Company Objectives

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Karen in Fort Myers, Florida

72 months ago

Try a couple of these.
Build an excellent rapport with other department executives and excutive assistants and exchange positive business ideas to increase sales revenue.

Keep your Executive VP on time for his meeting schedule - makes him/her look good.


70 months ago

Update skills - PC, communication, making travel arrangements (for busy traveling or globe hopping bosses), etc.

Some objectives are unique to each job. Improving ways of handling manager's/dept mail, for example, if manager is behind with mail or inbox is overflowing. Take initiative and ask about specific types of mail and how to expedite those types of mail without supervision.

Similarily handling routine phone calls, if possible.

Doing research to save money. This depends on size of company or dept in terms of methods to save money.

And working on areas of weakness. Improving math skills, perhaps.


70 months ago

Stated the obvious.

Who? Me! in Charlotte, North Carolina

68 months ago

I am so busy that I barely have time to think while I am at work. Even less time to think of "objectives" (a.k.a.: justification for why you should keep me on the payroll).

I am about to put "continuing to run this three ring circus" as one of my objectives in my annual review. Not only do I support the CEO but I also support two Presidents and one EVP. On top of everything I do, I just inherited our fleet of four corporate jets.

Sad but true. I just don't have time to think of these things.

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