looking for a Chef position or Counsultant position

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Nicholas in Kailua, Hawaii

104 months ago

Aloha, I have been in the business for 21 years. I have been a Chef For Roy Yamaguchi, I have work with Alan Wong, Jean-Marie Joslin. I have also worked at Hyatt, Marriot Resort, and I have also been an Executive Chef of a 266 room resort with 2 food outlets, and 3 large banquet rooms. I have opened restaurants for 3 Roy, 1 Marriott, 2 for E&O Trading Co. 1 for a private entity in Princeville. I have just returned from Australia where I was Corporate Chef of 6 restaurants. I have great work ethics, easy going, and I am humble always trying to keep my team and myself focused on the big picture, while never loosing sight of tasks at hand as individuals and as a team.

I have a great resume and I am looking for a place to settle into if the fit is right. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Even if it's to only to
ask how Kangaroo tastes:)


Thank you for your time.


EAJ in Shelbyville, Michigan

92 months ago

How does kangaroo taste?

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