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KathyHernandez in Houston, Texas

Laser hair/tattoo removal

Hi im kat and looking for more information regarding schooling for laser hair and tattoo removal. Is there any local schools in houston or...

jewles263 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Questions related to becoming a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Florida - 2 Replies

Hello, my name is Wendi, and I have recently decided that I would like to go to school to become an esthetician. I have done a lot of research...

ayano2nanno in Tacoma, Washington

HELP?! Career Interview!

Hey guys! I'm a 10th grade student in high school right now, and I need to interview an adult about their job which might be a particular career or...

AGRusco in Port Orchard, Washington

Esthetics Programs in Tacoma/Seattle, WA?

Can anyone recommend a school in the Tacoma, Seattle area? I am very interested in signing up for a Esthetics program this January. I have applied...

LoveSkincare in absecon, New Jersey

How do you end your treatments....

What do you say at the end of your treatments? I always say how do you feel? They say great. Then I ask how does your skin feel? What do you say...

Jessica in Rogers, Arkansas

Updated 31 months ago

Choosing a school to become an Esthetician/Medical Aesthetician - 9 Replies

I am currently looking into schools to become an Esthetician/Medical Esthetician. The top two that I am interested in is Marinello and Paul Mitchell,...

Ras123 in Montgomery Village, Maryland

career in cosmetology in MD

Hello...Everyone....I wish anyone can help me with some info..I am looking to get trained in esthetics. I wish to get a license in cosmetology.I 'm...

perkeylady in Prattville, Alabama


I am looking for a school in montgomery,al to become a esthetician if you know of one please let me know so far I will ned to go thur the cosmetology...

Nicole in Collingswood, New Jersey

Updated 32 months ago

licensed to do scalp massage? - 9 Replies

I was wondering if estheticians are licensed to do scalp massages, and paraffin on the hands?

Nicole in Collingswood, New Jersey

Updated 32 months ago

Waxing License? - 26 Replies

I just read on Atelier's website that they have a 75-hour course to obtain a waxing license in the state of New York (

Ras123 in Montgomery Village, Maryland

looking a career as a esthetician...

Hello...Everyone....I wish anyone can help me with some info..I am looking to get trained in esthetics. I wishto get a license in cosmetology.I 'm...

lizkin33 in Forest Hills, New York

From Esthetician to a Medical Esthetician

hello...anyone can help me with some info..I am looking to get trained in medical esthetics. I have a license in cosmetology, some experience in...

Romi Clav in Miami, Florida

Updated 32 months ago

Is it just hard for me or is there really no jobs out there for estheticians in Florida??? - 3 Replies

I am a recently graduated Full Specialist in Skin Care and Nails and I have been looking for a job for about 2 months now in a spa or medical office...

eevers in Elkridge, Maryland

Any recommendations for esthetics /aesthetics training in Maryland?

I live near the Columbia area in Maryland and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a training institute for esthetics. I dont want to have to...

EducatedEsthetician in California

Updated 33 months ago

How to apply for jobs with a temporary permit? - 1 Reply

Hi guys I would really appreciate the help...when applying for a job and they ask you on the application if you have a liscense/ certification in...

Raestar1 in Sacramento, California

Whats required to become a Aesthetician in California?

I heard that you have to get your RN license but I don't want to do that, so I was just wondering. I want to be an esthetician and be able to use...

toytracker in Westlake, Ohio

Finding Medical Assistant/Paramedical Esthetician

What are the best ways to find a medical assistant who is also a paramedical esthetician?

PK in Gothenburg, Nebraska

Updated 33 months ago

C.I.D.E.S.C.O certification vs NCEA Certification - 4 Replies

I'm new to the Aesthetics field and have heard alot about CIDESCO certification. When researching schools in AZ i came across Arizona Aesthetics...

sarahwooty in Somewhere, Virginia

Updated 33 months ago

TX Practical Exam Questions - 2 Replies

Hello! I moved from SC > TX almost a year ago. My SC esthy license doesn't transfer so I have to retest. But.. the exam is slightly different. I have...

Denise Carstairs in Portland, Oregon

Updated 33 months ago

Estheticians in Portland? - 7 Replies

Hi, I work in a fairly high-paying but incredibly stressful office job & am considering a new career in esthetics. I'd love to chat with someone...

Shirley T in Montebello, California

Updated 34 months ago

Getting your foot in the door as an Esthetician - 6 Replies

In a few months I am going to go to the Aveda Institute for esthetics as well as massage therapy. My big passion is with esthetics. However, I have...


Practicing Laser Hair Removal in Georgia

Im interested in taking a laser hair removal class in Texas, I currently reside in Georgia. Do I have to become an esthetician before being able to...

loyalcustomer in Brundidge, Alabama

Updated 34 months ago

Good mineral make up? - 24 Replies

Hello everyone!! I am in need of a good mineral make up line for the on site beaty business I have....I have searched the internet and the only real...

lexyrose in san francisco, California

Updated 34 months ago

SFIC or Cinta Aveda both in San Francisco - 5 Replies

Are there any season estheticians out there who would like to comment if they been to either schools? I'm debating on which one to enroll. I "hear"...

