new at this and would LOVE some feed back

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Queen of clean in Airdrie, Alberta

52 months ago

Hello guys i'm new here, my position is a dishwasher, never been one before so its very new to me and i would love some help. I had to choose this job because my husbands company got sold and wasn't enough money to keep the family and house going, so, so to speak i needed a job pronto and this was the only thing that would go along with all the at home stuff i have to do (cleaning, kids ect,) and working around my husbands schedule. and to tell you the truth i really like it, coming from doing retail all my life and deal with nasty customers this is a nice relaxing time for me. Only thing is I dont know if im doing a good job. why i say this is because at our restaurant not only do i have to do dishes and put stuff away I also have to "make" water and clean the grill. which is fine by me but... the kitchen guys (who are the only ones that actually know im alive... lfol,..they help me out quite a bit, i will say i do my best and alot of the time i dont take a brake so i can keep up with not to sure if this is what they do for everyone anyways since im new. its been 3 weeks so i got the hang of it but the restaurant closes at 11pm and pretty much get everything done in an hour, including the grill i'll say about 12:15 cause it takes me about 30 mins to clean... im not a big woman and I dont have big muscles lol. Im sure if no one helped me on a somewhat busy day it would take me till 12:30 - 1:00am. is this normal? do kitchen staff usually help out or am I just a pain? i dont ask for help they just volunteer but like i said this is the first time for me and have no idea what to expect, what do you guys think?
I should probably be a little more specific on what they help me with before you guys think i am a complete idiot lol, they help by putting pots and pans away, sweeping and moping the area if im behind, and with that horrible grill (bread grill from pacini's) and sometime and i mean SOMETIMES they help catch up on dishes....

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