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Donna in Boston, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Ideas for Open House for a new spa - 12 Replies

Hi, I would like any feedback I can get on preparing for an open house, we are starting a new medical spa, with Environ products. Marketing,...

Kim C. in Grapevine, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Laser hair removal technician - 20 Replies

Hello! I'm a licensed esthetician and want to look into becoming a laser hair removal technician, I spoke to a admissions rep at ATI in dallas...

Master Cosmetologist in Reno, Nevada

Updated 9 months ago

Cosmetologist to Esthetician? - 77 Replies

I am currently a licensed cosmetologist and I want to start a career as an esthetician. Is there any short-term courses that may be able to get me...

Kate_T in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 10 months ago

esthetic instructor - 44 Replies

I am currently a licensed esthetician. I am contemplating going back to school to become an esthetics teacher. I am not finding ANY info. on the...

APeterson in San Jose, California

Sanitizing mask brushes

I just read on state board meeting minutes that UV sanitizer is not an approved method, must be soaked in wet sanitizer. I find this melts the...

APeterson in San Jose, California

Body scrubs body wraps

Does anyone regulate body scrubs and wraps in California? I learned in school and have always done them, but I heard someone got fined for having it...

Amy in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 11 months ago

Esthetician Schools (Florida) - 13 Replies

I am looking into schools and programs in Tampa FL. Does anyone out there have any advice?

veen1971 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 11 months ago

Preparing to take the NC State Board Exam in Esthiology - 1 Reply

It has been almost 3yrs since I graduated from the Aveda Institute in Charlotte NC. I am preparing to finally take my practically exam to get my...

Just AJ in Sun City, California

Updated 11 months ago

Can I catch herpes? - 7 Replies

Can i catch herpes while giving a facial? If someone has a crusted over lesion? Thanks

squidgetpj in Kannapolis, North Carolina

Updated 12 months ago

Esthetician Schools in Charlotte NC - 7 Replies

I live in Charlotte and would like to attend a school that offers esthetician training. Does anyone know of some good training schools in Charlotte...

Teresa Pyle in Tinley Park, Illinois

Updated 12 months ago

State Board Practical & Exam - 40 Replies

I moved from California to Atlanta. Ca does not reciprocate with Ga. I will probably be forced to take the state board exam and practical again! I...

SarahAntos in Walkersville, Maryland

Updated 12 months ago

Suggestions on a good facial machine for acne? - 23 Replies

I have my esthetic business in my home and I am ready to look into getting a good "machine" for acne, as much as I like facails, I don't want to do...

lola333 in st louis, Missouri

Updated 12 months ago

Aesthetic programs in St. Louis? - 62 Replies

Ive only checked out xenon and Salon professional spa so far and just got the numbers to the skin institute and Aesthetics inst. of st. louis. does...

carol in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 12 months ago

Taking Esthetician exam in Hawaii moved from Michigan Need State Laws and Rules section for Hawaii - 7 Replies

Trying to locate the state laws for Hawaii esthetician exam I just moved to Hawaii from Michigan were I studied and need to get my hands on the...

SB in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Becoming a Skin care Representative - 17 Replies

I have seen almost every major product line give a presentation. I find the French lines have wonderful technique and training but I do not like...

jtron1 in Washington, District of Columbia

Question about Basic/Master Esthetician distinction and waxing in Washington, DC

Hi all, my wife got her (basic) license last month and started working in a DC spa. Last night we were trying to figure out what she is and isn't...

Mish in Columbus, Ohio

How profitable is a spa focusing on skin/massage?

I'm in the corporate world and although I make decent money I've always wanted to start my own business. I guess it's a part of my family since...

Voyager333 in Roswell, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

Schools in Atlanta - 289 Replies

I may start attending a esthetics program in Atlanta, can anyone comment on his/her esthetic training program in ATL?

Djmfry in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 13 months ago

Esthetician Schools in Denver - national accreditation - 1 Reply

I need help with deciding between esthetician schools in the Denver area. I plan on moving to the area and have visited the Aveda school there which...

Squeebs in Kearns, Utah

Updated 13 months ago

Having a very hard time - 1 Reply

Ok where to start. I currently a licensed nail technician, only having been licensed for a couple of years primarily working on family and...

justjess in Los Angeles, California

Updated 13 months ago

Burke Williams in California - 11 Replies

I have move back to LA and am wondering if anyone has worked fo Burke Williams Spa. They are ALWAYS hiring so I am curious why they always have...

Nelle in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Help...PRACTICAL examination!?? - 33 Replies

HELP! I’m a recent graduate from Basic Skin Care and am licensed by the state of Florida. I moved back home to PA after college and found out I now...

mel reynolds in galena, Illinois

Updated 13 months ago

esthetician exam - 568 Replies

Can anybody give me a heads up on what I should focus on for the California Exam? Thank you so much!

experienced esthetician in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

Is it a good or bad time to be an esthetician? - 20 Replies

I am signing up for school tomorrow to be an esthetician. I am nervous with the economy. Can somebody let me know what is going on out there right...

Saeed Hamid in Naperville, Illinois

The Spa Therapist Marketing App Lifetime Free Membership Offer

Hi, I just released my Spa Therapist Marketing App in the App Store, you can see more details in my website Also, I'm going...

