Galvanic VS. Ultrasonic

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Jeanniedd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

23 months ago

I'm trying to decide whether I should invest money in a Galvanic machine or a Ultrasonic machine. The Galvanic Machine is more commonly used, but salt solution is needed to perform desincrustation. People who have metal filling in the teeth might experience a metal taste.
I heard the Ultrasonic does the same job as the Galvanic and the application might be simpler. I only need one of them. What would be your recommendation?

By the way, does anyone use Galvanic/Ultrasonic machine and high-frequency machine? I appreciate any comments.

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TC in Frisco, Texas

23 months ago

Have you thought about a multifunction machine? The mulifunction machines comes with galvanic and high frequency. Galvanic and Ultrasound is somewhat similar. Galvanic typically is used on clients with oily skin. As far as Ultrasound, it's great with all skin types because it tones, lifts, tightens, performs a deep clean. Galvanic is is a constant and direct current so it uses electricity. Ultrasound/ultrasonic does not use electricity but the terms refers to a frequency that is above the range of sound audible to the human ear. So it uses noninvasive sound waves to create results-oriented treatments.

In my own opinion I would get a multifunction machine and an Ultrasound. Hope this information helps you in any way!

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Jeanniedd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

23 months ago

Thanks for your advice. Because both Galvanic and Ultrasonic are somewhat similar. I ordered a multifunction machine with the Ultrasonic component. I was also advice by the educator from the skin care line that I used. In order to have the positive ion work on the Ultrasonic, I need to purchase an alkaline cleanser. I need to use water soluble based product for the negative ion to infuse the product into the skin. Do you have any suggestion on that?

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Jeanniedd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

22 months ago


I bought the Ultrasonic machine. Does anyone have recommendation of what cleanser and gel that should be used? Please include the brand and the purpose of the use. Thanks.

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Galvanic-spa-user in London, United Kingdom

12 months ago

Hi Jeanniedd,

I've just found your question and I'd like to recommend the products that I've had amazing and continual success with.

I use the Nu Skin galvanic spa with the Ageloc facial gels to complete the cleaning of the pores, followed with either Nu Skin COQ10 serum, an intensive moisturizer or if the client has a bit more money to part with - Tru-Face Essence Ultra. After testing many many many products these are simply the best!

This company has 150 full-time scientists and they've been around for 30 years so I trust them completely and all my clients have been blown away by the results. Even clients with very sensitive skin have had brilliant results using these products, I've never seen an adverse reaction to them.

I hope this helps. It would be great to speak to you directly as I have tonnes more feedback and tips I can share with you if you're interested. Let me know x

- Was this comment helpful? Yes (1) / No Reply - Report abuse in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

2 months ago

Hi Jeanniedd,

Hope you're doing well.

I know it's been a while since you posted the question about a Galvanic Machine versus Ultrasonic Machine. Just curious how you're liking the Ultrasonic machine?

Kind Regards,

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