Lekisha in Flint, Michigan

Updated 34 months ago

Esthetician schools Florida vs, Georgia - 13 Replies

i am looking for info or feedback from anyone who has taken their testing in Florida and who has moved to Georgia. I know the initial required hours...

TB in Austin Texas in Austin, Texas

Looking for a good school to become an Esthetician here in Austin.

I just recently decided to change careers and I became interested in becoming an Esthetician. I have been researching schools but Im not sure how to...

missy in Englewood, Colorado

Updated 34 months ago

Practical colorado - 3 Replies

Hello. I recently took my practical for esthetics in Colorado and failed! I failed because I did not properly drape my mannequin's chest. That was...

linda in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 34 months ago

CIDESCO training and other training - 5 Replies

I am looking at St. Paul College for CIDESCO training.Do employers really want the CIDESCO training? Also where do you get advanced training and...

Thalia in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 35 months ago

instructor classes - 1 Reply

How do I go about taking the classes to become an instructor? Does anyone know out there?

goingbacktocali in Waipahu, Hawaii

Waxing Specialists/Estheticians in the Bay much do you make?

I'm relocating to the bay after living in Hawaii and working as a waxing specialist. I'll be taking my exam on October 15...I just wanted to know if...

Madeleine in San Francisco, California

Employment Application Questions

Hello! I graduated just last month and passed my board exams. I am ready to start looking for work as an esthetician here in San Francisco, CA. My...

shopamamma in Long Branch, New Jersey

Questions re: Licenses for Eyelash Extensions

Does anyone know for the state of New Jersey if you need 1. Cosmetology or 2. Esthetician (skin care) to be able to apply eyelash extensions on...

Judy in Garland, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

do i have to wax to get the job? - 42 Replies

im interested in becoming an esthetician but not so interested in doing brazilian waxes, etc. small areas okay. would this really limit my job...

LauraLizzie in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Updated 35 months ago

Is it difficult to find a job? - 2 Replies

I really want to go back to school to become an esthetician however, I am worried about being able to find a job. I am willing to work hard but are...

Thalia in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 35 months ago

Job Satisfaction - 4 Replies

I am trying to gather information about esthiology from people who know it best- the people working in the field! I am considering a career switch,...

KM in Newnan, Georgia

Updated 35 months ago

Cosmetology or Esthetics course? - 4 Replies

I was originally wanting to enroll in the National Laser Institute in Dallas for the 2 week laser program. I spoke w/ the school and they informed me... in Ormond Beach, Florida

florida licensing

Can anyone please tell me if I can change my N.Y. estetics license to Florida. I can't seem to find any information on it. I just moved to Florida a...

sarah in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

Estheticians insurance dor eyelash extensions - 5 Replies

Does anyone have a recommendation for incurance that covers eyelash extensions?

lpt in Bakersfield, California

Updated 35 months ago

Esthetics Income in Southern California - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm new to SoCal and I'm looking for a position in a high-end spa. Kate Somerville, Bliss, Destination Hotels, etc. I'm looking for therapists...

ERICA in Hemet, California

Updated 35 months ago

Esthecians on cruise ships - 20 Replies

Have any worked as a esthetician on a cruise ship. When I complete school I would have earned a licence in both massage therapy and esthics....give...


Updated 35 months ago

California State Board Supplies - 28 Replies

Hello, I just moved to CA and need to take the CA state test. In the things to bring, it says "1 oz water soluable wax, and wax heater." Does...

kfiene in Santa Fe, Tennessee

Updated 35 months ago

Licensed esthetican having trouble finding a job - 3 Replies

Hello all i would just like some advise on what to do i am a licensed esthetican in the state of south carolina i have been licensed for about a yr...

kfiene in Santa Fe, Tennessee

Updated 35 months ago

job market in tn - 20 Replies

What does the job market in tn look like? I want to know before I start school next month. Any help is appreciated!!

Mellie in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 35 months ago

estethic schools in Los Angeles - 3 Replies

Hello, I am moving from Northern California to Los Angeles. What is the best school to attend in LA to become licensed? Is the Santa Monica City...

Thalia in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 35 months ago

Esthetician Schools in Indianapolis - 2 Replies

Are there any schools in the Indianapolis area that offer esthetic training only?

Tammy Kelly in Littleton, North Carolina

Good Esthetics school in NC

I am about to enroll in an Esthetics course at Aveda in Chapel Hill and was doing some research to see if anyone else has gone through their program...

Ashlie in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Miladys Standard Fundementals of Esthetics Textbook

I am curious if anyone has there text books still that would like to sell them. I no longer have my copies and I would like to have them back without...

Jaime in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

Retaking the practical

Hello, I let my license lapse for more than 5 years and in PA I have to retake just the practical part. Since it's been 15 years since I took it,...

sal in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 36 months ago

aging - 4 Replies

Can an experienced esthetician who is over 55 get a job doing facials in Charlotte nc or are they inclined to hire more youthful talent?

Misty in Westlake Village, California

Private Instruction for CA State Exam - Thousand Oaks Area

I am looking for private instruction for the Calif State Board Exam for Estheticians. I had my license in Calif about 20 years ago, but let it lapse...

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