Where can I find Enteprise Architects for hire?

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Moira Branigan in Rochester, New York

32 months ago

I'm a technical recruiter seeking Enterprise Architects for hire. We're an IBM consulting company in Rochester NY and have clients all over western NY state, and I'd like to be able to connect with people in this field - without posting a job ad. Are there any professional associations, user groups, LinkedIn groups that I should check into? If you've been recruited before, what was the clincher that made you decide to take the offer?
Thanks for your time!

MSEA CEA(FEAF) CEA(DODAF) in Falls Church, Virginia

9 months ago

A|ea is the association of enterprise architects. They have a journal.

FEAC Institute and Zachman train most EAs. You probably cannot get an alumni list, but any alum can send out emails to the group.

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