Dental Hygiene after Car Accident

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clml in Pickering, Ontario

76 months ago


I have recently been accepted into a good public college for DH, but have since been involved in a pretty bad car accident.
I've injured my lower back, neck and spine and have a lot of pain - going on 4 months.

I'm now worried about staring DH, even though it was something I have wanted to do for a long time, considering what I have read and heard about back and neck problems it can cause.

I would like some honest opinions or advice about just how difficult the profession can be for the neck and back, and if in your (experienced) opinions, it is a risk to continue with this choice of career.

My fear is that I will experience too much pain after graduation to practice.

Thank you for your time!

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rdh4 in Victoria, British Columbia

76 months ago

In my honest opinion, I'd suggest that you don't do hygiene. This would be very risky for you. Hygiene is extremely physical. It can be very hard on the neck, back, and shoulders. If you have any physical pain now, hygiene will only exacerbate your present condition. And consider this: You might not be able to finish the course. Think of the time, money, and effort you will have invested, only to give it up.
Can you see a career counselor and maybe do some testing, to see where your other interests lie?
On the other hand, knowing what I know now, I wouldn't go near hygiene with a ten-foot pole. No jobs, wages are going down, no job security, no benefits, no nothing.
I'm very sorry to hear about your accident. You may be dealing with its consequences for some time. For this reason, I would recommend a job with benefits, that will give you (paid) time off, will have a company insurance plan, and things like that. If you're sick or off work as a hygienist, you might as well start looking for another job. It's a hard field to get into now, as well as to stay employed. Too many of us looking for too few jobs. This may be a blessing in disguise for you, I'm sad to say. Get well.

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RDHCJ in Connecticut

68 months ago

Do NOT become a dental hygienist. Right now the job market is BAD, especially for new grads. AND DH takes a toll on the neck and back! So this is NOT a good fit for you. You should look into getting a lab job or anything science or math related that you can sit down at least some of the time.
Hygienists do not really SIT down. We have to constantly LEAN forward using our backs, legs and neck muscles.

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