Wedding Planning Graduates

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

55 months ago

Hi all

I thought it might be nice for all the graduates of various wedding planning schools to gather and chat about how things are going since they graduated. I'm sure current students will find it helpful as well.

I just graduated from The International Institute of Weddings and should be receiving my certificate in a few weeks. I'm planning on setting up my business to go live next year. My business plan is pretty much set and done I'm just fine tuning a few things and puttig away some cash to get me going.

I want to take an Event Design course too but haven't found one that suites me yet. I think having both designations would be great for my business and allow me to offer more to my brides.

I'm currently researching professional consulting software for the business. I Do for professionals is at the top of my list so far.

How is everyone else doing?

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

53 months ago

I just got my certificate in the mail from The International Institute of Weddings. :)

Jessie in New York, New York

52 months ago

Have you looked into Preston Bailey's Event Design course? That looks like a useful one, though it is a little pricey. Also, he's teaching a one-day class on Feb 3 (next Thursday) from 7-9pm in Midtown, if you're interested: (you can use the coupon code "winterannex" to get 10% off)

I just replied to one of your posts in another discussion thread, but I'll copy & paste it here in case you missed it:

I've been reading discussions related to event planning courses and have noticed that you have taken quite a few of them. I'm interning for a renowned expert in the event planning industry right now. In view of the lack of a standardized system to train professionals in the field, my current project is to look into the possibility in launching an online course. As an aspired Wedding & Event Planner myself, I really hope to make use of this opportunity to take an experts knowledge to create a resourceful, recognizable, yet reasonably-priced course available for all of us alike. I do NOT want to launch another course that just make money off us and doesn't provide its students with the knowledge and information they need to make their dreams come true!

I would love to hear your feedbacks on what worked/didn't work for you, if you could email me at – comments/suggestions are welcome from anyone else!

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

52 months ago

Jessie in New York, New York said: I would love to hear your feedbacks on what worked/didn't work for you, if you could email me at – comments/suggestions are welcome from anyone else!

Well I'm still taking the Weddings Beautiful course but overall the two schools I took courses from where great. Weddings Beautiful has more than one section on mentally preparing you for the job which I think is a little overkill but they were good sections and great reminders.

If your going to create a course I would say include good business knowledge with wedding knowledge. If you don't know how to run your business you won't be in business long even if you know all about weddings. Also Offer incentives to take additional courses like floral design, event design, and bridal show production. They are all wedding business related and can only increase the skills of the student making them a better choice for brides.

I saw the course by Preston Bailey but it is expensive and The International Institute of Weddings is creating a course for Event Design and I want to see what that looks like before I decide. Where it will be great to say I trained in a Preston Bailey course I want to actually learn about event design. His course to me seems to rely a little more on his name rather than giving down and dirty info.

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

49 months ago

Where are all the graduates from the schools on this board? So many post are made but very few graduates.

carolmcculloch1 in Murrieta, California

48 months ago

Hello all, Im just started taking my wedding planning courses with PennFosster , so far so good , is there anyoneelse out there thats has gone thru PennFosster?

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

47 months ago

So I got my Floral Design course yesterday. I have thumbed through it and it gives a lot of information. A lot more than I could learn if I took a course at a school that meets once a week for four to six weeks. The only down side I see right off the back is the photo demonstrations are in black and white. It would be more effective if they were in color and I might be wrong but I don't see bouquet demonstrations that don't use a foam ball.

I have read through the first few 30 pages and already learned a lot. I can't wait to get to the first assignment (it's broken into to sessions) and then start making my own arrangments for the second assignment. Very exciting.

Next month I start the Bridal Show Production course and if they have it ready to go live the Wedding Design course. Very exciting time! Good luck all! :)

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

43 months ago

So are there any new graduates? I am working on my first assignment for the Floral Design course. I have two wedding planning certificates already and can't wait to finish this floral design course. The Bridal Show Production course got cancelled and they are revamping it to include a partnership with the company to host shows in your area. I will determine if I will do that when it comes back out.