My first spa job and how do I search for a job after this mess?

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defeated in Summerville, South Carolina

18 months ago

I need some advice from other professionals on how my last job will be explained when I am looking for a new one. This was my first spa experience outside of school.

I got hired during the construction phase of a tanning salon. they were trying to transition into a go-to-all, so they made a salon room, and they were making a spa room. I was excited at the possibilities, and thought that this room would be done very shortly and I can become the skin extraordianair I was meant to be.

I was hired with them knowing I work a weekend job and I am a bridal makeupartist. This was no problem. They agreed to pay 50% commission.

A whole month goes by with me trying to show them and keep reminding them I need to have a spa room finished. In the mean time she wants me to have a full schedule, so I can meet clients, sell the skin care, and get them excited about the spa (and clean the beds and run the desk). I generate a good buzz, but apologetically let everyone know it will still be a week or so before the room is ready. Eventually I take it upon myself to paint the wall, bring in my wax, high frequency, bring in my own rack and decor and ambient light (they have some dcor lights they never switched seperate from the overhead).

Thursday the room is finished! It's amazing. I have clients booked this week and some have even pre-paid. Saturday, I work until 2, and we turn it into a complimentary brow wax and eye treatment day to generate more buzz. I'm very excited about the coming week, i'm facebooking and instagramming and telling everyone I meet!

Monday, the owner sits me down and tells me my scheduling just is not working for them. Saturday she posted on facebook, the services were until 4!! And I just left as I pleased! I had to point out to her, that I scheduled until 2 because of my second job and actually did not even get out until after 3... but had I known she wanted me until 4, I would have stayed. She is ill towards me, like, out of nowhere!!

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defeated in Summerville, South Carolina

18 months ago

I try to convince her to give me a chance, let me take my clients for the week... I tell her how I feel so taken advantage of, that now, after I completed the room myself with all my furnishings and hard work, she will not give me a chance to use it? I did all this work for free!

She said
"I work for free to! I spent thousands of dollars just to make your room a room and thousands of dollars on a skin care line and I am giving you 50% commission which is 15% higher than the average"

I feel she just used me to create a spa room, and it's possible she lined up someone or the hair stylist will take over because, though we became friends, she was always asking me about skin care and implements lol. If that's the case, I wish her the best!

The owner asked if she could buy my rack and things!! Then she said "Well please come pick them up by 3 PM" CHIP CHOP!!

As I packed my stuff, I asked her what should I put on my resume? and she said "I by no means want this to be a block in your success. It is up to you, if anyone calls for a reference, don't worry I will say only the best things"

I'm really confused, because it is not clear what exactly went wrong, and why exactly I am fired.

The next day, the hair stylist texted me: "OMGG YOU QUIT!!!!"

And this is what the owner has told her, including the salon manager: that I just quit!

Why would she do that?? I don't know what to do? What to tell people I interview with? How do I let being fired not ruin future chances, and umm what if they call the salon and get the magaer will she say "Oh she just one day packed and quit". I wanted to put this on my resume - because now I have experience, and I did learn a new skin line and get hands on brazilians. How do I?

I am reflecting and absorbing all of this, and I really need some counselling. I hope another naieve, out of school esthetician does not have to go through what I just went through. It is heart breaking.

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ms molly in Ashland, Oregon

18 months ago

It is possible she said you quit because she doesn't want to pay unemployment insurance for you. Be thankful you no longer have to work for a employer who lack communication skills. My best advice to you is to WORK FOR YOURSELF.
See if you can find a skincare peer or massage therapist who would like to share in the rent and go it alone. I feel positive that you should be your own boss.

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