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Jivan jot

Updated 1 day ago

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!! - 844 Replies

[QUOTE who="antonettesanjose in San Jose, California"]Hi Estegirl, May I have the studyguide too? please?[/QUOTE] Can...

Adnan Abbas

Updated 4 days ago

New Jersey State Board Exam - 266 Replies

Hey Im taking my cosmetology exam tomorrow in East Brunswick NJ. Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions? What to look for or do during the...

Boutique Owner

Updated 6 days ago

Massage Envy Now Offering Facials - 2 Replies

Its great to finally read something positive about ME. How is the training for the newly hired Esthetician? Did you have to do a facial at the...


Updated 6 days ago

do i have to wax to get the job? - 44 Replies

[QUOTE who="Vivian T in Oakland, California"]Look , this is the stupid judjment that you have for people who don't want to see people private...


Best schools in Chicago?

Hi All! I am looking to attend a school in the Chicago area but I am really have a hard time figuring out which schools here have a solid and...

Mukhalad Zidan

Updated 15 days ago




Updated 17 days ago

RN Nurse or Esthetician? - 612 Replies

AFFORDABLE PLASTIC AND COSMETIC SURGERY WITHIN AND ABROAD To start up the new year looking your best International Society of Aesthetic Plastic...

Future Business in Shawnee, Kansas

Updated 28 days ago

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! - 127 Replies

I need help!!! I need advice concerning medical esthetics.,(I do have bachelor degree in food science), but I realy want to have a job in skin care,...

Britney in Milton, Delaware

Updated 1 month ago

Licensed Cometologist but wants to become a esthetician - 34 Replies

Hi!If anyone can help me out on a little information!I have been licensed as a cosmetologist for 3yrs,but now im looking into esthetician...Do i have...

gypsy in Navarre, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

EUROPEAN WAX CENTER -??? - 21 Replies

Did you or anyone you know ever work for this place called European Wax center? I am reading reviews about it but not seeing any info on what its...

Skincare girl 12 in West Chicago, Illinois

Updated 1 month ago

Is being an Esthetician as bad as everyone is making it sound? - 113 Replies

I have a bachelors degree and for the past 5 years been working in an industry that I really hate. I've been looking into advanced degrees but skin...

Fa in Clarksburg, Maryland

Updated 1 month ago

Difference between medical esthetician and others - 624 Replies

I'm planning on going to school for estetics after i'm done with cosmetology school in Alaksa. My question is whats the difference between medical...

Daners in San Diego, California

Updated 2 months ago

Thinking about getting my Esthetician license but totally grossed out by extractions - 1 Reply

Okay so I went into this idea that I would be able to get my license and didn't even think about extractions. I watched a Youtube video and almost...

Shakita in Alabama

Updated 2 months ago

Practical Exam pointers - 252 Replies

Hi! I will be taking the stateboard exam in 2 weeks, and need some help from newly license Estheticians. Can you please give me details on what to...

alex in Parlin, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

Questions re: Licenses for Eyelash Extensions - 1 Reply

Does anyone know for the state of New Jersey if you need 1. Cosmetology or 2. Esthetician (skin care) to be able to apply eyelash extensions on...

pebbegirl414 in Bay Area, California

Updated 2 months ago

SAHM Wondering Whether To Return to Esthetics - 2 Replies

Hello Fellow Esthys, I have been an Esthetician for over 20 years. I am now in my late 40's. I had a moderatley successful career working in...

Brooklyn R in Pilot Point, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Licensed medical esthetician - 266 Replies

I have been an esthetician for about 3 years now and am ready to go to the next level and become a licensed medical esthetician. How do I go about...

Rebecca1120 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 2 months ago

CA State Board Exam Uniform Requirements? - 671 Replies

I just got my date to take the California State Board Exam and the instructions say that you must wear a uniform, but they don't specify what the...

Rebecca1120 in Los Angeles, California

Ca Esthetician state board exam ( Practical exam )

I just got my NEVADA ESTHETICIAN license 2days ago and I want to get licensed in ca now while all my info is fresh in my brain. I have questions on...

AlyKat16 in Silver Spring, Maryland

Esthetician Schools in DMV

Hi! I'm really interested in going to school for esthetics this coming year. I visited Graham Webb and its awesome, but they have a 900$ fee that...

ldisalvo8 in Roseburg, Oregon

Updated 3 months ago

Massage Therapist Esthetician Dual License? - 18 Replies

I am currently in MT school. I am considering going to Esthetician school when I am finished. I am interested in skin care ie.. facials etc.. but I...

michelle21689 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Updated 3 months ago

Leave corporate job for the beauty industry? - 1 Reply

Hello, everyone. I'm exploring different career paths, I don't think office jobs are for me. My job has good benefits, pay, and shorter hours than...

Master Cosmetologisy in Reno, Nevada

Updated 3 months ago

Cosmetologist to Esthetician? - 85 Replies

I am currently a licensed cosmetologist and I want to start a career as an esthetician. Is there any short-term courses that may be able to get me...

Bryanna in California

Updated 3 months ago

marketing ideas for new skin therapists - 2 Replies

I rent a skincare room in a beauty supply store and needed to build a client base. The following are two things I did to build a client base. If you...

aday in Leesburg, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

Ideas for Open House for a new spa - 13 Replies

Hi, I would like any feedback I can get on preparing for an open house, we are starting a new medical spa, with Environ products. Marketing,...

crose8 in Long Beach, California

Updated 4 months ago

State Board Exam for California - 1 Reply

Hi!! Im taking Esthetics Practical & Written in a few weeks. Can someone assist me with pointers & possible advice on where I can find study material...

