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Caitlyn D in Camp Pendleton, California

Event Planning Opportunities- Camp Pendleton/San Diego Area

Hello. I am looking for anyone that has any advice or knows of any opportunities in the event planning industry. I currently am working on my...

Tienthuyho in Hayward, California

Updated 68 months ago

Looking to volunteer or intern for a wedding planner around Lawrence or KC area - 1 Reply

I am a college student currently taking sometime off from school and am looking to volunteer or intern for a wedding planner in the Lawrence or...

Sirena Evans in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 69 months ago

How to start my party planning career? - 1 Reply

I'm a junior in high school and I want to be a party planner when I grow up. I want to eventually create my own business and plan parties and events...

JLinares in Bronx, New York

Looking for Entry Level/Volunteer/Internship position in NYC

Hello Everyone, I am looking to break into the industry and wondering if you had any leads in finding an Entry Level, Volunteer, Internship in NYC....

Psalm150 in Newburgh, New York

Updated 69 months ago

Becoming an Event/Wedding planner - 20 Replies

hi i am currently attenting a junior college and my goal is to become an Event/Wedding planner. i was wondering what i should major in to help me...

BecomeAnEventPlanner in Orlando, Florida

New Solution Ahead For Event Planning Courses

Stand by for one of the most comprehensive event planning courses. We are putting as much effort as we possibly can into combining experience and...

Regina Hayes in Elmhurst, New York

Gaitlin Education

Has anyone heard of this school or taken any of their courses? They have wedding and event managment courses that I would like feedback on from...

Mary in Campbell, California

Wedding planner intern or certificete

Hi,I am looking for a school or intern job in San Jose area.Can anyone show me how?

joyel franklin in Luverne, Alabama

Updated 71 months ago

Is anyone looking for Event Planners in the Seattle area? - 1 Reply

I have two years experience in corporate event planning and a degree in hospitality management. I am currently looking for a event planning...

Anett Tos in Northampton, United Kingdom

relocating how as wedding planner?

Hello everyone, I am looking for relocate either in Europe or overseas (beach destination) I currently work as a wedding planner in UK(I am...

Amike in Tempe, Arizona

Updated 72 months ago

QC event planning VS. U.S Career - 1 Reply

I am interested in getting into event planning. I know I don't need a degree for it but some sort of certification would be good. Has anyone attended...

Jeremy in San Jose, California

Updated 72 months ago


I'm looking for info on how to become an event/wedding planner or training in the Los Angeles area. I have read about how most companies not wanting...

Christine Johnson in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 72 months ago

Event Planning Career - 2 Replies

I have planned weddings and parties all my life and recently decided to make a career out of it. Because my experience is not professional but...

LAN5045 in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Event planning business in Chicago, IL - 1 Reply

Hi all :) I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own event planning business in Chicago. After years of guests and friends telling me I should...

Maria in Marietta, Georgia

Need Experience

I am a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Hospitality Management specifically Sales and Meeting Management. I have little experience...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Hands on Wedding planner training ? - 2 Replies

http://www.weddingdesigninstitute.com/CourseDescriptions.html Hands on short course.What you all think about this course?Is that worth of money to...

Mahjabeen ZMalik in Houston, Texas

PLEASE create new forum of new and experienced wedding planning graduates??

I thought it might be nice for all the graduates of various wedding planning schools to gather and chat about how things are going since they...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Wedding Planning Graduates - 7 Replies

Hi all I thought it might be nice for all the graduates of various wedding planning schools to gather and chat about how things are going since...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Online Schools for Event/Wedding Planning? Business Tools upon completion? - 2 Replies

I want to start my own event and wedding planning business but I wanted to get certified and go through the training, I would prefer for it to be...

eno avenue mentor in United Kingdom

Updated 73 months ago

Event Planner - 2 Replies

Is anyone interested in taking me under their wing as their assistant in San Diego? I am interested to learn about any type of event / wedding...

Mahzmalik in Cypress, Texas

''American Academy of Wedding Professional'' Course offered in reasonable price??What is your advice?

I was wondering what you all think about the course ''AAWP''(American Academy of Wedding Professionals)offereing a Professional Wedding Planning...

Praveen Batra in India

Updated 74 months ago

Wedding Planner Assistant - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm looking to become an assistant for a fabulous wedding/event planner. I am looking to learn the trade from someone who is great at what...


HELP me to find a school for wedding/event planning and floral design in HOUSTON?

I am looking a reputable preferably hand on training in wedding planning.I al also looking in floral design classes.The floral design houston school...


Updated 74 months ago

Event Planning Ebooks - 42 Replies

I am an event planner currently working in the business and with 9 years experience. I have written 2 ebooks. One is "How to become an event...

