RDH and a bachelors

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hollywood in Villa Park, Illinois

42 months ago

I just graduated as an RDH. I'm thinking of getting a bachelors. My community college has a program with a 4 year school so I can get a bachelors in health management by going 1 more year. It's quite expensive so I was wondering, does it matter what I get my bachelors in? or will a bachelors in general open up different doors for me in the future no matter what the bachelors is in? I hear about all these people getting bachelors degrees in something and then they work doing something entirely different. I'm so confused! Please help.

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RDHCJ in Boston, Massachusetts

41 months ago

I am sorry you picked RDH as a major because the job market is terrible and just getting worse in all of the USA. Plus it can take years of work experience before you can find jobs as a RDH. I suggest if you are going back to college for a BS degree you 1) choose a state college. Don't pick an expensive private college and do NOT go back for a BS in dental hygiene, that is a waste of time and money.
2) pick a science or public health major. I would choose a BS in biology, chemistry, etc. Because if you can't find RDH work you can always work in a lab and make good money IF you have a science background such as biology or chemistry. And then you can later go back for a Masters in public health or something of that nature. Do NOT do a BS in dental hygiene or anything other than math or science. Math and science majors are always in demand. I have a BS in business and it has given me nothing back. I wish I had picked a major in a science field.

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