc. had told me such a small percent of working DHs are actually registered with them, I bet it's the same for DAs.

There also seems to be soo much unreported abuse. One lady was on here talking about a dentist, punching cabinets, what the hell? Report his a** to the police (esp. if she felt threatened) and the ADA, or whatever licensing boards, labor boards, etc.

Good Luck

Thanks again for responding!

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