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jennifer schrupp

Updated 1 day ago

Is being an Esthetician as bad as everyone is making it sound? - 109 Replies

Hi, as far as I believe one can go places in this field if one has it in him/her. But before choosing this as a career option, you must be aware of...


Updated 1 day ago

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!! - 684 Replies

[QUOTE who="batricia rossin in Miami, Florida"][/QUOTE] Hello I would greatly appreciate it....


Updated 7 days ago

Suggestions on a good facial machine for acne? - 23 Replies

The Nu Skin Facial Spa is excellent for acne as long as you are not picking at the skin. Remember this is current and you do not want to use it with...

Rachel Estho

Updated 9 days ago

Esthetics in the United Kingdom/England - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Linda in Santa Ana, California"]Hi Nicola, I am in California and half way through the Esthetician program here...My husband is from...


Updated 10 days ago

Laser hair removal technician - 22 Replies

Hi! Carrie Ray, please let me have your e mail address and which state are based


Updated 11 days ago

Aesthetic programs in St. Louis? - 62 Replies

I would look into the Skin Institute over Xenon, you may want to look into doing some more research on medical estheticians in the St Louis area as...


Updated 12 days ago

RN Nurse or Esthetician? - 623 Replies

[QUOTE who="E in Ocean Springs, Mississippi"]I have been working as a medical esthetic nurse for 5 years with a plastic surgeon. I had 15 years ER...


Updated 13 days ago

Taking Esthetician exam in Hawaii moved from Michigan Need State Laws and Rules section for Hawaii - 7 Replies

could u sent to me something i can learn esthetican exam in hawaii,thanks


Updated 13 days ago

Becoming a Skin care Representative - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Adrie Buchanan in Salt Lake City, Utah"]I have been working and quite successful as an esthetician for almost 4 years now, and am ready...


Question about Basic/Master Esthetician distinction and waxing in Washington, DC

Hi all, my wife got her (basic) license last month and started working in a DC spa. Last night we were trying to figure out what she is and isn't...


How profitable is a spa focusing on skin/massage?

I'm in the corporate world and although I make decent money I've always wanted to start my own business. I guess it's a part of my family since...


Updated 1 month ago

Schools in Atlanta - 289 Replies

[QUOTE who="Carrie in Alpharetta, Georgia"]I'm thinking of attending one of these schools but am concerned about the job market. Is it difficult to...


Updated 1 month ago

Esthetician Schools in Denver - national accreditation - 1 Reply

I have also been researching esthetician schools in the Denver area. So far, I've found the Denver school of botanical aesthetics to be the most...


Updated 1 month ago

Having a very hard time - 1 Reply

Back to the former admissions recruiter. When I was thinking of enrolling, I had also made sure to mention my sole reason for looking into this...


Updated 1 month ago

Burke Williams in California - 11 Replies

what is the training like at Burke Williams for a massage therapist it a of hands on or just a lot of book work ?


Updated 1 month ago

Help...PRACTICAL examination!?? - 33 Replies

Can anyone tell me about how long the whole exam for boards takes?


Updated 1 month ago


I have the Mock Exam Questionnaire that will guarantee your passing this test. email me at

mel reynolds

Updated 1 month ago

esthetician exam - 568 Replies

Hi there- I graduated in 2007 but never took my boards! I'm finally going to do it but definitely have to be refreshed. Question, when it says...

experienced esthetician

Updated 1 month ago

Is it a good or bad time to be an esthetician? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="experienced esthetician in Elk Grove Village, Illinois"]It's the best career I've chosen tons of jobs in Chicago with great pay. So many...

Saeed Hamid

The Spa Therapist Marketing App Lifetime Free Membership Offer

Hi, I just released my Spa Therapist Marketing App in the App Store, you can see more details in my website Also, I'm going...

Cheryl Harper Lovett

Updated 2 months ago

Average starting salary - 420 Replies

[QUOTE who="Me in Puyallup, Washington"]That laser school is abso;utely unnessecary! I work for an well known laser company. They taught me...


Updated 2 months ago

Laser Certification? - 17 Replies

I've been interested in becoming a Laser Medical Technican(LMT) I would be greatful for someone with experience to answer my questions. Thank you...

Dorothy Henry10

Updated 2 months ago

Medical Esthetician School - any recommendations in San Francsico or California??? - 306 Replies

To find out what a career has in store for you, I suggest turning to a government website like Other than that. I'd suggest enrolling a...


Updated 2 months ago

Advanced Waxing Courses. - 31 Replies

[QUOTE who="the facial room in La Mirada, California"]Hi Denise, Try Grace Albert Aesthetics. They are a brow design and waxing academy,...

