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How did you get your start doing executive administrative assistant work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

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Renee in Livonia, Michigan

116 months ago

I actually was just promoted to become the exec, Admin, Assist. I've been with my company for 1 year and I started off as a temp to fill in for the receptionist position while they were trying to fill the position. Obviously this isn't something that happens all the time, but I would say if there is a company that you would be interested in, get in, even if it is just a temp as a receptionist and show them that you are capable of more responsibilities and in no time at all you'll be moving on up!

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Betty in Santee, California

106 months ago

I first started off as a secretary, but then went off into other directions, came back as a Executive Assistant with the same company, different division.

Most Executive Assistant have at least a AA degree. But, the number one thing I would suggest is to read and keep up with what the company is doing, is it going to merge, or buy, look under investor relations, how is the stock moving, what has the CEO been doing and the board members, what is going on inside the company. Always keep up and ahead of what your boss wants and will need. Always, always be pro active.

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kiana in San Jose, California

98 months ago

I have been an Sr Administrative Assistant for 10 years supporting Directors, Managers and their team. Also have been back up support for other EAs in the dept. Even in one my my jobs I use scheuled photoshoots and press briefings for the CEO so I have had experience interfacing with high level execs.

Now looking for a job, I see reqs with requirements 1-2 years administrative assistant experience to support a VP of Marketing, HR, etc. I look over the req, check the companies website and know from their description this is something I could do, so I apply for the job.

I then get a call and then say they are very impressed with my resume. Then I get the question, "have you supported a VP before"? I dont lie and tell them what my resume says what level I've supported.

Then they say, sorry but we're looking for someone who has had experience supporting a VP. I feel like asking them, so why did you call me.

So what is a person to do?

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