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Updated 1 month ago

What schools in the US are good schools for Diesel Mechanic training? - 28 Replies

I would also say that an education in electronics and the new computer stuff is absolutely essential to work on the new stuff. There are sensors all...


Updated 2 months ago

05 international 4300 series power problem - 410 Replies

Having tons of problems haa someone gonw through this? Have a 05 international Dt466 we changed out the starter and fuel pump and high pressure pump...


Updated 2 months ago

International 4900 DT466E - not throttle response ? - 61 Replies

[QUOTE who="oral1967 in Orlando, Florida"]When this occurs did you inspect at the throttle sensor if there is a five volts, now if there is five...


Updated 2 months ago

Are diesel mechanic job opportunities growing or declining? - 9 Replies

I'd say the field is dried up here in the southwest, at least for the time being. Wages are at what I was making 15-20 years ago levels and most...

Nawar Azer in Arizona

Shifting problem internationl 4700

Hello everyone, i have a 1999 International 4700 Dt466. Its a flat bed tow truck. The truck was runing just fine all of the sudden this problem...



I have a 1998 international 4700 with a t444e the problem I'm having is on cold morning the truck will start find but it will 20-30 minutes before...

brian b in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 5 months ago

Engine Warning Light - 7 Replies

I have a 2000 international 4900 dt 530. The other day the warn engine light appeared after driving all day. It seems as though the light doesn't...

georgemcbride in Chandigarh, India

Updated 5 months ago

Diesel generator that won't start. - 49 Replies

Hi, My neighbor gave me a 5000 watt diesel generator before he moved. It has no name brand, just c500d revolution. I think it's a chinese made...

DieselRecruiter in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Diesel Mechanic Job Opportunities

Hi I have several diesel mechanic positions available with a well know company. SIGN ON BONUS 401 K Plan Stock Options Tuition...

OpsMan in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 6 months ago

6.4 Exhaust Problems in 2012 International - 1 Reply

Just purchased a 2012 International Terrastar (light duty commercial truck) from Washington State last month (Im in VA). We flew out to Washington to...

Blessing in Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 6 months ago

93 F-250 no start - 1 Reply

I have a 1993 F-250 7.3 IDI. The glow plugs will not engage after the truck has been ran for a few minutes and it cranks slow and will not start when...

Stephanie Musser in St.Louis, Missouri

Diesel Mechanic-Rush Enterprises

Hello I am a Recruiter fro Rush Enterprises, the largest commercial vehicle dealership in the U.S. We are in need of a Diesel Mechanic with...

Rush Enterprises-St.Louis/St.Peters MO in New Braunfels, Texas

Looking for Experienced Navistar Diesel Mechanics-MO

Hello my name is Stephanie Musser I am a Recruiter for Rush Enterprises the largest vehicle dealership in the U.S. We are in need on an experienced...

timxlr8r in Madisonville, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Diesel starting trouble - 54 Replies

I have a 1994 Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel non turbo. It started experiencing a lack of power about three to four weeks ago. It took the engine more...

p7n7c7h@*****.*** in Camas, Washington

Updated 9 months ago



Stevengallagher715@*****.*** in United Kingdom

Updated 10 months ago

iveco engine identification - 623 Replies

where are all the experts when you need one? i have an iveco daily 2.8 turbo that seems to have had an engine change at some point, parts are...

joshua jones 662 Atlanta georgia in forest park, Georgia

Updated 15 months ago

2005 international 4300 need help - 4 Replies

Hello I bought my truck in may of 2012 and have had a lot of problems. May 2012 new fan drive new power steering pump July 2012 had a new cvi done...

Jabba in Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Updated 15 months ago

Diesel misses and blows white smoke - 18 Replies

I have a Nissan terrano II (turbo) every now and then (not very consistantly) the car misses (maybe two or three splutters. if i step on the gas...

gilberto wright in Chantilly, Virginia

Updated 16 months ago

Diesel engines and starting fluid - 1 Reply

NEVER use starting fluid on a diesel engine!! It will wash out cylinders and cause scarring. If you need to use something to assist starting a diesel...

safejeff22 in Kimberly, Wisconsin

07 International DT 466 No wait to start light, no starter activation

Washed truck parked after a 10 minuet drive home. Next morning No wait to start light No starter engagement when key turned. Cheched the three above...

allanrcci@*****.*** in Walpole, Massachusetts

Updated 18 months ago



protow in Grand Junction, Colorado

Updated 20 months ago

04 DT466 will not start - 1 Reply

I have an 04 International 4300 with DT466 in it. Came out this morning, tried to start and it doesn't. It was pretty cold, 27-28F. last night....

steeve in Toronto, Ontario

2002 inter 4300 cruise control problem

Hi i be be glas if someone van help me n'y cruise id bot working i unplug thé gâterie for a minute ans it will work evrytime i want to use it i have...

steeve in Toronto, Ontario

2002 inter 4300 cruise control problem

Hi i be be glas if someone van help me n'y cruise id bot working i unplug thé gâterie for a minute ans it will work evrytime i want to use it i have...

nedkelly in Ireland

Updated 30 months ago

iveco daily 02 - 3 Replies

i have iveco daily 02 hard to start.a sniff of easy start and it goes ok i bought the van with this problem and tested the low pressure pump changed...

dustin in Houston, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

06 international 4300 power loss - 2 Replies

I have a 06 international 4300 dt466. The yellow check engine light is on and its losing power. Took to mechanic he told me it was reading the high...

bmmcneilly in Maryville, Tennessee

89 f350 problems

I have an 89 f350 with the 7.3 non-turbo diesel. The fuel line kept popping off and now the truck will start cold drive a few miles down the road and...

