Enrolling in School Soon--Basic Esthetician or the "Master" Esthetitcian License?

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Connie in San Diego, California

37 months ago

The school I'm looking at (Bellus Academy in San Diego) offers a program for basic esthetics and a program for master esthetics. The master program is twice the amount of hours as the basic, and is almost twice as expensive (1200 hours, approx. $19,000). The school website states that altogether, the masters program is equivalent to five years of work experience.

I want to get as much out of school as I possibly can, as skin care is something I'm very interested in and want to make a career out of. I would like to work in a clinical setting as an esthetician, preferably with a dermatology office or a medical spa. I think I would also be happy working for a skin care company doing product training or advising, etc.

Basic program includes: courses in facials, health and safety, hair removal and makeup.

Master program includes (in addition to the basic): physiology, histology, diseases and disorders, advanced peels, microdermabrasion, aging and photodamaged skin, advance acne, ethnic skin, skin lightening, body wraps, hydro treatments, advanced facials, advanced cellulite treatment, etc.

Any insight would be great! Thanks.

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Connie in San Diego, California

37 months ago

My main concern is whether the master course is worth it, and if it'll better my chances of landing a job once I'm out of school. Or do you think it's unnecessary and I could acquire all of that knowledge through training once I find a job?

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src@spabizboard in Rancho Cordova, California

36 months ago

Of course, the more education the better. However, in the State of California, sadly there is only one level of esthetician licensing, so there is no "Master" license...which is so frustrating for those of us who have hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours of post-grad training. I think there are only 3 states currently that offer a Master Esthetician license and we are not one of them.

There is also no such thing as a "clinical esthetician" license.

Don't count on on-the-job training. That is rare. But you can get lots and lots and lots of great training at any of our professional trade shows, and those classes are included in the price of admission to the show which is not expensive. You can take a look at some of the classes offered online, one example is at www.lneonline.com/tradeshows. I am just back from the Dallas show and the details are still on the site so you can see all of the classes that are available. If you have never been to a professional skin care show, you definitely should go. It will get you SO EXCITED about this business!! You are in San Diego, so it wouldn't be far for you to attend the Long Beach International Congress of Esthetics in September of this year.

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shdinoceanside@*****.*** in Oceanside, California

35 months ago

Just do the regular esthetician course and get your license.some resorts and spas and companies do offer on the job training.Go to the trade shows and you will learn .Professional cosmetics companies do offer classes.You will learn by getting experience in the field.You probably do not need the Master course.Dont spend the time and extra money,you can add to your training as you go along.Good Luck Some times it depends on who you know and who you work with along the way.

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