Updated 2 months ago

Practical Exam pointers - 246 Replies


Beauty Enthusiast

Updated 2 months ago

Advice/help choosing best Esthetics program - 1 Reply

You can visit


Updated 2 months ago

Transfering an Esthetics license - 171 Replies

I'm moving to Az worked In Oregon as an aesthetician for 23 years. Will I have to go back to school for the extra hours AZ request?


Updated 3 months ago

Licensed medical esthetician - 262 Replies

Thanks for all the great info ladies and gentleman, I have seen a lot of great angles and clearly am getting the impression that at this point...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard

Updated 3 months ago

Needing advice! - 75 Replies

My opinion is that you research the pass rate of all schools you are considering (which is often available online....or just ask the school), and...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard

Updated 3 months ago

business name. please help. - 1 Reply

The best advice I ever got was from a spa consultant 15 years ago. I threw away all of the wonderful creative names that I was considering when she...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard

Updated 3 months ago

Question from a newbie esty - 1 Reply

There are so many wonderful (and affordable) ways to expand your knowledge in this business. Trade shows are the best, I think. You payd $25 or so...


Updated 3 months ago

CA State Board Exam Uniform Requirements? - 695 Replies

If anyone knows of anyone who is offering state board practical prep and/or lessons please let me know. The exam has changed since I was in school...


Updated 3 months ago

Are there male Estheticians? and Do they have problems finding a job? - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Craig S in San Francisco, California"]Being a male esthetician can be a big plus if you have a good touch with awesome skills and most...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard

Estheticians must wear gloves (OSHA -Bloodborne Pathogen Standard)

We are talking about this subject on SpaBizBoard and on Happy Esthetician FB page, so I thought I would bring it here too. It's a super hot topic...


Esthetician school in STL

Any esthetician students in STL? I'm debating on what school to go to and looking for actual reviews and advice. I'm looking at Skin Institute and...

Deborah Werner

Not being paid for Spa Services

To all my fellow estheticians/Spa employees/employers out there. Almost a year ago I took a position as a license esthetician in a local day spa and...


Updated 3 months ago

las vegas schools - 47 Replies

I currently attend the esti program at marinello in Henderson. I hate it there. I am thinking of transferring to Aveda but I have no idea how that...

Intelligent Partners

Updated 3 months ago

schools in Chicago- thinking I need to switch - 89 Replies

English/Math/Biology/ICT Teacher (Chicago) compensation: Salary range USD 5,700 -- 7,100 (depending upon experience) Intelligent Partners is the...


Updated 4 months ago

Difference between medical esthetician and others - 619 Replies

Hello, My name is Destiny Webb I'm an esthetician in Jacksonville, FL and I have 1200 hrs worth of training and is extremely interested more in...

Kyra Locnikar

Updated 4 months ago

Dermaplaning - 92 Replies

[QUOTE who="Audrey Penksa in Scottsdale, Arizona"]I'm very new to Aesthetics about to start school in July at the International Academy College of...


Updated 4 months ago

rental or employment - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="sasha in Orlando, Florida"]I graduated in august this year and have been on a few courses after that, to try and keep up my skills. My...


Best Places for A New Esthetician to Apply in NY, NJ, PA

I am about to graduate soon and I am looking for the best place a new Esthetician can apply to in NY, NJ, PA and best advice to get your foot in the...


Updated 5 months ago


Here is the link...

Updated 6 months ago

Seeking An Esthetician Apprenticeship - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Donna in Newport Beach, California"]I got my esthetician lic in Ca 5 years ago! I want nothing more than to be working in this industry!...


Help with passing the Washington State Esthetician Practical Exam

I keep failing the practical exam and I have NO IDEA why. If anyone can give me any tips on what they are looking for or any resources of where I...


Updated 6 months ago

Interested in Esthiology& Med Esthiology - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="deblong in Washington, Illinois"][/QUOTE] Hi! I'm reading all of your comments and find this fascinating! I'm always looking in the...

glorene dixon

Updated 6 months ago

Schools in AZ - 98 Replies

You have a waiting list for an online program? Is the online portion pending approval?


Updated 6 months ago

Practical exam - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="TC in Frisco, Texas"]I recently graduated back in August What is your email address?[/QUOTE] Thank you.



Would love to find someone that would love to pair up and study the practical test with. I'm in Addison. But anyone in the Dallas area will...


cosmetology study gide

I have a study guide that I used to study for my cosmetology state board test and if you want it just email me at

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