How is it being a Dump Truck Driver?

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migsal in miami, Florida

78 months ago

I have a CDL and used to do OTR for two years. My wife got very sick and had to quit. I will like to know people's opinion on being a dump truck driver.
Company driver? Owner operator?


rst dumptruck service in Merritt Island, Florida

78 months ago

if you like to loose every thing you worked for your whole life ,get into the dumptruck business,almost all the companys you work for they take a broker fee or they use your trucks when they might have extra work ,every company requires a million dollars insurance,which cost around500 to 1000 amonth,most of the time you want make anough ,i was on the rode 16 yr i got stupid and sold my semi and bought a dumptruck.

migsal in miami, Florida

78 months ago

thank you for your reply

Gixxer32404 in Tallahassee, Florida

74 months ago

Right now Florida doesn't have a lot of work going on. Hoping I don't lose everything I own.

rino13 in Barberton, Ohio

73 months ago

Dude I have worked for companies for over 15 years! They don't call dump drivers mushrooms for nothing! Thats right these companies keep you the driver in the dark, and feed you poop! There are NO bennifits, the hours are long. There is a start time , and that is the time you have to be on the job, or at the job sight, and travel time is unpaid! Some companies don't pay overtime, as you are an indepandent contractor! They lease you their truck and pay for the upkeep! Quiting time is when the foreskin or stupidvisor signs you out!

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