Sirena in Hawaii

Updated 74 months ago

Here's How You Become an Event Planner - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! As the owner of a website that helps beginners break into the industry of event planning, I jump into these forums now and then to...

E BANNERMAN in Mitcham, United Kingdom


I have an interview tomorrow and I am not sure what to expect. The role is for an account manager in an events company. They say experience is not...

swati in Smithtown, New York

wedding planner targeting indian community in ny

Hi guys, Does anyone know how is the job market for wedding planners in the indian community in ny? I am really keen on getting into the wedding...

Glorious Events in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Finding Customers

Does anyone know a platform to find people looking for event planners without having to pay an internet middle-man?

JGiordano in colonia, New Jersey

Wedding planner/ event planner

I was wondering do you need to go to school to become a wedding planner/event planner. I live in New jeresey so i was wondering if anyone knew good...

Venessa in Rutland, Massachusetts

Updated 76 months ago

Event Planner's Assistant in Central MA - 2 Replies

I have wanted to become an event planner for a long time now. I have planned weddings and parties all my life & have wanted to make a career out of...

KArlee in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 76 months ago

Wedding Planner/Coordinator Assistant? - 1 Reply

I work as a Maitre d at a venue in New Jersey and am looking for another job, possibly an assistant to start, I have experience in cerimonies,...

Marsoc6 in Waltham, Massachusetts

looking to be your assistant

Hello, I live in the Boston MetroWest area and want to work as a wedding planner's assistant. I used to work as a wedding planner's assistant and...

Kim Breton in Dublin, New Hampshire

Looking to get started

I am a teacher who is finishing up her certification in wedding/event planning. I live in New Hampshire and I am looking to intern/assist someone...

Marcus T in NYC

Updated 79 months ago

Event Planning Business - 6 Replies

I have been trying to look into starting my own event planning company but don't know where to start any suggestions?

rgd in Palestine, Texas

Event Planning Companies in Austin

What are the best Events companies in Austin?

MackenzyMcNeill in Bowling Green, Ohio

Event Planning and Coordinating

I am looking to relocate to San Diego, California. I just graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism,...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 79 months ago

Course Completion Timeframe for International Institute of Weddings - 1 Reply

Hi all, I am new to the forum and am interested in obtaining my wedding planning certification. For those who have recieved your certification...

aawpa in Chino, California

Updated 79 months ago

Wedding Consultant course in Los Angeles, CA - 1 Reply

Are there any good wedding consultant/event planning courses in LA?

Jeremiah in Seattle, Washington

Event Planning courses on the west course

Can anyone recommend a Certificate course in Event Planning on the west coast (CA, WA, OR)? I have found one from the Cal Institute...

Elle in Old Bridge, New Jersey

Updated 80 months ago

Event Planner Internship or Entry Level Job - 1 Reply

I am going to be graduating in December of this year from Kean University in Union, NJ with my Bachelors degree in Marketing. I am at the point of...


Updated 80 months ago

looking for event planning jobs in NYC - 5 Replies

Hello everyone! I just graduated with a B.S. degree in tourism and events management and have had great internships in the Northern Virginia area. I...

scicciarella in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 80 months ago

Venue Selection - 1 Reply

Hello all! I am planning my first multi day conference to be held in Miami next year. I understand that some hotels offer complimentary stays for...

Robin in Staten Island, New York

Updated 81 months ago

How much should I charge? - 2 Replies

Hi All! I am writing to ask some of your opinions. I have just recently been hired as a political campaign event planner/manager. It would be the...

kim in Bronx, New York

Updated 81 months ago

CSEP ISES information here - 3 Replies

I know a lot of people are interested in joining this organization so here is some info I got from their website. When does my membership expire?...

Myfreeloop in Arlington, Virginia

Updated 81 months ago

Event Management Courses - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of Event Management Evening Courses or Online Courses?

Audrey Glueck in Collinsville, Illinois

Updated 81 months ago

Event Planner Assistant - 5 Replies

I am a Hospitality Management major and graduate in May 2010. I am currently seeking a job as an event planner's assistant in the St. Louis area,...

Christine in Tallahassee, Florida

Recent Graduate

Hello All, I recently graduated last spring with my BS in Psychology and am residing in Tallahassee, FL. After working in the field for several...

Newbie in Media, Pennsylvania

Updated 82 months ago

George Washington Event Management Certificate - 1 Reply

Is anyone taking or has completed the program at George Washington for the Event Management Certificate. I am thinking of taking it in the future and...

Keensm25 in Chicago, Illinois

Relocating to Nashville from Chicago, need help finding a event planner job

I would love if anyonr from the nashville area can point me in the right direction as to where to apply for an event planner position

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 83 months ago

event planner - 3 Replies

I want to become an event planner what are a few steps to get me started?

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