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Jean in Houston, Texas

100 months ago

I was recently asked via a pre-interview discussion, what network I would be able to bring to the table. I was taken aback as I always understood that in development, you do not take donors with you from one organization to another. Perhaps I misunderstood the question and he was simply asking about the people I worked with rather than the organizations/individual donors that gave to my current organization. Thoughts?

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Unemployed Property Manager in West Palm Beach, Florida

100 months ago

Think it meant your connections inside and outside companies.

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George Krieps in Knoxville, Tennessee

93 months ago

Charitable/philanthropic causes have the same competition for dollars as for-profit companies. All individuals take their previous contacts to new companies. That is what make them more valuable than one arriving from an other type of industry(sales potential or not. Therefore, it is acceptable to use past contacts to raise money/

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Development Professional in Chula Vista, California

69 months ago

People give based on the reputation of the institution therefore these past contacts and networks may or may not be of any real use. It is a red-flag to me when I am asked about previous donors and networks. It is a violation of professional ethics to solicit donors from a previous position.
Donors belong to the institution not the development professional.

A better question would to ask what is your knowledge of the giving community. Although non-profits are in competition for dollars, development professionals are NOT sales people. We don't work on commission.

I would suggest that the non-profit expecting a new employee to bring in his/her own contacts does not fully understand how to develop and expand their donor base and my be in need of
education on the subject.

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KMartin, MBA, CFRE in Irving, Texas

22 months ago

While "people give to people" is true, philanthropy is based on belief in the mission. Deeply-rooted conviction for the cause trumps Bobby Banker, Judy Jr. League & Chuck Chamber's "book of business." Boards, ex-bankers & search firms (new to profession's ethical standards) should know--I can get the appointment with a major foundation or philanthropist, but unless giving criteria is a lock, and they're accepting new charities, etc. gifts won't automatically follow. Gift Officers are not ATMs. Loyal donors are not customers who move whimsically around for the better deal. Nor are school principals, city managers, college presidents & ministers hired with an expectation that students, citizens or flock will follow.

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