Al in Bayside, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Laser Certification? - 17 Replies

Hi! Does anyone have any information on how to acquire my laser certification in AZ? I called one of the schools, and it was almost $9,000 for 2...

Dorothy Henry10 in San Francisco, California

Updated 14 months ago

Medical Esthetician School - any recommendations in San Francsico or California??? - 306 Replies

I am a current cosmetologist wanting to become a medical esthetician. Do I need to become a esthetician before attending medical esthetics...

Beauty Enthusiast in California

Updated 15 months ago

Advice/help choosing best Esthetics program - 1 Reply

I have been interested in esthetics since I was a teen. It was my 1st choice for continuing my education after HS graduation but with everyone else I...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard in San Jose, California

Updated 15 months ago

Needing advice! - 75 Replies

Hi! I am still in the process of narrowing down esthetician schools to see which one I would like to attend (if you know of any good ones in the...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard in San Jose, California

Updated 15 months ago

business name. please help. - 1 Reply

I am stuck trying to decide between a few business names. I'm not sure how marketable they are and would be grateful for input. I thought of phoenix...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard in San Jose, California

Updated 15 months ago

Question from a newbie esty - 1 Reply

Hello I am new to the esty world, I haven't even been licensed for a year yet and I feel like I know so little. What is the best places to learn new...

timothy in Long Beach, California

Updated 15 months ago

Are there male Estheticians? and Do they have problems finding a job? - 22 Replies

My brofriend is looking into the esthetician program, while waiting for the nursing program. He wants to do the botox and laser after he gets his rn...

Diane Buccola/SpaBizBoard in San Jose, California

Estheticians must wear gloves (OSHA -Bloodborne Pathogen Standard)

We are talking about this subject on SpaBizBoard and on Happy Esthetician FB page, so I thought I would bring it here too. It's a super hot topic...

Alishanh in Washington, Missouri

Esthetician school in STL

Any esthetician students in STL? I'm debating on what school to go to and looking for actual reviews and advice. I'm looking at Skin Institute and...

Deborah Werner in New York

Not being paid for Spa Services

To all my fellow estheticians/Spa employees/employers out there. Almost a year ago I took a position as a license esthetician in a local day spa and...

copper2steel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 16 months ago

las vegas schools - 46 Replies

hi guys! i'm torn between the aveda institute of las vegas, ethan taylor, and euphoria. if anybody knows anything about these schools or any other...

Intelligent Partners in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 16 months ago

schools in Chicago- thinking I need to switch - 88 Replies

I am currently taking classes at a school in chicago. It's a horrible school, teachers don't teach, they don't supervise the clinic and I wonder if...

mahua in Pleasanton, California

Updated 17 months ago

rental or employment - 4 Replies

I graduated in august this year and have been on a few courses after that, to try and keep up my skills. My question is whats the best way to go...

Sioux in Mount Vernon, New York

Best Places for A New Esthetician to Apply in NY, NJ, PA

I am about to graduate soon and I am looking for the best place a new Esthetician can apply to in NY, NJ, PA and best advice to get your foot in the...

Sandra2ann in sanxmm

Updated 17 months ago


Found the BEST guide to study from. I passed! this guide really makes the test easy, Just wanted to help and throw it out there :) http://www.propr... in Apo

Updated 18 months ago

Seeking An Esthetician Apprenticeship - 17 Replies

I am extremely interested in working as a skincare professional.I love the beauty and skincare industry and I am a talented and experienced makeup...

Seattle in Renton, Washington

Help with passing the Washington State Esthetician Practical Exam

I keep failing the practical exam and I have NO IDEA why. If anyone can give me any tips on what they are looking for or any resources of where I...

stacie in Freeport, Illinois

Updated 18 months ago

Interested in Esthiology& Med Esthiology - 10 Replies

TO ANYONE WHO MAY HAVE ANY USEFUL INFO FOR ME: I have lived in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands for the past two years and love it here. I want to go...

Veronika in Carrollton, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

Practical exam - 7 Replies

It's been a while since I finished my school. Does anyone know where I can download the form on what's gonna be happening on the practical test. I...

Veronika in Carrollton, Texas


Would love to find someone that would love to pair up and study the practical test with. I'm in Addison. But anyone in the Dallas area will...

aj in Mesa, Arizona

cosmetology study gide

I have a study guide that I used to study for my cosmetology state board test and if you want it just email me at

Von Marie in Edison, New Jersey

NJ Esthetician Practical

Just after obtaining my Esthetician license in Texas, I found out I would be returning home to NJ. I've requested the info needed to start the...

sukhi in Los Angeles, California

Updated 19 months ago

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! - 127 Replies

I need help!!! I need advice concerning medical esthetics.,(I do have bachelor degree in food science), but I realy want to have a job in skin care,...

Cgibbs in Wytheville, Virginia

Updated 19 months ago

Skin care poducts - 16 Replies

I am looking into getting the Jan Marini skin care line for my in home business and would like to know good or bad reviews on this line or if there...

Chocolateskye in Lansing, Illinois

Updated 20 months ago

Top recommendations for esthetics schools in Chicago, Illinois? - 3 Replies

Hi there! I am really hoping to get some good advice, and this seems like the forum to do it. Thanks in advanced to everyone who answers! I really,...

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