Interview Preparation

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming district manager interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Dustin in Denver, Colorado

82 months ago

Assuming that the interviewer is using a behavior based interviewing technique then here are the keys you need to prepare.
1. Know the job description well and identify the top 6 to 10 areas that the employer will be looking for.
2. Prepare your answers do not worry about the questions. What is important is what you tell them what matches what they need and are looking for.
3. Prepare your philosophy first. Then have a great example that will illustrate your ability to execute on this philosophy.
4. Then all that is left is your ability to transition in an interview. Whatever question is asked transition to your Philosophy and then give the outstanding example that will illustrate this philosophy.

In addition here is a great leadership style that gets a great deal of positive responses.
5 steps of accountability:
1. Sell the vision
2. Communicate expectations
3. Transfer Ownership
4. Provide coaching and training
5. Hold accountable to meeting expectations and delivering results (provide recognition and counseling when necessary)

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