Kylon Bales in Warrensburg, Missouri

International 4300 "check trans" light comes on

ok, so I have 2004 international 4300. Once in a while while I am driving solenoid in my shifter starts to click, then the needles on my gauges...

springer12 in Angoulême, France

Non Starter

Ive got a 2001 Iveco Daily, 2.8 diesel engine that wont start, turns over a treat, but no fuel coming out of injectors. The immobiliser light flashes...

jose ronaldo defensor in Cebu, Philippines

Updated 37 months ago

Iveco 2.5 turbo diesel high oil use - 1 Reply

Hello I have an Iveco 45-10 minibus with a 2.5 turbo diesel. My problem is that it will drink all the oil in the engine in a 25 minute drive....

tztmmy2003 in Oxford, Massachusetts

05 freight liner power comes and goes

I drive an 05 freight liner m2 buisness class straight truck with the mersadies I've been having trouble with power come and going empty loaded up...


02 int. DT466 engine strong till warmed up! HELP!!

Just bought this international 4300 DT466 from dealer used. Took it for its first long trip and felt it burp a couple times while on the interstate...

Spectramal in Snohomish, Washington

'00 intl 4700 t444e with dead throttle

I have a real head scratcher. 2000 International 4700 with a T444E/Auto. Came in with an intermittant dead throttle. Sets most of the 130's codes for...

james vega in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 40 months ago

KBR Wages in Middle East - 7 Replies

I have already sent my resume to KBR, but would like to know some information on mechanics pay rate and how uplifts work, living and working...

horacio2012@*****.*** in Coral Gables, Florida

Updated 42 months ago

2006 Freightliner M2 business class - 2 Replies

My truck lose power and the check engine light comes on but not all the time. I took it to the shop but no codes or error found.It been 2 months...

NIDGE in York, United Kingdom

Updated 42 months ago

iveco 35c11 03 plate - 1 Reply

hi, i have an iveco 2.9 turbo diesel van,has been running fine,i stalled it the other day and since it will not start.Is there a fuel cut out or...

Jerry J in Brookville, Pennsylvania

Updated 44 months ago

start my 2000 international 4700 dt466e - 2 Replies

i just bought an 2000 international 4700 dt466e with no owner manual; i' amtrying to start the engine, but i do not know how to warm the glow plugs,...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 44 months ago

2002 fiat ducato 2.8jtd not starting - 2 Replies

hi i have a 2002 ducato 2.8 jtd, the engine will not start hot or cold unless i use easy start, once its running its perfect, if i turn it off, it...

DAVID in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 46 months ago

Diesel Generator - 1 Reply

I have a Westebeke diesel generator in a boat that will not start I have given in a shot of ether but it will not fire up it cranks but that is it...

Road Rescue Towing in Edmonds, Washington

Is my transmission going out?

I have an automatic 2004 international 4300 dt 466. It started few weeks ago. While driving my rpm needle and speed needle started to wig out ,...

ROBERT in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 47 months ago

Need Side Work - 3 Replies

I have been a Diesel Mechanic for over 20 years.I work full time but off on nights and weekends to do side work.If you know of any work for me Please...


Iveco Daily Minibus 40 c 16

I need to know the consumption rate of an Iveco Daily 40 C 16 with 2.8 litre engine capacity. How many kilometres can be covered by one litre of...

tim in Sydney, Australia

Updated 47 months ago

Injector light on , 2004 Iveco Daily 2.8 diesel - 1 Reply

I have an Iveco Daily 2.8 turbo 2004, it has started blowing fuses due to back brake lights and the injector light comes on shortly after starting....

Avi in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 47 months ago

needs work - 2 Replies

I have over 20 years experience as a diesel mechanic. I live in the Atlanta area and can not buy a job. I have my own tools and ready to go to work.

Mario in Slovakia

Updated 49 months ago

Iveco Unijet 35s 12 Black smoke - 1 Reply

Hi, I have a 53 plate Iveco daily with a black smoke problem, It has had new injectors and a turbo about nine months ago. The van if fine when...

mike d in Dallas, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

What are the best diesel mechanic qualifications and training to get ahead? - 9 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a diesel mechanic? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective diesel...

John in Brooklyn, New York

Difference of 11r22.5 g and h

I have always run 11r 22.5 h series rated for 6610 lbs and my new truck came with 11r22.5 g rating of 6175 lbs. this is a tandem axle and my question...

Scott in Saint Marys, Ontario

466 dt-e engine damage from injector

Recently an injector failed on international 466dt-e. All injectors were replaced within the last 30,000km. One injector was not installed properly,...

Jose Luis in Parkietenbos, Aruba

2005 DT466E leaking oil after long driving or high RMP

Good Morning Every body. I have a DT-466E with 399.950 miles from the year 2005. when you drive long distance or just rush on high RMP and you...

dldjr in Champaign, Illinois

Updated 51 months ago

1996 International 4700 DT444E Engine warn light. - 1 Reply

I have an International 4700 DT444E. She starts right up. Runs strong. Engine warn light comes on and I have no throttle response. The engine does...

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