how long did it take you to get a job as an electronics tech, with your A.S.?

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John Doe in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

85 months ago

I got a job right out of electronics school with Lucent Technologies which later became Alcatel Lucent. I worked there 10 years as an "radio frequency tester" until they closed the plant and outsourced the work to China and Mexico. When I knew they were closing the plant I immediately began a job search and got hired at a local power plant as a control technician before Alcatel Lucent closed their facility. I am thankful that I went to school, it's worked out well for me. I have made a comfortable living. I think the power plant job will last hopefully until I retire.

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George in Port Moody, British Columbia

20 months ago

I guess that if you have a drive to do something to help the society and yourself, your mind will help you focus on tasks that will get you to your goals even you have to relocate and leave some friends and relatives behind. Like another user said, it is useless to have a degree and live in your home city complaining about the job market in your specialty. If you really want to live in your home city then you should learn to do things that are in demand in that area. In life we are hunters and gatherers; if the resources in our area are low or there are too many other hunters, then we need to hunt for something else or hunt somewhere else.
I earned a degree in Civil Engineering back in Europe, nobody gives a dime on it here, but since my passion is electronics, I got jobs in this field for the last 20years, which helped me not only pay my bills but have a decent life. I don't have any degree in electronics; the problem with that is that I am limited to work for smaller companies that usually care about the experience and less about your education. If you have the skill that can help someone to achieve a goal or make money, then you will get the reward. If you have the business drive to help customers with your electronics skills, then it could be a better option to start your own business than wasting money and years of your life chasing a degree that might never get you where you dream of.
In my 14years experience working in Canada, I had to deal with people who got their degrees from big name schools. None of those has the skills to do the job right, but they all expected to earn 20+dollars/hr right out of the school. The strange part was that some of those got hired by the local phone giant and managed to get good pay based on that education. Which always made me wonder about the work quality these people provide.

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Sheen Matthews in Singapore, Singapore

20 months ago

When the economy started to show troubling signs, many decided to skip college and join the workforce earlier.

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