MizSunshine in Huntington Station, New York

Which school for NY Waxing License - Atelier or Christine Valmy?

Hello all, I know conversations are all over this forum about which school is best for the Esthetician course, But what about the 75 hour waxing...

mrs_ap in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

Choosing AVEDA Institute Nyc was the the most horrible mistake I made! - 4 Replies

I gonna give you the most honest review you're gonna get here online!! If you're undecided about choosing which school you wanna go to READ THIS.I...

Lubna Hussain in Roswell, Georgia

Help moving from Toronto to Atlanta Georgia

I just completed over 1200 as a master esthetician in Toronto, Ontario, I am also CIDESCO qualified. I am moving back to Georgia. In Ontario you do...

Lubna Hussain in Roswell, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

Transfering an Esthetics license - 172 Replies

I have a Esthetician license for Ohio and may be relocating to Pennsylvania. Does anyone know if you can transfer a license? Ohio requires 600...

Dawn in Lake Mary, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

Quality Esthetician Schools in Orlando, Florida? - 124 Replies

I am trying to find out what esthetician programs in Orlando are the best. There is an Aveda Institute, which is known for being a great program,...

ESI in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 6 months ago

Schools in Atlanta - 290 Replies

I may start attending a esthetics program in Atlanta, can anyone comment on his/her esthetic training program in ATL?

Soraya in Lilburn, Georgia

Updated 6 months ago

Esthetics in the United Kingdom/England - 28 Replies

Does anyone know anything regarding estheticians from the U.S. transferring to the U.K. and if transferring is possible? Does anyone know what the...

Lissa in Upland, California

Medical esthetician

I am a licensed esthetician and have been for 6 years now. I've been trying to get into medical esthetics, which I have no medical spa experience,...

Teresa in San Diego, California

Updated 6 months ago

Enrolling in School Soon--Basic Esthetician or the "Master" Esthetitcian License? - 4 Replies

The school I'm looking at (Bellus Academy in San Diego) offers a program for basic esthetics and a program for master esthetics. The master program...

Diane Buccola in San Diego, California

Estheticians Are a Girl's Best Friend (book)

The world of esthetics has evolved dramatically since I got my license 17 years ago. The public is confused by the conflicting information they find...

missmaxie79 in Englewood, Colorado

National Esthetics Instructor available for your teaching needs.

I am a freelance nationwide esthetic instructor. I am currently working with Sanita's and Epilfree teaching workshops and would love to add more...

wondering in missouri in Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri

esitician schol

My wife is in school but i feel the school shes in is nothing but a sweat shop your required to get your own clients to get your hours in the...

natashad123 in California, California

Updated 7 months ago

Boom or bust? - 337 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most esthetician...

rsp6321 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

Questions related to becoming a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Florida - 3 Replies

Hello, my name is Wendi, and I have recently decided that I would like to go to school to become an esthetician. I have done a lot of research...

jssay in Illinois

Updated 7 months ago

Average starting salary - 388 Replies

I'm a teacher and earn 43k after 7 years in the profession. Can soemone tell me what I'm looking at starting at during my first year in esthetics. ...

Kim K in Melbourne Beach, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

Can a Medical Esthetician inject Botox in Pennsylvania? - 69 Replies

I'm starting school to become a medical esthetician. My goal is to work in a plastic surgeon's office. Can an esthetician legally inject Botox in...

Sabrina in Valley Cottage, New York

Updated 8 months ago

Aveda Institute or Atelier Institute in New York??? - 209 Replies

I've been looking into school in New York and I'm not sure which one to attend. Anybody have any feedback on the Aveda Institute or Atelier Institute...

Suni in Valley Cottage, New York

Updated 8 months ago

need recommendation to study in beauty school for Esthetics in New York city - 2 Replies

kindly recommend me a good beauty school as I am interested in studying Aesthetics . i need a school which make me well prepare for state licence...

Patrice wilcher in Modesto, California

Updated 8 months ago

Does anybody know anything about Adrian's Beauty College (Turlock, Modesto, Tracy) in CA? - 6 Replies

I live in Tracy, CA, and I am interested in a esthetician's program. Does anyone have any comments about Adrian's Beauty College (Modesto, Turlock,...

Resina in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Updated 9 months ago

esthetician exam - 569 Replies

Can anybody give me a heads up on what I should focus on for the California Exam? Thank you so much!

MelaniKai in Santa Cruz, California

Updated 9 months ago

School, license, travel - 5 Replies

My background: I obtained my Esthetician license in Florida (300 hours of school). I have been working in the field for 3 years now. I just moved...

abbigailacruz in Texas City, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Wha is the point of selling laser hair removal so cheap? - 5 Replies

I have been so frustrated with how cheap laser packages are being sold on groupon etc. it literally costs the business money to do these services at...

Zappin in SIC, New York

Updated 10 months ago

What should I expect - 1 Reply

i feel like I have so many questions that I don't even know where to start. I guess my biggest curiosity is, how does it all work once you're...

debora in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Jobs in the west coast of Florida

Hi. I am relocating to the west coast. I was wondering how business is in that area...Sarasota Naples north port.....port Charlotte etc... Hospedagem...

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